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lean in

On a chilly evening last December, I walked into Ling’s Pavilion in Colaba to pick up some soup, and spotted David Chang and Aziz Ansari in conversation with Baba Ling. The Americans were in town shooting for the second season of Netflix’s Ugly Delicious, and had picked this 25-year-old gem of a restaurant to represent Mumbai’s diversity and culinary cred – eschewing the trendy for the true. I walked over and introduced myself. Chang didn’t waste a moment, and asked to be on the next GQ cover, as if he were requesting a lollipop. Well, it doesn’t quite work that way. That slot belonged to Vicky Kaushal, who has put in the time, grinding it out in this sparkly, shallow town, earning his stripes on the back of a string of…

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what’s the one change you want to see happen in 2019?

HORMIS ANTONY THARAKAN WHO: Delhi-based photographer who got into the business because his friend told him he looked good while taking photos. Instagram @hormisantonytharakan WHAT: “Here’s the Catch”, page 138 CRICKET FEVER: “My favourite cricketer is Virat Kohli – I admire his work ethic and discipline – but I will be rooting for the Delhi Capitals this IPL season, because that’s home.” “A more responsible attitude towards air quality in Delhi.” TARUN VISHWA WHO: Delhi-based, Udaipurborn photographer who’s a mystery on social media. WHAT: “Shape Shifter”, page 174 FAST FORWARD:“We asked Vicky Kaushal to emote various expressions for the portrait we printed on crushed canvas. He went all out, like a stage actor. It was as if we were watching a live performance!” “That people stop buying every disposable plastic bottle out there.” MANASI SAWANT WHO: Mumbai-based, coffee-obsessed photographer. Instagram @manasisawant WHAT:…

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space oddities

Whatever attraction The 1975, a British rock band, holds for its many fans, a shared interest in the year 1975 is probably not among them. Certainly the events of that nadir of a year, which include the fall of Saigon and the near bankruptcy of New York City, do not overly concern the band’s frontman, Matty Healy, who was born in 1989 and grew up in Manchester, UK. Nevertheless, on a recent visit to New York, Healy gamely agreed to walk the winter blocks around his East Village hotel in search of the 1975 that New Yorkers of a certain age remember. He soon found himself in a café, Physical Graffitea, at 96 St Marks Place – the building that, together with No 98, appeared on the cover of Led Zeppelin’s…

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the next gen baller

Diesel’s always been ahead of the game when it comes to its denim, clothing and accessories. Since its beginning in 1978, it has been a pioneer in denim, and became a true favourite all around the world. The Diesel philosophy of passion, individuality and self-expression, is what has kept this brand brimming with greatness. And now, it’s done it again, with the coolest new item in its arsenal. We’re talking about the Full Guard 2.5 touchscreen smartwatch – it’s pure genius, with badass style. Wrapped in Diesel’s signature bold, moto-inspired design, its intention was to tell the world that fading into the crowd is not an option. And with this bad boy on your wrist, standing out is inevitable. It’s loaded with super cool features. From rapid charging to music control and…

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your new sidekick

Your phone is ruining your life. It’s nothing to be ashamed of, really. We’ve all become so absorbed in the blinking, bleeping monsters in our pockets that even the gadget makers have started dispensing salves for excessive phone use. One of their more out-there “solutions”: Start carrying two phones. There’s a certain counter-intuitive logic at work – shouldn’t we have fewer phones? Maybe. But out of this existential panic, those who created our screen dependency and those who are committed to helping us fight it have come up with a tantalising (and tantalisingly profitable) fix. It’s not about getting off your phone, per se. It’s about getting on a different one. This is the phone that will help you live your best life – a life in which Instagram, Slack, Facebook…

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the address of power & luxury

The heart of Mumbai – Bandra Kurla Complex (BKC) is a reflection of pure luxury. From being the city’s most renowned Central Business District (CBD) and hub for financial giants, this destination now exudes luxury in every way. It has turned into the most buzzing, high end location of Mumbai with leafy stretches of road, endless views of the horizon, the finest restaurants and iconic buildings everywhere you look. While BKC is considered to be the confluence of business, entertainment and high-end leisure, it has become an excellent choice when it comes to living in style. BKC offers easy access to a wealth of world-class leisure, retail facilities, flagship hospitals and international educational institutes. Sunteck Realty, one of India’s top seven real-estate companies, prides itself on its trinity of exquisite towers…