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Golf World is the UK's premiere golf magazine, with unrivalled access to the stars of the US and European Tours. Buy Golf World and every issue you will get: - Unrivalled access to the world’s best golfers - The best, most candid big-name interviews you’ll read anywhere - Guides to the world's best courses: both well-known and undiscovered - Comprehensive information on the biggest events in the golfing calendar Golf World is the authoritative voice on all issues in the game, globally. The magazine caters for the better golfer: the player who wants to improve his handicap with the latest and best advice from leading players and coaches. Golf World is also the home of Top 100 course rankings, where you can discover the best courses and find out how to play them – all rated independently by our experts.

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from the editor

‘Comfortablein his own skin and ever willing to play to an appreciative crowd, the uninhibitedness of America suited Barnes’ I first met Brian Barnes in Florida a little over 20 years ago. At the time, I was working for a rival golf publication and had travelled to the United States to interview the Scot as he prepared to join the Champions Tour. Barnes was temporarily residing at a Homewood Suites hotel in West Palm Beach and we had agreed to meet for dinner at a nearby steakhouse to figure out our plans for the next few days. Knowing that the restaurant was quite expensive and being aware of Barnes’ penchant for snazzy attire, I was half expecting my dining companion to arrive in a jacket and tie, but he instead strode…

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was this the match that saved women’s golf?

It’s been a tough time for women’s golf, particularly in Europe. The Ladies European Tour (LET) is now so lacking in sponsorship it managed to put on just 19 events during 2019. The men’s tour, by way of comparison, had 48. And many of those 19 LET events had prize funds so low only the top 10 or 20 finishers managed to break even after expenses. The lack of events and the low prize money are making it increasingly difficult for female tour players to make a living in Europe. “A lot of my friends who have been on tour for 12 years have had to get part-time jobs,” says Solheim Cup vice-captain Mel Reid. Only 21 players have won more than £50,000 this year on the LET. In the same…

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a seven-point plan to save the let

1 Financial support Just two years ago, the LPGA, R&A and European Tour offered $7m to help the LET get back on its feet. The LET board refused because it didn’t want to cede control to outsiders. “We are surprised they didn’t take us up on what was a genuine offer to make the LET flourish,” says European Tour CEO Keith Pelley. “I can’t understand why, because their schedule is not what it needs to be.” The LET, in its current state, can ill afford to let pride stand in the way of financial support. If that means relinquishing some control to the European Tour and LPGA, so be it. 2 A new leader The LET’s CEO, Mark Lichtenhein, stepped down on September 30. His replacement will take the helm at a make-or-break period for…

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suzann pettersen

It can be hard for successful golfers to know when to call time on their illustrious careers. And then, even when you’ve made the tough decision to hang up your sticks, you get annoying golf journalists asking asinine questions like, “What was your career highlight?” 38-year-old Suzann Pettersen has no such problems. Despite a 19-year career featuring 22 professional wins, including two majors, the Oslo-born star had no hesitation in retiring from professional golf, doing so within moments of what she says was the standout moment of her career… 1 Talk us through that winning moment… I mean, can you ask for more? The last putt to win the Cup, when it’s that close? History was made. Nothing in my career beats the Solheim Cup. To win here, in front of these…

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the keys to world-beating power

UNIQUE WEIGHT TRANSFER Before the club even moves, Berkshire performs a huge rocking motion. First lifting his left foot in the air, then his right, transferring all of his weight to the planted foot in both instances. He’s building momentum and rehearsing a weight shift. If you want to throw a ball or a punch as hard as you can, you’ll transfer your weight fully. The golf swing is no different. A MONSTROUS SHOULDER TURN A huge shoulder turn has gone way beyond 90 degrees, probably closer to 120 or 130. To facilitate this, he lets his hips turn, his left knee work inwards and his left heel lift. There’s no forced restriction to create a separation between hips and shoulders – it’s a fluid, full-body move. His left arm is straight and…