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Good Health April 2019

Good Health - for people with a healthy attitude to life! Our aim is to make Good Health informative, up-to-date, relevant to women´s lives and entertaining. Every issue is packed with information - cutting edge medical advances, psychology, relationship, kids, food, beauty and much more. Above all, we want to empower our readers with a sense that they can do something POSITIVE to enjoy a long and healthy life.

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do nothing

When was the last time you did nothing? No television, no phone, not cooking, cleaning, or any kind of ‘doing’, just sitting perfectly still and letting your mind wander?It’s the kind of moment that might creep up on us from time to time, but usually we’re quick to close it down. We can’t afford to be wasting time, after all. Actually, we can discovers journalist Jo Hartley in her story on page 120. In fact, she goes one better and says that more than just seeking out a sense of stillness, we should allow ourselves to get good old-fashioned bored.As children it seemed like a state we were always trying to stave off, but as adults it’s something we hardly ever feel. In this age of constant busyness, there…

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have your say

BE INSPIREDAfter a long and busy day of caring for my family, and the usual household chores, I put my feet up and look for something positive and inspirational to read. Your magazine did just that by motivating me to try a few healthy food options each day, such as two Brazil nuts, which give me my daily dose of selenium! In turn, I have encouraged friends and family with your health tips, and look forward to your next issue. We are all touched in some way by the devastating effects of cancer so it was lovely to see Olivia Newton-John featured with such a positive and happy view of life despite her challenges. It’s a refreshing change.Thank you. – Laura HAPPY CHANGESThere is so much about…

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write in and win!

This month’s star letter wins a copy of dietitian Jaime Rose Chambers’ 16:8 Intermittent Fasting (Macmillian, $29.99), as well as The Anti-Inflammatory Cookbook: 100 Everyday recipes to soothe your immune system and promote good health by Chrissy Freer (Murdoch Books, $35).…

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commitment conflict

Next time you’re about to say yes, use this as food for thought Many of us are quick to dismiss our own goals but will rush to help others achieve theirs. This means that we end up pushing our aspirations aside, not getting what we want out of life, and comparing ourselves to those people who seem to easily get jobs done and handle multiple things at once. Sound familiar?One reason attributed to overcommitment can be traced back to childhood. Traditionally, girls in particular have been raised to be helpful, accommodating, and polite. If they can help out, they are taught that they should, even if it pulls them away from something they’re already doing or wanted to do. If they don’t help, it often leads to feelings of…

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health now

BONDING TIME Here’s a surprising study for anyone who’s lost a few friendships over a game of Monopoly: playing board games with your partner can help your relationship. Researchers from Baylor University in the US randomly assigned 20 couples, aged 25-40, to either an hour-long couples’ art class or a game night, where they played activities like dominos, puzzles, word games, and yes, Monopoly. Researchers found that levels of oxytocin – the ‘bonding’ hormone – went up for all couples, but for women, playing board games was especially good, while men saw the biggest rise after art class. Mind matters Mindful in May, the world’s largest online mindfulness meditation course returns for its seventh year in 2019. The goal for those who sign up is…

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love your feet

Looking for footwear that supports your feet but doesn’t compromise on style? FRANKiE4 Footwear’s AW19 collection has something for everyone. With body mechanics in mind, the designs aim to alleviate and prevent heel and arch pain, plantar fasciitis, and forefoot pain. frankie4.com.au The RACH mid-heel boot in wheat, $289.95. (PHOTOGRAPHY GETTY IMAGES AND SUPPLIED)…