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Golf World May 2020

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Golf World is the UK's premiere golf magazine, with unrivalled access to the stars of the US and European Tours. Buy Golf World and every issue you will get: - Unrivalled access to the world’s best golfers - The best, most candid big-name interviews you’ll read anywhere - Guides to the world's best courses: both well-known and undiscovered - Comprehensive information on the biggest events in the golfing calendar Golf World is the authoritative voice on all issues in the game, globally. The magazine caters for the better golfer: the player who wants to improve his handicap with the latest and best advice from leading players and coaches. Golf World is also the home of Top 100 course rankings, where you can discover the best courses and find out how to play them – all rated independently by our experts.

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from the editor

“ I won’t ever take the simple act of playinggolffor grantedagain” I have to say this isn’t quite the welcome letter I had in mind for this particular issue just a few weeks ago. Given our print schedule, I had envisaged myself drafting this note from the well-appointed media centre at Augusta National, looking out over the amazing practice facilities, having just sat in on the champion’s interview. Instead, I’m sitting in my spare room turned home office, looking out over a deserted high street and, like you, wondering where my next golf fix – televised or otherwise – is going to come from. It doesn’t look like we’ll be returning to the fairways any time soon. No doubt that cancelling the Masters, and temporarily suspending the world’s professional tours was the…

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there’s never been a better time to buy golf world!

In the event of it being difficult to find a copy of Golf World in the imminent future, we are doing our best to ensure that your favourite magazine will still be available on our digital platforms. If you can’t find us in stores, or if you’re stuck inside, please consider: • Downloading our Golf World app from the iOS or Android app stores. We have some superb one-off subscription offers with discounts of up to 50%. You can also purchase single copy issues if you wish. • If you’re a Kindle Fire user, you can download our magazines from the Amazon Newsstand. • If you are a print subscriber and we cannot deliver issues to you owing to the COVID-19 situation, please visit: www. greatmagazines.co.uk where clear updates will be given in…

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light at the end of the tunnel

We hope this issue finds you safe and well. We do, of course, completely understand that golf pales into insignificance when a global pandemic is taking lives and destroying others. But this is, after all, a golf magazine. We very much doubt you’re relying on us for the latest updates on the spread of the Coronavirus or for developments in testing and a possible vaccine. And of course we could spend the next two pages talking about all the bad effects the Coronavirus is having on golf: there was no Masters we don’t know when tournaments will resume; many golf clubs may struggle to survive the Coronavirus; professionals, caddies and countless others will lose their livelihoods; and some of the repercussions will be felt for years to come. But what good would that do?…

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at home on the range

‘WHEN YOUR BUDGET HITS NEW CAR TERRITORY, THE ACCURACY AND REALISM IS UNRIVALLED’ The disparity between the multi-millionaire Tour pros of the world and us everyday folk has become even more apparent during the Coronavirus lockdown. There they are, playing exact replicas of the world’s best courses in their air-conditioned home swing studios, while we’re digging up the back lawn trying to chip a table tennis ball into a crumpled yoghurt pot. But it doesn’t have to be this way. If you’ve got the space to swing a club – whether that’s in your house or your garden – you too can work on your swing at home. All you need is something to hit off, something to hit into, and something to measure what’s going on – because hitting balls aimlessly…

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the rules redefined

Every golfer has to play a provisional ball from time to time when they think their ball might be lost outside a penalty area or be out of bounds. To save time, you can play another ball provisionally under penalty of stroke and distance before going ahead to look for your original ball, but you must announce this intention to your playing partners, and the word ‘provisional’ should be used. The stipulation that a provisional ball must be played before you go forward to search for the original has been removed under the new Rules. Additionally, you may continue to play with the provisional ball without it losing its status until you reach the point on the hole where the original ball is estimated to be (Rule 18.3c). For example,…

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how to beat the boredom

THE SECOND LIFE OF TIGER WOODS BY MICHAEL BAMBERGER The story of golf’s greatest comeback, The Second Life of Tiger Woods charts the titular hero’s rise from rock bottom in the early hours of Memorial Day 2017, when his DUI mugshot shocked the world and jolted Woods back into life, to that unexpected afternoon at Augusta last April. Retold in the sort of forensic detail you’d expect of Bamberger, The Second Life not only charts Tiger’s golfing rebirth, but also his recovery as a man and a more humble human being. The Lazarus-like rise back to the winner’s circle was only half the story. Here, the author calls upon a cast list of many to brilliantly piece together the other half in a very visceral celebration of second chances. THE GREATEST GAME EVER…