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Florida Sportsman July 2019

Florida Sportsman is the complete fishing magazine for Florida and the Tropics. Devoted to fishing, boating, and outdoor activities in the Sunshine State, Florida Sportsman is the authoritative source for Florida's most active fishermen.

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florida sportsman

PUBLISHER Blair Wickstrom FOUNDER IN MEMORIAM Karl Wickstrom EDITORIAL STAFF EDITOR IN CHIEF Jeff Weakley ART DIRECTOR Drew Wickstrom CONSERVATION EDITOR Mike Conner BOATING EDITOR George LaBonte PROJECTS EDITOR Rick Ryals ASSOCIATE EDITOR Brenton Roberts FIELD EDITORS Pepe Gonzalez (KEYS), Alan Sherman (SOUTH), Steve Dall (10,000 ISLANDS), Ralph Allen (SOUTHWEST), Bill Sargent (EAST CENTRAL), Ray Markham (WEST CENTRAL), Tommy Thompson (BIG BEND), William Greer (NORTHWEST), Chaz Heller (PANHANDLE), Brett Fitzgerald (TROPICS) CONTRIBUTING EDITORS Carolee Boyles, David Brown, Corky Decker, R. Grant Gilmore, Peter Hinck, Willie Howard, Doug Kelly, Terry Lacoss, Tom Levine, Tim Lewis, David McGrath, Frank Sargeant, Peter Slis, Eric Wickstrom ONLINE ASSOCIATE Shelby Busenbark ADVERTISING Jim Langone (772) 763-2227 jim.langone@outdoorsg.com Rhett Nelson (772) 763-2226 rhett.nelson@outdoorsg.com Trey Wheeler (772) 763-2205 trey.wheeler@outdoorsg.com PRODUCTION MANAGER Jean McElroy (772) 219-7400 ext. 209 FLORIDA SPORTSMAN RADIO Rick Ryals (904) 334-8808 PRESIDENT & CEO Jim Liberatore Chief Operating Officer,…

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foot notes on shark fishing

If you enjoy shark fishing, you’re likely aware of the new regulations going into effect first of July. Writer Steve Kantner touched on this last month [June, p. 18]. Those who target sharks from shore will no doubt be signing up for the new online tutorial, required to obtain the (free) Shore-Based Shark Fishing Permit. I’m not sure if I will. Any more these days, I’m not sure what to think about sharks. It’s not that I don’t have a lot of experience with them. As it turns out, I’m actually part shark. My right foot spits out a tooth once every 10 years or so, the legacy of a bite back in autumn of ’94. Recent DNA analysis, courtesy University of Florida: blacktip. An interviewer recently asked me if I felt something…

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bayronto reef

It was one of those clear, breezy mornings on the Gulf when your boat soars over the waves, and you feel like singing opera. After cruising 34 miles west of Gasparilla Pass, we throttled down the 23 World Cat before joining two other boats already fishing over a sunken ship in 110 feet of water. The sonar screen showed protrusions reaching 20 and 30 feet upward of the sandy bottom, where the 400-foot long, 52-foot wide Bayronto rests upside down, broken in two. Many Florida shipwrecks have tragic histories involving war, weather, or mishap that caused devastation and loss of life. And though this cargo ship also seemed destined for misfortune from the time it was built in Liverpool, England, in 1905, the H.M.S Tronto, later re-named Bayronto after being sold to…

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new boats & power

CONCH 33 The Conch is well-recognized as a fish-worthy, easy-riding vessel rugged enough to withstand long hours on the rip yet stylish enough to turn heads. Since the acquisition of the brand by R&R Boatworks in 2005, the company has made great strides to transition the Conch line from a no-frills Florida Keys charter platform into a state-of-the-art sportfish vessel with quality finish work and modern construction standards. The Conch 33 stands tall in the middle of their lineup. Built to your specifications, this is a classic, mid-sized center console that flies below the mainstream radar while remaining universally admired by tournament and charter professionals. Base price with twin 300 Suzukis is $252,000. www.conchboats.com BLACKFIN 332 CC The Blackfin 332 CC took home an Innovation Award at the 2019 Miami International Boat Show.…

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be a star on the high seas

So the CCA Florida Statewide Tournament and Anglers Rodeo (STAR) is all about redfish, trout and other inshore fish, right? Not so fast. Offshore catches including groupers, kingfish and dolphin also make you eligible for prize drawings at the conclusion of the summer-long event, which is presented by Yamaha and ends Labor Day, Sept. 2. That goes for catches submitted for Open, Ladies, Youth, Kayak, Fly and Conservation divisions. You measure and photograph the catch with the CCA STAR West Marine measuring device, and submit the catch either via the CCA STAR app on your smart phone, or through the event’s web page, www.ccaflstar.com. The opportunity of catching one of 20 tagged dolphin is really attractive, too: Be first to do it, and report it to CCA within 2 hours of the…

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register for 2019 cca florida star

• Conservation, data collection and education, plus prizes and scholarships valued at nearly $500,000, makes CCA Florida STAR the state’s can’t-miss summer-long fishing competition. • Saturday, May 25 to Labor Day, September 2, 2019 • 101-day competition offers prizes in 17 divisions including tagged, non-tagged, inshore and offshore species. • Largest family-friendly saltwater fishing competition in Florida • Amazing prizes for anglers of all ages and skill levels • STAR uses the social media-based event to educate the public on the importance of protecting Florida’s marine resources. • “Catch, photo and release,” format uses a smart phone app to document the catch. No need to harvest or transport fish. • Anglers have their shot at brand new boat, motor and trailer packages, cash, marine electronics, Yamaha motors, scholarships and much more. • Entry is only $40 for current…