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city of gold

I can’t wait to get my hands on William Dalrymple’s new book The Anarchy, out on September 10, that tells the extraordinary, audacious story of the British East India Company – a privately held firm that ended up controlling the Indian Subcontinent. By unpacking the Company’s role within the colonial narrative – seminal and enterprising, rapacious and amoral – Dalrymple shines a light on this shadowy body, considered by many to be the world’s first multinational corporation. “The more I read, the more I realised that this was not a national story. The EIC was not part of the British government,” he says. “Shareholders owned it, and its only motive was profit.” The Anarchy is Dalrymple’s 12th book, and promises to be riveting, written with a novelist’s flair and a historian’s…

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WHAT’S YOUR FAVOURITE HOLIDAY SPOT? RHYS FRAMPTON WHO: Fashion photographer working globally but based in London. Instagram @rhysframpton WHAT: “Born to Run”, page 184 THE FIRST SHOOT: “I was eager, excited and anxious. Come to think of it, I still feel the same today.” “Tulum, Mexico. There’s something about the lifestyle, food and electric energy that interests me.” SHIVANGI LOLAYEKAR WHO: GQ Style Director, who’s currently consumed by her two French mastiff puppies. Instagram @shivangil23 WHAT: “The Hype”, page 95 LOOK AT HOME: “Designers Bodice, Bobo Calcutta, Dhruv Kapoor and Bloni throw up exciting wares every season, and the new guard, Garuda and Jaywalking, are redefining street style in India.” “New York – there’s nothing you can’t do.” DESIREé FERNANDES WHO: Fastion Stylist based in Delhi with a newly discovered love for smoothie bowls. Instagram @dez_fdz WHAT: “The Outliers”, page 78 BREAKING STEREOTYPES: “The…

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a world of her own

The book of the month, as per Sobhita Dhulipala’s Instagram feed, is Franz Kafka’s Letters To Milena. When we meet in early July, she’s just picked up this collection of stunning love letters from the author best remembered for a story about a man metamorphosing into a cockroach. But what she’s really into right now is another early 20th-century luminary, Ezra Pound. “He’s so hot,” she says, in that way others would talk about, say, Idris Elba. “I’m still discovering his poetry, but I’ve figured out what space my poetry falls into: Imagism.” Dhulipala is a prolific writer and reader of verse – she thinks Charles Bukowski’s work is like “blood under your tongue, you can’t not enjoy it,” and hints at a teenage obsession with Leonard Cohen – but she…

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screen time

AD ASTRA James Gray In this Heart Of Darkness-inspired sci-fi mystery, Brad Pitt plays an astronaut who must travel to the outer edges of the solar system to track down his father, also an astronaut, played by the very roguish Tommy Lee Jones. He must do this after a strange event dubbed “the surge” threatens mankind’s existence. Expect enough psychological drama to spark things up in an always hostile space – and possibly an Oscar nod for Pitt. 21 BRIDGES Brian Kirk Nothing like a good old cops-and-criminals chase sequence to break from the weekly barrage of CGI scorching our screens. 21 Bridges, produced by the Russo Brothers (who last directed Avengers: Endgame), has Chadwick “Black Panther” Boseman playing an NYPD detective on the trail of a pair of cop killers. With no futuristic weapons…

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call of the valley

Among the more unique stops on the circuit, the Ziro Festival of Music blends adventure, nature and an eco-conscious approach to partying. It is also, unfailingly, a stellar showcase of local and international indie, rock and hip-hop, along with a growing art scene. In its seventh edition, two stages will light up the UNESCO heritage site for four days. There will be 40 acts for a sonic feast, a lot of them from South-East Asia. We’d recommend you pack your bamboo mugs to mosh with Japanese psy-rockers Acid Mothers Temple and sway to Jakarta-duo Matajiwa’s spiritual-minded music. And get your nostalgia trip at the special set by Lucky Ali, who’ll probably let you do most of the singing. It takes a bit of an effort to get to Ziro, so…

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head boy

Payton Hobart (Ben Platt) is a student at Saint Sebastian High School in Santa Barbara, California. He comes from money and has been convinced for a long, long time that he will one day be the President of the United States. So, in this first season, he must do everything to become the leader of the student body; ie, get down and play dirty to raise his appeal among just enough of the students. In The Politician, creator Ryan Murphy (Glee, Pose, Feud) combines all the things he loves: high school dramas, well-aimed sarcasm and telling electric stories about the horrifying things humans do to each other to get what they want. September 27; Netflix…