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Good Health October 2019

Good Health - for people with a healthy attitude to life! Our aim is to make Good Health informative, up-to-date, relevant to women´s lives and entertaining. Every issue is packed with information - cutting edge medical advances, psychology, relationship, kids, food, beauty and much more. Above all, we want to empower our readers with a sense that they can do something POSITIVE to enjoy a long and healthy life.

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a new path

What does good health mean to you? Not so long ago we might have said that it was something only a doctor could determine based on a blood test and some key measurements. Nowadays our definition is much wider. There are so many things that go into keeping us fit and happy and getting the most out of each and every day. There’s no one formula but a million different ways to get there. And it’s not a journey that ends, but one that evolves as our lives, bodies and needs change. The reason that I’ve been pondering this lately is because my own journey is about to take a new direction. I’m getting ready to sign off as editor of Good Health & Wellbeing and move into a new role…

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have your say

THE REAL DEAL I just picked up your magazine yesterday for the first time – and it’s great. I have bought ‘health’ magazines in the past only to be disappointed with their lack of content – but that’s never going to be a problem for Good Health. Tons of great, informative articles, easy-to-read pieces, fantastic layout and, although I realise you need advertising, it is a very good mix of ads and editorial. Congratulations to all the team – my next job is to start a subscription so I don’t miss out. Oh, my only gripe? I didn’t find it earlier… – Donna A FRIEND FOR MUM The Good Health handbook - Diabetes Health Guide – came at a perfect time as my 88-year-old mum has just been diagnosed with type 2 diabetes…

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star letter

NO LONGER ALONE I read Good Health & Wellbeing avidly as it’s a marvellous source of information for helping a person lead a healthy, happy life. Your August issue was no exception and your article on sleep gave me so much encouragement. Now that I’m alone after 61 years of a wonderful marriage, sleep doesn’t come easily. But I realise I’m not alone in the dark hours of the night. There are many others awake and your solutions were welcomed. Learning to do without endless TV watching is a life-changer and in place, going for walks, gardening and listening to soothing music is showing me how to live a better life. Thank you for such a worthwhile publication. You give readers such sensible, practical advice. – Felicity…

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word to the wise

Social media can be an incredible hub of inspiration, but it can also be a real minefield when it comes to health and lifestyle recommendations and knowing who to trust. So what do we need to do when navigating the world of online wellness and social media gurus? Identify advertising Any time you see a post on social media promoting a product or brand, check the hashtags used. If ones like #sponsored, #ad or #collab are included, the person posting has been paid to do the promotion. That doesn’t necessarily mean their intentions aren’t genuine or the product isn’t good, but it’s something to keep in mind. Crunch the numbers It’s easy to assume that a high number of followers means a person or page is a legitimate source of information, but popularity doesn’t…

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health now

Fast track Fasting may help reduce fat in an interesting area. A study published in the journal Metabolism found that when overweight mice were put on an alternate-day fasting regime for five weeks, they developed hardly any fat in their pancreas, compared to mice who were allowed to eat as much as they liked. The findings may be important, as mice that were prone to developing diabetes tended to have increased fat cells in the pancreas, meaning that excess pancreatic fat may contribute to insulin resistance and diabetes down the line. WORK IT OUT Unemployment can do a number on our mental health, but how much paid work is needed to bring about positive effects? A single eight-hour day, says new research. The study, published in the journal Social Science & Medicine, looked…

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wellness in mind

While she’s walked down runways from Paris to Milan decked out in priceless couture, and has shared big screen time with Hollywood stars such as Russell Crowe and Charlize Theron, it was becoming a mum that prompted Megan Gale to transform the way she lives her life. “The nature of my old job was deadlines,” the 44-year-old tells Good Health. “You know, ‘quick, we need to get the shot because the light goes!’, ‘quick, change your outfit and get back on the catwalk!’, It was ‘go, go, go’ all the time. I became programmed and conditioned to think that it was normal. That would then drip-feed into my private life, so even when I wasn’t working, I’d be racing around. I’d only stop when I was burnt out. “Becoming a mum has…