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Filme, TV & Musik
Guitar Player

Guitar Player

March 2020

The only magazine committed to the most experienced and serious guitar players. Get Guitar Player digital magazine subscription today for the finest lessons and master classes, interviews with top artists, recording tips, and extensive product reviews.

United States
Future Publishing Limited US
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3 Min.
vic juris, neil innes: r.i.p.

THE NEW YEAR dawned with the news that a guitar giant had passed. Vic Juris, a distinguished sideman, devoted educator and underrated solo artist, died on December 31, 2019, in Livingston, New Jersey. He was 66. His wife, jazz singer Kate Baker, said the cause was complications from cancer. A consummate jazz guitarist, Vic was also versed in soul, rock and classical, a quality that made him an in-demand sideman. He performed with saxophonist Lee Konitz, pianist Peggy Stern and clarinetist/saxophonist Benny Waters, among others, but for much of his career Vic worked his magic with saxophonist/flutist David Liebman, with whom he began recording in 1991. No less a player than the late John Abercrombie said of him, “There is none better.” Vic was born in Jersey City, New Jersey, in 1953,…

1 Min.
guitar player

CONTENT EDITOR-IN-CHIEF Christopher Scapelliti, chris.scapelliti@futurenet.com SENIOR EDITOR Art Thompson, arthur.thompson@futurenet.com ART EDITOR Rosie Webber, rosie.webber@futurenet.com PRODUCTION EDITOR Jem Roberts, jem.roberts@futurenet.com LOS ANGELES EDITOR Jude Gold, judegold@gmail.com FRETS SECTION EDITOR Jimmy Leslie, j@jimmyleslie.com LESSONS EDITOR Jimmy Brown, jimmy.brown@futurenet.com CONSULTING EDITORS Matt Blackett, Jim Campilongo, Dave Hunter, Michael Ross MUSIC COPYISTS Jeff Perrin, Matt Scharfglass ADVERTISING SALES US CHIEF REVENUE OFFICER Luke Edson luke.edson@futurenet.com DIRECTOR OF U.S. MUSIC SALES Jonathan Brudner jonathan.brudner@futurenet.com, (845) 678-3064 ADVERTISING DIRECTOR Mari Deetz mari.deetz@futurenet.com, (650) 238-0344 ADVERTISING DIRECTOR Jason Perl jason.perl@futurenet.com, (646) 723-5419 CHIEF CONTENT OFFICER: Aaron Asadi BRAND DIRECTOR, MUSIC: Stuart Williams CONTENT DIRECTOR, MUSIC: Scott Rowley HEAD OF ART: Rodney Dive GROUP ART DIRECTOR: Graham Dalzell COMMERCIAL FINANCE DIRECTOR: Dan Jotcham Chief executive Zillah Byng-Thorne Non-executive chairman Richard Huntingford Chief financial officer Penny Ladkin-Brand…

2 Min.
opening notes

Raid Our Stash! This month’s giveaway is an EarthQuaker Devices Aqueduct Vibrato pedal. This vintage-inspired pitch vibrato effect has eight modulation modes that deliver gentle pitch wobbles, touch-sensitive frequency modulation, rapid trills, whammy-bar wiggles, synth-like sonar pulses and even pseudo-flange effects. Want this box on your ’board? Send an email with the word “Aqueduct” in the subject line to stash.raid@gmail.com, and you just might win! The deadline is March 2, 2020. All gear is “as is.” The Kids Are… Just Amazing Regarding your great article on John Petrucci [January 2020] where he mentions, “We’re at the point where an eight-year-old can play what I’m playing,” my good friend Carter is eight years old and has been playing guitar since he was five! He plays Zeppelin and Bon Jovi (Sambora) and other rock guitarists, but…

1 Min.

JOIN THE GP COMMUNITY! SOUND OFF! GET EXCLUSIVE NEWS. COMMENT. CRITIQUE. SHARE TIPS AND TECHNIQUES. SUBSCRIBE TO OUR E-NEWSLETTER. FACEBOOK.COM/GUITARPLAYERMAG TWITTER.COM/GUITARPLAYERNOW GUITARPLAYER.COM CHRISTOPHER SCAPELLITI Editor-in-Chief chris.scapelliti@futurenet.com ART THOMPSON Senior Editor arthur.thompson@futurenet.com JUDE GOLD Los Angeles Editor judegold@gmail.com JIMMY LESLIE Frets Editor j@jimmyleslie.com DAVE HUNTER Gear Section & Video Contributor dhunterwordsmusic@yahoo.com ROSIE WEBBER Art Editor rosie.webber@futurenet.com Subscription Questions? GOT A PROBLEM, OR NEED TO CHANGE YOUR ADDRESS? CONTACT US HERE: Email: contact@myfavoritemagazines.com Phone: 800-289-9839 Mail: Guitar Player Subscriptions P.O. Box 2029, Langhorne, PA 19047…

4 Min.
up close with stevie ray vaughan

IN MARCH 1983, Tracy Anne Hart was making her name as a live music photographer in Houston when she was hired to shoot an Austin guitarist scheduled to play at the local club Fitzgerald’s. The 29-year-old hotshot was going on tour with David Bowie, and the local alternative paper wanted some photos of him to go with its story. Hart accepted the assignment and soon found herself face to face with Stevie Ray Vaughan. Photographing the guitarist for the first time at the now-defunct club, Hart was aware that she’d discovered her muse. “I knew I’d found a musician with the incredible talent and style to give my Leicas a run for their money,” Hart writes. “I wasn’t iconic rock photographer Jim Marshall and I’d never even seen Jimi Hendrix play,…

7 Min.
cosmopolitan surf twang

HERSHEL YATOVITZ MAKES a writer’s job easy. “I’m a style slut,” he chirps, offering his own unique description for his wide-ranging and deeply textural approach to the guitar. “I kind of sweat style. I like soulful music that has a lot of open spaces to it. Some guitarists prefer this blitz of notes to get a point across, but I think you can do more to transport people if you offer them a mood and a point of view. To me, that’s a lot more rewarding.” Since 1995, Yatovitz has served as the lead guitar ace for vintage vibe specialist Chris Isaak in the singer’s band Silvertone. Whether tackling rock and roll classics, lost cowboy nuggets or originals that fuse Isaak’s affinity for Sun Records’ roots with a certain sense of…