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Great Walks

Great Walks April/May 2019

Great Walks is packed with gear guides, product reviews, advice on the best travel destinations, inspiring real-life accounts from seasoned walkers and practical information on specific walks and their accompanying maps. From features on the country’s best bushwalks to reviews of the latest outdoor gear, Great Walks is about discovering our amazing national parks and coastline – anywhere where there’s a walking track. Filled with lush photos, detailed walk notes and aspirational overseas destinations, Great Walks is designed to entertain and inspire.

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2 Min.
little things to big things

YOU would have heard of “Keeping up with the Joneses”, but there are two Joneses you may struggle keeping up with: Justin and Lauren Jones who took their then six-month-old baby Morgan on an 1800km walk through the Outback. It’s an extraordinary feat that started like most adventures, by someone simply wishing to make a change: “While I loved this little person more than my heart could hold, amidst the sleep deprivation, baby routines and constant responsibility, Justin and I found ourselves missing our independence and mourning our freedom to just head out the door and do what we like,” writes Lauren (pg45). “I yearned for wildness, for adventure and not just in the gated confines of an urban kids’ playground...” Of course not all dreams have to be so extreme.…

1 Min.
this month’s contributors

Lyndsey Vivien Lyndsey is a plant ecologist based in Melbourne who enjoys searching out botanical treasures on her bushwalks. Lauren Jones Lauren is a corporate speaker and sustainability advocate, and with her husband and baby went on an Outback odyssey. Simon Cameron Simon, is a retired Adelaide Doctor who has bushwalked and climbed in every state and territory and both islands of NZ. John Austin Journalist and keen coastal/bushwalker John recently glamped the Flinders Ranges and final leg of the Camino de Compostela.…

1 Min.
tenterfield, nsw

Tenterfield sits high on the New England Tableland in northern NSW, surrounded by a rugged and scenic landscape of well-watered forests and woodlands. The region has two World Heritage National Parks, both of which boast some of the oldest vegetation types in Australia. The World Heritage listing bestowed on these parks is testimony to their significance as places of great natural and cultural value. For bushwalkers there’s plenty to see and do. Bald Rock NP is named after a massive granite dome 750m long and 500m wide, rising 260m above the surrounding bushland, making it the largest exposed granite rock in the Southern Hemisphere. Another stunning national park is Boonoo Boonoo (pron:‘bunna bunoo’ – Aboriginal for ‘big rocks’), a woodland park with spectacular river and gorge scenery. nationalparks.nsw.gov.au…

2 Min.
walk & talk

Movie magic I love the story in your last issue about movies that inspire you to travel (GRW Feb-Mar, Lights, Camera, Action!). A couple of favourite films that inspired me to travel – and I just love watching them – are The Motorcycle Diaries (2004) and The Endless Summer (1966). Thanks for a great mag! Michael Pierce Hi Michael, just between you and me the movie that inspired me to leave New Zealand in 1988 and come to Australia was The Coolangatta Gold (1984) but shhh don’t tell anyone. I’d never live it down! – Ed Mountains of fun My wife and I recently returned from the Snowy Mountains walking trip. I was fortunate to win my trip through Great Walks and my wife decided to join me. We wanted to send our thanks as…

1 Min.
this month’s winning letter

Credit where credit’s due I have subscribed and enjoyed Great Walks for some years, and have just subscribed again. I am intrigued by the cover photo on the Dec-Jan 2019 issue, and would love to know where it is. There is no clue, even in the article on page 61, etc. I notice you sometimes reveal the location. I suspect it is in Tassie. Bernard Jordan Hi Bernard, I normally caption and credit the cover photo but to be honest, I just plain forgot. The photo was supplied by Wild Pedder (wildpedder.com.au), taken by Chris Crerar and it was taken at Mount Field NP in Tassie.…

2 Min.
in the elements

THE Overland Track is on many a bushwalker’s bucket list and I had the chance to experience it with a bunch of mates over summer… so it should have been nice weather, right...? We left Ronny’s Creek with a strong wind in our face and driving rain. We had a snack behind Kitchen Hut (it was full of people getting out of the weather) and then the weather really took a turn for the worse. We put all our wet gear on and headed off. We couldn’t see the top of Cradle Mountain, but the scenery was still spectacular. We stayed in the smaller hut at Waterfall Valley and I realised not only am I battling the cold, but snorers as well! We headed off the next morning via Lake Will. I…