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Golf World is the UK's premiere golf magazine, with unrivalled access to the stars of the US and European Tours. Buy Golf World and every issue you will get: - Unrivalled access to the world’s best golfers - The best, most candid big-name interviews you’ll read anywhere - Guides to the world's best courses: both well-known and undiscovered - Comprehensive information on the biggest events in the golfing calendar Golf World is the authoritative voice on all issues in the game, globally. The magazine caters for the better golfer: the player who wants to improve his handicap with the latest and best advice from leading players and coaches. Golf World is also the home of Top 100 course rankings, where you can discover the best courses and find out how to play them – all rated independently by our experts.

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from the editor

‘Golfers are very promiscuous buyers of golf balls. We’re easily swayed by anything… except performance data! ’ What is the most important piece of golf equipment in your bag? For most golfers, it comes down to a shootout between the driver and putter. Crunching a tee shot miles down the middle of the fairway gives you a huge scoring advantage, while the ability to roll putts in from everywhere, as the old adage goes, makes you a match for anybody. You’ll find the odd golfer here and there – probably one with a razor sharp short game – who will state that wedges are the most vital tools of the trade, but rarely will you come across somebody claiming that the golf ball is their most prized piece of golfing kit. There’s…

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the death of golf club membership?

The world’s largest taxi firm, Uber, owns no cars. The world’s most successful media company, Facebook, creates no content. The world’s most valuable retailer, Alibaba, carries no stock. The world’s largest accommodation provider, Airbnb, owns no property. Bob Dylan was right. The times, they are a changing. But the great Bob couldn’t have predicted just how fast that change would come. Traditional business models, many of which stood firm for centuries, are being obliterated in record time as the needs of modern consumers are met by increasingly fluid and mobile offerings. Why are we telling you all this? Because golf looks like it could be next. It probably won’t surprise you to hear that golf club membership is in decline. In 2006, at golf’s peak, 850,000 people were members of clubs…

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CHANCE TO GROW GOLF There are two million golfers in England who play at least twice a month, but only 650,000 of them are club members. If the app can turn more of the casual golfers into regular players, it could be a huge boost. MORE SUITABLE FOR THE DEMANDS OF MODERN LIFE The traditional membership model doesn’t fit the needs of busy people with work, family and social commitments. A more flexible option may entice non-members, some of whom will graduate to full members in the future. CHANCE TO PLAY – AND COMPETE – AT MORE COURSES Golfers will be more inclined to try different courses rather than feeling they should make the most of an expensive membership by playing their home club week after week.…

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LESS INCENTIVE TO BE A CLUB MEMBER At a time when many clubs are struggling for members, removing one of the main reasons to join – the chance to have an official handicap – is not going to make life any easier for golf clubs. UNCERTAINTY IN CLUB FINANCES When members pay their annual dues, the club knows how much money it has and can budget for the year. Unpredictable visitor numbers do not provide this security, making it harder to invest in the course. DODGY HANDICAPS NOT BEING MONITORED Handicaps that don’t have the benefit of a club secretary keeping an eye on them are more open to manipulation. It could “very quickly lead to an erosion of the trust in official handicapping,” remarked one secretary.…

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five burning questions for… jon rahm

Jon Rahm’s successful defence of his Spanish Open title was the 24-year-old’s fifth European Tour victory in his first 39 events, 10 fewer than it took compatriot Seve Ballesteros to reach the same landmark. It was his second win of a season that has seen six top-three finishes and 15 top-10s from 23 starts, propelling him to fourth in the world rankings and making him European number one. He tells GW he was too young to remember Seve but wants to emulate a man who became his hero… 1 How proud were you to reach five wins faster than any other Spaniard? To beat Seve in something is unbelievable. He’s one of the main references from European golf and world golf in general. Any time I can do anything close to what…