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December/January/February 2018-19

Gun Dog Magazine is the best magazine for hunting enthusiasts who are owners of retrieving breeds. Each issue is guaranteed to be filled with useful information devoted to you, your dog and the sport of upland bird and waterfowl hunters.

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how old?

(© JAMIE LAMB) WITH THIS ISSUE, as we’ve done several times in the past few years, we honor our seniors—those gray-muzzled veterans who know the ropes and can still put in a productive day afield, even if it’s at a more relaxed pace. Just for fun and in keeping with our old-timer theme—while realizing I’m seriously dating myself—here are some odds and ends I’m old enough to remember: “Bird dog” meant pointer or English setter, period. The dogs were housed in backyard kennels we kids were forbidden to go near (although we did anyway). The pointers had names like Jake,...

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Lodi (U-Ch GCh SHR UJJ Softmaple Green River JH RN DJA AJ RATO CA BCAT TKP CGCA WC TT PKD-N), a curly-coated retriever owned by Natalie Donnelly. Normal Elbows The article by M.J. Nelson about curly-coated retrievers (October) stated that they were susceptible to elbow dysplasia. In fact, there are no reported cases of elbow dysplasia in curlies. The current OFA database shows 136 curlies with elbow x-rays and ALL of them are rated “Normal.” We would like to know where this information came from. Ellen Manes Jollycurl Curly-Coated Retrievers The reference to elbow dysplasia appeared in...

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puppy photos: last call!

(© DALE SPARTAS) If you haven’t yet sent us a photo of your sporting breed puppy for possible use in our spring 2019 issue, now’s your chance. But hurry—the submission deadline is Friday, December 7. Email your submissions to: joseph.genzel@outdoorsg.com. Minimum size requirements for magazine reproduction are 5x3 at 300 dpi or 1,500 by 900 pixels, so make sure your cell phone or camera is set on the highest resolution possible. When you email us your pics—and please, no more than one or two per contributor—be sure to include a brief message with your pup’s name, breed, age and any...

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LUNA is a natural-retrieving German shorthaired pointer. — Stephanie Clemons, Oconomowoc, WI MEG , an 8-year-old Gordon setter, engaged in an early-season warm-up for chukar at the Exeter Game Farm in Exeter, Ontario, but her preference is the wide-open grasslands of South Dakota for pheasants — Fred Conboy ELSIE is a 1-year-old American cocker spaniel. She has no hunting pedigree, but with proper training she flushed many birds in her first season. — Al Dube, Somers, CT This is BILLIE , a 2-year-old Lab, hunting ptarmigan in the Northwest Territories, Canada, on...

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photo submission guidelines

Please send digital images by e-mail to: joseph.genzel@outdoorsg.com, or through online archives, such as dropbox.com or hightail.com; or they may be submitted on disc to: GUN DOG MAGAZINE Attn: Snap Shots 2 News Plaza. 3rd Floor Peoria, IL 61614 • Most modern phones and digital cameras take excellent quality photos, but please make sure your phone or camera is set on the highest quality resolution available—consult your manual. We reserve the right to reject digital images that aren’t high enough in quality to reproduce well in print. • Our minimum size requirements for images are 5" x 3" at 300...

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guns & gear

1 WARNING TO ALL WATERFOWL Fabarm’s XLR5 has a pulse-piston gas system that progressively moves the action to soften recoil and will blast through five shells in 0.31 seconds (so think how fast it cycles three). The Tribore HP barrel gentles the shot down the barrel for excellent patterns, and with their tough choke tubes you can shoot steel shot through their extra-full tube. The receiver has a black Cerakote finish that laughs at wet weather, and the True Timber Viper camo barrel is proof tested to 23,641 psi. fabarmusa.com 2 BETTER BALLISTICS If you shoot classic shotguns or are just into...