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Florida Sportsman January 2019

Florida Sportsman is the complete fishing magazine for Florida and the Tropics. Devoted to fishing, boating, and outdoor activities in the Sunshine State, Florida Sportsman is the authoritative source for Florida's most active fishermen.

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who do you think we think you are?

Determined editor concentrates on reader survey, tries hard not to look out window. Fifty years later, that’s still our goal. And while during that time we’ve broadened our format to include websites, television, radio, expos, social media and more, “every outdoorsman” is still front and center.Each month, as we plan our coverage, we ask ourselves: “Who is this outdoorsman?” Mostly we assume you’re just like we are, but doing our due diligence as journalists. . .At intervals over the years, we’ve mailed out reader surveys. We’ve asked about your favorite species, fishing techniques, things liked or disliked about the magazine, basic stuff. Quite often, the comments we received confirmed our initial assumptions: We pretty much already know what you want, well, because we are you.In the pre-Internet dark…

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two rivers in one

Anglers with a thirst for wilderness adventure should know about the narrow, winding channel connecting the Wacissa and Aucilla rivers south of Tallahassee. It’s a gorgeous Florida bottomland stream, a mysterious and rewarding float for paddle anglers. The name, Slave Canal, serves as frank reminder of a regrettable period in Florida history: in the mid-1800s, slave laborers were forced to dig the channel, at the time envisioned as a way to float cotton barges to the Gulf of Mexico, bypassing a "sink" where the Wacissa disappears below ground.Turning the pages of history back farther, Goose Pasture, public campground and starting point for a float down the Slave Canal, was once a large Indian village. Today, the land appears scarcely touched by humans.What to bring? Besides your wilderness survival kit,…

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micro-managing extremes

NANOCRAFT NANO 13Originally part of another popular boat builder’s line, this Reid Zoller design has tried unsuccessfully to “Skate” off into oblivion a couple of times. The handful of existing older models have developed somewhat of a cult following and are highly sought after. Subsequently, the new owner of the design has decided to breathe some life back into this sneaky little skiff and it’s already creating some waves in the market. At 13 feet long by 45 inches wide, this pint-sized 240-pounder claims a 3.5-inch draft with a 10- or 15-HP tiller motor. Base price of $9,000 gets you started and several customization options are available. www.nanocraftboats.net NANOCRAFT NANO 13 Length 13 • Beam 45 • 240 lbs. GLASSER BOATS WRIGHTWATER 12With decades of fiberglass customization and…

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you need spoolin’. . .

Put new line on a spinning reel, and you assume it lays on the spool even and snug, flat, more or less, from front to rear. But in reality, you might notice your line lays in taper, either toward the front (spool lip) or toward the back of the spool. What causes this? How is it controlled? Is one taper better?I recently spooled up a new Penn Conflict 3000 spinning reel with 10-pound-test gelspun line, and it tapered toward the front, which I did not expect. I filled it until the line reached the edge of the spool, at the rear, which left a little more space at the spool lip. The reel came with a little bag containing two nylon washers that are included should a customer want…

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dress for success

Bluegill-color skirt trimmed to match local forage size. Also falls faster. Jigs are one of those universal bass baits—it’s not that they’re useful everywhere, all the time, but they’re definitely in every competitive angler’s arsenal. Here are a few tricks and tactics I’ve added to my own playbook, from interviews with some traveling pros. CHOOSE COLORS TO MATCH THE HATCH Mike Iaconelli, television host, Bassmaster Elite Series and now Major League Fishing (MLF) pro, says the most important variable in jig setup is the skirt. Two main considerations: food and fall.“The first thing I want to think about is color,” Iaconelli said. “If you look at my jig box, every jig skirt is designed to mimic something natural in the environment. If it’s shad, I want white; if…

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pump it sup!

I admit it. I’m getting tired of lugging around my 11-foot rigid fiberglass paddleboard. It’s awkward and not that light, especially when carrying it a half-mile down a trail to a launch.I’m sure I’m not the only one. Today, inflatable paddleboards are becoming the new thing. With complex stringer systems and other features, these iSUP’s may be the answer for a fun day on the water. Inflatable SUP is a good solution for roadless access to wilderness waters. Luke Hopkins, President of Body Glove Watersports, is a pioneer in the SUP world, and the kayak world before that. With feats like paddling the whole Grand Canyon of the Colorado River on a SUP, to winning medals in the world championship of kayaking, it’s safe to say he knows his…