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Great Walks December/January 2019

Great Walks is packed with gear guides, product reviews, advice on the best travel destinations, inspiring real-life accounts from seasoned walkers and practical information on specific walks and their accompanying maps. From features on the country’s best bushwalks to reviews of the latest outdoor gear, Great Walks is about discovering our amazing national parks and coastline – anywhere where there’s a walking track. Filled with lush photos, detailed walk notes and aspirational overseas destinations, Great Walks is designed to entertain and inspire.

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happy new year!

DO you believe in new year’s resolutions? Those promises you make to yourself that you’ll do something different in the next 12 months, change something about your life or maybe make the decision to tick off your bucket list of wishes? These resolutions are often made at a new year’s eve party after a few champagnes have relaxed you, loosened your thinking. And quite possibly in the morning you’ve forgotten them – or regretted them! But that’s okay because it’s not as if you’re bound by them. The only time I made a new year’s resolution that I stuck to was in the mid 80s when I was itching to get out of NZ and travel the world. I was constantly going to the airport and waving goodbye to friends and…

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this month’s contributors

Hayley Rochford Hayley is a traveller, teacher and mother of two strong daughters who loves hiking and connecting with nature. Stephen Warren Stephen is an avid multi-day bushwalker and enjoys experiencing Australia’s great outdoors whenever he can. Andrea Purnomo When she’s not writing, you can spot Andrea challenging herself on a mountain trail, overseas trek or partaking an adventure sport. Rosalind Bird Ros is a full-time mum and former graphic designer. She likes going on adventures, writing and hobby farming.…

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tengger caldera, indonesia

In a country full of natural beauty, one of Indonesia's most spectacular sights is Tengger Caldera on the island of Java. The collapsed remnants of an ancient volcano form a steeply walled crater 10km wide. Rising from the flat volcanic sand floor of the caldera is the dormant cone of Mount Betok and the active volcano of Mount Bromo. Just south of the caldera walls is Mount Semeru. At 3676m Semeru is Java's highest mountain and most active volcano. All of this has been incorporated as the Bromo-Tengger-Semeru NP. A great walk to do is to head to the lookout point on Mount Penankajan, the highest point on the north rim of the caldera. It means getting up very early from the nearby village where you'll be staying but as you…

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walk & talk

60 Anniversary 60K challenge Dear Editor, could I pass on some news to the possibly many of your readers who have done their “Duke of Ed”. 2019 marks the 60th Anniversary of the award in Australia and almost a million people have participated in it. The outdoor challenges were my favourite award activity, and I still enjoy them, so I’m setting myself a challenge and thought some of you may be interested in joining me or doing something similar. My challenge will be to walk 60km, one for every year the award has been going, during Easter next year. I live in Hanging Rock, Mount Macedon Region, just north of Melbourne, and that’s where I’ll be walking. You’re welcome to join me, and can register interest by email, but I also encourage…

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this month’s winning letter

Thanks for the memories Dear Great Walks, over many years I have enjoyed feelings of utter contentment and peace, camping and walking in the bush, mainly in East Gippsland with fellow field naturalists and bird obsessives. I often see photos/articles in your magazine relating to places I have been, huts visited, trees sat under and views which have thrilled me, and relive that pleasure. Over time I learnt to recognise native plants – some rare, birds and their calls, and can still use this knowledge and joy in a little more limited way now in my 80s. Where we have been is a lot of what we are. Trish Trah, Glen Waverley, Vic…

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a rockhopping good time

“YEAH, yeah, yeah,” I muttered silently as my friend Luke led us further over a pathless rockfall toward his chosen picnic spot on the beach beyond. We were already at a perfectly fine beach, the waves crashing just beyond. The landslide we were crossing was recent and the going was tough, over huge boulders, but Luke called back that we would like the next beach better. I was a doubter. He was right. When I finally scrambled up the crest of the rocks, my breath was taken away by what I saw on the other side. The drizzly grey skies only emphasised the starkness and somehow dangerous feel of the broad and silent rock shelf, scattered with house-size boulders. No one else was there. It looked as though the boulders had…