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Great Walks October/November 2019

Great Walks is packed with gear guides, product reviews, advice on the best travel destinations, inspiring real-life accounts from seasoned walkers and practical information on specific walks and their accompanying maps. From features on the country’s best bushwalks to reviews of the latest outdoor gear, Great Walks is about discovering our amazing national parks and coastline – anywhere where there’s a walking track. Filled with lush photos, detailed walk notes and aspirational overseas destinations, Great Walks is designed to entertain and inspire.

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small steps, big dreams

THERE are great walks and there are Great Walks – and one of the greatest was only a few short steps. This year is the 50th Anniversary of the first moon landing when Commander Neil Armstrong (1930-2012) and lunar module pilot Buzz Aldrin (89) landed the Apollo Lunar Module Eagle on July 20, 1969, at 20:17 UTC (Universal Time Coordinated or Greenwich Mean Time). Armstrong became the first person to step onto the lunar surface six hours later on July 21 at 02:56:15 UTC. Aldrin joined him 19 minutes later. They spent two hours together outside the spacecraft, and collected 21kg of lunar material. Command module pilot Michael Collins (88) flew the command module Columbia alone in lunar orbit while they were on the Moon’s surface. No one knew how successful the…

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this month’s contributors

Marie Barbieri Travel writer Marie has been published across the world, and enjoys hiking in: Jordan, the Azores and the Kimberley. Rebecca Casson Rebecca is a NSW north coast-based journalist, where she continues to write about remarkable exploits. Jono Lineen Jono is a senior curator at the National Museum of Australia. He has written several books including Perfect Motion. Julie Mundy Julie has finished walking and writing her fifth Woodslane walking guidebook Best Walks of the Gariwerd-Grampians.…

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great walks magazine

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cape wrath trail

Regarded as one of the UK's toughest walks, the Cape Wrath Trail showcases the beauty of the remote Scottish Highlands and its wild west coast. The 300km/2 week walk claims numerous superlatives: Britain’s remotest village, highest waterfall, remotest beach and highest mainland sea cliffs, Europe’s oldest geological formations. The Cape Wrath Trail also has some exotic placenames such as Inchnadamph, Kinlochewe, Eas a' Chual Aluinn and Wester Ross. And if these otherworldly destinations and landscapes conjure scenes from Game of Thrones or Lord of the Rings, that is apt: It was holidaying in Wester Ross that sparked George R. R. Martin’s imagination into creating the fantasy world of Westeros, while gazing out at the Small Isles (an archipelago that can be seen from the track) gave Tolkien inspiration for the Mountains…

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this month’s winning letter

Read, walk, repeat I was thrilled when I received the Feb-Mar issue of Great Walks in the mail courtesy of my subscription which I have had ongoing for a few years now. It’s always a great read but this issue was particularly timely. My husband, some of my family members, and a group of friends have accepted my challenge to walk the Overland Track in Tasmania with me to help me celebrate my 60th birthday. If we ‘survive’ the walk we will celebrate my birthday at the end of the trek where more family and friends will be waiting to welcome us back to civilisation. With articles on heavy pack hiking, bushwalking in your 60s and beyond and a story on the Warrumbungles the issue could not have been more apt. Some…

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walk & talk

Making the grade I have just devoured the June-July issue of Great Walks. Absolutely brilliant. I loved the photos of the pack horse trip through the Vic High Country (Snowy River Wandering). However, the reason I am writing to you today is about the article by Rik Soderland, Reef Encounters. I once travelled to Christmas Island for work and had a brief stopover at the airport on the Cocos Keeling Islands. Flying in the blues shades of the water is still a vivid memory of mine to this day. I enjoyed the article immensely and the description of the local inhabitants made me realise how multicultural Australia really is. The photo of the Cocos Malay children was just gorgeous as were the breathtaking photos above and below the water. I thoroughly enjoyed…