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Florida Sportsman December 2018

Florida Sportsman is the complete fishing magazine for Florida and the Tropics. Devoted to fishing, boating, and outdoor activities in the Sunshine State, Florida Sportsman is the authoritative source for Florida's most active fishermen.

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they’re jumpin’ in the boat

Been a rough year for all of us here in Florida. Here’s hoping one of these flies into your boat. Sometimes, when you’re trying to impress someone, you wind up impressing even yourself. This time last year, mid-December, I had a charming Swedish family, friends of my brother, out for an afternoon cruise. They were like something out of a movie, which isn’t far off. Jacob Fellander is an avante garde photographer; his wife, Eva, a beautiful actress. With their three, squeaky-clean, multilingual boys, they are globe-travelers, experienced, but patient and open to surprise.There I was, on my dirty old boat, harping about water quality. How this end of the Indian River suffers from polluted water from Lake Okeechobee (Fellanders squinted at my chartplotter), but by December, it…

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water under the bridge

Hard to know what to make of the latticework of flood control canals running through Palm Beach, Broward and Dade counties. Yes, it reminds of smoke-belching, rock-cracking dredges, the brutal, early-twentieth century conversion of wetlands and piney woods to pastures and farms—and the eventual seeding of a concrete jungle.However, thanks to the hardy nature of resident bass and panfish, the canals teem with fish life. Exotics such as Oscars, peacock bass, clown knifefish and jaguar guapote spice up the action for anglers. And saltwater fish such as snook and tarpon make occasional forays above the numerous dams and spillways at the marine terminus of the canals. Down south, every slice of water you see from the road, there’s someone who fishes there. And odds are good, that someone catches…

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best boat

DRAKE OUTLAWAt 17’ 3” by 59” and a scant 470 pounds fully loaded, the Drake Outlaw will get you into salt marsh creeks and other tight spots where fish can’t conceal their backs and tails. Rolled edges below the waterline and a radius transom offer dead quiet stalking and a dry ride. Highest quality construction methods utilizing carbon/ Innegra, carbon fiber and epoxy resin along with closed cell PVC coring throughout, combined with vacuum bagging and resin infusing finished off in a high temp curing oven, ensure a lighter, stronger hull. Base price $24,000 boat, motor, trailer. www.drakeboatworks.com DRAKE OUTLAW Length 17 3 • Beam 59 • 470 lbs. YOUNG GULFSHORE 26Young Boats brings a unique deck layout with the popular Gulfshore Models and new for 2019 is…

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spot on

Powerful tool for the offshore angler: Chartplotter with high-res sonar imagery card. Inset: One of the author’s seabass spots on CMOR. Erik Anderson, of Ft. Lauderdale, and Chad Morris, of Key West, are fishermen and divers with a combined 40 years experience in hydrographic surveying and mapping. It was actually on a dive trip together that they decided the time was right to bring high-resolution bathymetric charts to consumer-grade chartplotters. The two founded CMOR Mapping.Now make no mistake, charts have shown bottom contours for years. Companies like C-Map, Garmin, Lowrance and Navionics all produce high-quality navigation chips showing depth, contours and wrecks. But CMOR, from what I’ve seen, is producing next-level stuff, rendering rockpiles and tiny breaks with the kind of accuracy that would make you keep…

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tigress xd 3k carbon fiber telescoping outrigger poles

Carbon fiber ’rigger rage shows no sign of slowing. These new 18-foot carbon fiber outrigger poles from Tigress retract to less than 6 feet for trailering, bridge clearance and storage. Designed for sportfishers under 40 feet, the components include 316 stainless steel polished eyelets, redesigned rings and tips, and a 3K carbon fiber woven finish available in matte black or matte black/silver. Thermoplastic butt sleeves fit all Tigress top mounts. Heavy-duty mesh storage bag included. Sold as a pair; $1,499. ■…

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ice cold killer

Teen-weight bluefish, fairly common on the MidAtlantic, is a day-maker in Florida. This one was caught off Stuart in April 2017. There are bluefish that you catch whether you want to or not. They flop gray and menacing at the end of a heavy surf rig. Thump heavy on the pier decks. Eye fingers that gingerly attempt to extricate a plug. Those teeth are hidden daggers. Piranhas have nothing on them; I’ve seen “chopper” blues reduce a 12-inch mullet (tarpon bait) into head and threads in seconds.And then there are the blues you catch by design. Sleek, silver, green-backed. Big fish racing down the beach under a cloudless winter day, spraying minnows or mullet. Get the run fish on the right day, catch them on light casting tackle,…