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December 2019 / January 2020

Guideposts is a monthly inspirational, interfaith, non profit magazine written by people from all walks of life. Its articles help readers achieve their maximum personal and spiritual potential.

United States
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2 Min.
75 years of inspiration

I’m getting to that point in life where birthdays go by in a blur, but there’s one coming up I plan to celebrate: Guideposts turns 75 in 2020. In 1945, Americans were returning from war by the millions. The Great Depression was over, and the economy was kicking into overdrive. Good times for sure but difficult ones. With the new half century dawning, society was undergoing formative changes. Progress ruled. Into this world Ruth and Norman Peale brought GUIDEPOSTS, not to resist progress but to be part of it. They saw how this new society sometimes challenged people’s values. The personal faith-in-action stories Dr. Peale collected reminded people that they were not alone in those challenges. Above all Dr. Peale wanted his young magazine to be part of the national conversation.…

1 Min.
what’s new on guideposts.org

The Best Gift In our exclusive video, best-selling author Karen Kingsbury (page 26) shares Christmas gift-giving tips and what makes a present stand out. guideposts.org/karenk You Are Not Alone Stave off loneliness with these spirit lifting tips from Contributing Editor Roberta Messner (page 48). guideposts.org/robertamessner Joy to the World Catch the holiday spirit with these heart-warming Christmas quotes. guideposts.org/christmasquotes A Beautiful Prayer in the Neighborhood Did you know Mister Rogers (page 16) was an ordained minister? Learn how he quietly practiced his faith. guideposts.org/rogerspray Keep Your GUIDEPOSTS Coming We make it easy to renew your magazine or check on the length of your subscription. guideposts.org/ecares…

1 Min.

EDITOR-IN-CHIEF & VICE PRESIDENT Edward Grinnan EXECUTIVE EDITORS Rick Hamlin, Amy Wong CREATIVE DIRECTOR Kayo Der Sarkissian SENIOR EDITOR, special projects Celeste McCauley SENIOR EDITORS Evan Miller, Jim Hinch, Hilary Ribons COPY CHIEF Lisa Guernsey PRODUCTION EDITOR Celia M. Gibbons EDITORS Mari Pack, Kimberly Elkins ASSOCIATE EDITOR Elena Tafone ASSISTANT EDITOR Kaylin Kaupish EDITORIAL ASSISTANT Allison Churchill ADMINISTRATIVE ASSISTANT Corlette L. Ruffin ART DIRECTOR Kathi Rota PHOTO EDITOR Kevin Eans ASSISTANT ART DIRECTORS Stephen Wilder, Andrew Nahem ASSISTANT PHOTO EDITOR Katie Hogin SENIOR CONTRIBUTING EDITOR Colleen Hughes SENIOR DIGITAL EDITORS Sabra Ciancanelli, Carolina Pichardo SENIOR DIGITAL PRODUCER Brett Leveridge DIGITAL CONTENT CREATOR Alikay Wood SOCIAL MEDIA COORDINATOR Mary Ryan ASSISTANT DIGITAL PRODUCER Ashley Lateef DIRECTOR, VIDEO CONTENT DEVELOPMENT Ty’Ann Brown CONTRIBUTING EDITORS Elizabeth Sherrill, Kathryn Slattery, Karen Barber, Marion Bond West, Julie Mehta, Ginger Rue, Stephanie Thompson, Meg Belviso, Roberta Messner, Adam Hunter, Diana Aydin PRESIDENT & CEO John Temple SENIOR VICE PRESIDENT Rocco Martino CHIEF FINANCIAL…

2 Min.
the up side®

“We rarely ever see the full spectrum of God’s plan, and our simple deeds can spiral into much bigger blessings.”radio host DELILAH, from her book One Heart at a Time“Never underestimate the importance of having a person in your life who can always make you smile.”via @thegoodquote on Instagram“I think age is just something that’s a number, and it depends on whether the number is going to keep you down or keep you up.”IRWIN WINKLER, 88, producer of the movie Rocky“Focus on your feet, not your head. Keep them moving forward.”JEN WELTER, first woman to coach in the NFL“You can’t plant negative thoughts and reap positive energy.”submitted by Guideposts reader ELAINE JOHNSON, of Atlanta, Georgia“Happiness for me is peace of mind. Being at peace with myself, at peace with God,…

3 Min.
someone cares

STUCK ON YOU My military family of five relies on air travel to get back to Wyoming at Christmas. There are no direct flights. It’s stressful, expensive and usually frustrating to make our way through multiple airports. A few years ago, I packed smiley face stickers in my daughters’ carry-on bags, hoping to keep them busy on the plane. My oldest, Morgan, found them while we were waiting in a mile-long check-in line and handed them out to everybody who helped us. By the time we made it through all three airports, she had a whole spiel worked out. “Thank you for helping us go to Wyoming,” she said. “We live here because my dad is in the Army, but we’re going to Grandpa’s house….” Everybody stopped to listen: the check-in agent, the…

6 Min.
forever fred

Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania THE FIRST TIME I SET EYES on Fred Rogers was in 1947. I was a student at Rollins College in Florida, and he was a freshman at Dartmouth College in New Hampshire, who decided that he wanted to major in music. Dartmouth did not have a music degree program at that time. A music professor there suggested he come down to Winter Park to see Rollins. Our music composition teacher said we should all go greet him, so we piled into a very big, elderly Franklin car to meet this new prospect at the airport. And so it was that this unhappy Dartmouth student was welcomed by a dozen happy Rollins music students! It must have worked because he decided to transfer to Rollins. We became good friends, then a…