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Highly respected within the industry by both publishers and development studios alike, games™ has proved itself as one of the most esteemed and trusted magazines in the field. The soaring production values and highly knowledgeable team have already secured four industry awards, and the unflinching and unbiased opinion has elevated the magazine’s status to one of the most trusted in the business. At a massive 180 pages and with dedicated sections for retro gaming, market news, and recruitment, games™ is the easily the most comprehensive videogame magazine on the market and the perfect choice for anyone who takes gaming seriously.

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Gaming phenomenons seem to be emerging in the most unlikely ways. Perhaps they always did, and that’s why I regard them as phenomenons rather than run-of-the-mill blockbuster releases. And perhaps a massive hit emerging from the house of Unreal and Gears Of War shouldn’t surprise me, but Epic Games isn’t the developer it used to be, and Fortnite isn’t a normal game. Following in the footsteps of Minecraft, League Of Legends and most recently its oft-compared stablemate in the shooter arena, PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds, Fortnite represents the current state of the games industry in many interesting ways, which I can perceive as good or bad depending on whether I’ve had breakfast when you ask me. As an Early Access launch, it seemed to represent the kind of half-measure development commitment that so many…

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state of decay 2 is the ultimate apocalypse survival simulation

FORMAT: PC, XBOX ONE | PUBLISHER: MICROSOFT GAME STUDIOS DEVELOPER: UNDEAD LABS | RELEASE: 22 MAY 2018 | PLAYERS: 1-4 It’s often the plight of the people – the exploration of life and death in our most desperate hours of need – that make for the best survival stories. Videogames have often struggled in leveraging the undead as a central antagonist in these fraught settings, with most failing to recognise that it’s the people, rather than the rotting sacks of meat, that should be at the heart of these experiences. That’s been true ever since the arrival of Dead Rising at the turn of the last generation; Capcom’s near-comedic obsession with volume and violence, on raw numbers and abject body horror, had a habit of getting in the way of nuanced…

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in other watersis a surreal exploration of the unknown

“TECHNICALLY, YOU PLAY AS THE SUIT’S AI HERE” FORMAT: PC | PUBLISHER: GARETH DAMIAN MARTIN | DEVELOPER: IN-HOUSE | RELEASE: TBC | PLAYERS: 1 In Other Waters is an exploration of a great many things, but perhaps its greatest strength is in reminding us just how powerful the imagination can be in helping to fuel great game design. A great many studios are racing towards the uncanny valley in an effort to draw us into new and mysterious worlds. In Other Waters has carved out its own path entirely. It’s a narrative-driven experience that takes place largely within the mind – a considered thought piece on conservation and an exploration of both environmentalist ideology and human-AI symbiosis. It evokes the same feeling of trepidation and curiosity that you’re likely to find in a…

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are the ideas and innovations of onrush enough?

“THERE’S NO STOP AND START TO ROUNDS, THE GAME JUST KEEPS GOING” FORMAT: PS4, XBOX ONE | PUBLISHER: CODEMASTERS | DEVELOPER: CODEMASTERS EVO | RELEASE: 5 JUNE 2018 | PLAYERS: 1-12 A race with no end point. Monster trucks versus bikes. Vehicles in the race only to be smashed. There’s a great deal about Onrush on paper that makes virtually no sense if you were to say we were describing a typical arcade racing experience, but Codemasters Evo is making something far from typical. Whether or not it may fall down some similar pitfalls as others who have attempted to revitalise the action racing genre, we’ll consider shortly. We’ve talked a little about the core concepts of Onrush previously, but a quick recap seems in order. First, there are no traditional point-to-point or…

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dragon quest xi is the most accessible entry to the series ever

FORMAT: PC, PS4 | PUBLISHER: SQUARE ENIX | DEVELOPER: IN-HOUSE | RELEASE: 4 SEPTEMBER 2018 (JAPAN: OUT NOW) | PLAYERS: 1 The numbering has always been problematic. Of the two decade-spanning Japanese RPG franchises in Square Enix’s roster, it was always Final Fantasy that achieved worldwide acclaim and recognition. Western audiences quickly grasped – thanks, we’re sure, to the impact Final Fantasy VII had on the market – that the games were approachable, and that the numbers counted for little in the grand scheme of things. Dragon Quest has never been quite so lucky over here. In fact, in spite of it being one of the biggest game series to ever launch in the East (for real, it’s like crazy popular) it never quite replicated that success over here; the signature…

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soulcalibur vi heroes then and now

FORMAT: PS4, XBOX ONE, PC | PUBLISHER: BANDAI NAMCO DEVELOPER: PROJECT SOULS | RELEASE: TBC 2018 | PLAYERS: 1-2 Look into the details of what Project Souls is doing with Soulcalibur VI , and you begin to see, as we have, a greatest hits of the series being brought together. As such, it’s no great surprise that the developer would think returning to the original Soulcalibur and its 1586 setting would be a smart move. We are going back in time in terms of the character designs, but the combat certainly isn’t. The biggest new feature is a system called Reversal Edge, activated by a single button press, resulting in a complex rock, paper, scissors piece of decision making that determines the outcome of the clash, and kicks off a stunning animated…