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1 time’s up on shaming single women as ‘homewreckers’

WHEN I WOKE UP, naked and disoriented, he was dressed and crouching by the foot of the bed, lacing a shoe. ‘I’ve got to go. You know I said I was separated? Well, we’re not yet as separate as I’d like to be. It’s complicated.’ He left, telling me the room was paid for, and that I could order room service if I wanted. I was 26, and not unused to waking up with strange people in strange places. In an attempt to get over a horrible dumping, I was behaving like a cliché, drinking too much and dating indiscriminately. So when N, one of my favourite novelists, started messaging me on social media, I was dazzled. His attention felt like fire, making everything hot and bright, and I melted instantly.…

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6 fed up and fleeing: meet the trump refugees set to leave the us

WHEN DONALD TRUMP was elected US President in 2016, concerns about him were often met with urgings to ‘wait and see’. ‘It won’t be as bad as you think,’ we were told; ‘He’ll shape up once he’s in office.’ Almost four years of gaslighting, racist rhetoric and the rolling back of rights for minorities, women and immigrants later, it has been far worse than many feared. And now, with the prospect of potentially four more years of division, many Americans are laying the groundwork to get out; during the first, depressingly diabolical presidential debate, Google recorded a huge surge in the search term: ‘How to move to Canada.’ ‘It is not sustainable to live under the relentless stress that we have lived under for four more years,’ says Dina Fierro, a 42-year-old…

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7 coats to cope with what’s ahead

DRIZZLY DAYS spent huddled in a train station as part of a twice-daily commute may not be something many of us have to worry about this winter but, with stricter lockdown measures across the country, chances are we’ll all be spending much more time in the great outdoors than usual. That is, if you want to see friends and extended family. And it seems we’re all dressing for the occasion, for the coats currently flying off the shelves aren’t the usual mix of styles – the best-selling outerwear is strictly practical. We’re talking puffer jackets, all-weather parkas and cosy duffels – all coats which very much put substance over style and ensure we’re all prepared for socialising al fresco. ‘The way our customers are shopping for outerwear has definitely changed,’ says…

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how to help

Standing with women and girls means doing all we can to eradicate gender-based violence and to support those who have experienced it. We must stand with women to address the inequalities the pandemic has exposed and exacerbated. We must support their leadership, value their work, recognise the challenges they are facing and respect their rights. ActionAid is working to do this with their Stand With Women campaign. They are working with women to increase their economic independence and improve their ability to leave abusive relationships. Will you stand with women too? Please sign ActionAid’s petition asking the UK Government to protect women’s rights and help end violence against women and girls worldwide. To sign and find out more, visit actionaid.org.uk/grazia…

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five top tv bitches

Alexis Carrington First enthralling us almost 40 years ago, Dynasty’s Alexis redefined the TV bitch, with her razor-sharp suits and cigarillos and her catfights with Krystle. Tanya Turner Cold, calculating and cocaine addicted, the Footballers’ Wives WAG’s finest hour was killing the club chairman – ‘shagging him to death’ with coke and Viagra. Cersei Lannister Game Of Thrones was full of villains, but Cersei was the most vengeful, from beheading a child’s pet wolf to arranging the death of her husband. Miss Piggy The diva-ish Muppet was, says creator Jim Henson, originally supposed to be ‘delicate and lovely’. Sylvie Grateau Her stare is withering, her lines the most pithy (When a colleague muses, ‘Smoking is a pleasure, and without pleasure, who are we?’ Sylvie replies, ‘German.’), and her outfits the best. All hail TV’s…

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‘combatting anti-semitism is a matter for everybody’

I LIVE BY MYSELF in a one-bed apartment in Los Angeles. I felt comfortable until last winter, before the UK general election. I came back to my apartment every evening, sat on my sofa and I felt not calm solitude but stark isolation. And this was pre-Covid, before I would spend more than six months solo waiting out a pandemic. But that isolation wasn’t a patch on last winter because, thousands of miles from my family in the UK, I went through something alone. They were the only people I could talk to when the walls were closing in, when all my non-Jewish friends and colleagues were in agreement about who they were voting for to save humanity – Jeremy Corbyn, a man who allowed anti-Semitism to thrive in the Labour…