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Gun Dog November 2018

Gun Dog Magazine is the best magazine for hunting enthusiasts who are owners of retrieving breeds. Each issue is guaranteed to be filled with useful information devoted to you, your dog and the sport of upland bird and waterfowl hunters.

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strength in numbers

IN THIS ISSUE you’ll find two articles by Kali Parmley, Managing Editor of Petersen’s HUNTING and Wheels Afield magazines. Her feature story, “Hunting through Hell(’s Canyon),” begins on page 36 and details a hunt she made for chukars last fall with her Labrador, Lincoln; her review of the Syren Tempio Light shotgun—built specifically for women—appears on pages 32-33. This marks the third time Kali’s work has graced our pages; she has previously written of her experiences hunting pheasants and sharptails in the North Dakota Badlands and pursuing white-tailed ptarmigan in the Colorado Rockies. We asked her to provide some background bio, and here’s what she had to say: “Growing up in rural Ohio, I spent countless hours in the saddle camping along the trail with my horse, and watching my grandfather raise…

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Going Solo HATS OFF TO you guys for the excellent article by Scott Linden in the August issue. I frequently nt “solo,” just the chocolate Lab and I; to me it’s taking time to “smell the roses.” The sounds, the smells, the vision(s) that constantly change, to say nothing of time spent taking briars out of his fur, wiping his eyes clean and sharing a sandwich. It’s not the kill; it is the experience! David Hill, via email VELCRO WELSHIES I was delighted to see the Welsh springer as your August cover dog and to read the feature article. I’ve had two of these wonderful dogs. Chelsea, along with my field spaniel, Smokey, inspired me to write my first children’s book, Chelsea and the New Puppy, many years ago. Both dogs inspired me to…

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guns & gear

1 POINTS LIKE A DREAM Remington’s Versaport gas system is on par with Beretta’s Kick-Off in our opinion, and that makes the V3 a damn fun gun to shoot on high-volume shoots. The eight gas ports are in the chamber, and the length of the shell determines how many ports open. The V3 uses good ol’ Remington Chokes to deliver consistent patterns, and it handles great; like a Remington. $995 | remington.com 2 HAIL, CAESAR! Made in Italy, Caesar Guerini’s classy Magnum Light is an over/under that is light enough to carry all day yet has the balance of a heavier gun. The action and forend iron are made of ai r c r a f t- g r a d e aluminum reinforced with hardened steel at all wear points. The stock is…

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After returning from fetching our coffee at a local coffee shop I caught my Small Munsterlander, SKY , gazing at Bob West’s article, Finding Downed Birds, and then she went in for a closer look and a sniff! — Steve Reider, Fairfield, California This is ADDIE , my 7-year-old Labrador. She has her AKC junior hunting title and 3 passes towards a senior hunting title. She has picked up every duck for me for 6 years, rain or shine! — Marshall Lagge, Fairfield , Montana Our 3- and 4-year-old Brittanys, POP-EYE and COPPER , after a hard day’s work chasing blues and bobwhites. — Matt and Katherine Naeher Magnolia, Texas This is PONGO , a 3-year male GSP. He will never quit in the field and is always looking for his next bird. — Ruben Mata, Oxnard,…

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puppy photos!

It’s time once again to send us a photo of your sporting breed puppy for possible use in our spring 2019 issue. Here’s your chance to show off your little pride-and-joy/unholy terror, but hurry—the submission deadline is Friday, December 7. Email your submissions to: joseph.genzel@outdoorsg.com. Minimum size requirements for magazine reproduction are 5x3 at 300 dpi or 1,500 by 900 pixels. Most cell phones and digital cameras now take excellent photos, but make sure your phone or camera is set on the highest resolution possible. When you email us your pics—and please, no more than one or two per contributor, as we can’t download and file more than that—be sure to include a brief message with your pup’s name, breed, age and any interesting personality details, plus your name and complete contact…

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how important is a dog’s nose?

SOUNDS LIKE AN easy answer, right? Of course a dog’s nose is important. But is it more important than all the other things that go into the making of a crackerjack bird dog? Let’s take a look. I can still remember a few things about my first bird dog, a Brittany my father bought me when I was 12 (this would be shortly after the Civil War, in case you were wondering). And one of the things I most recall is that I was concerned— tortured may be a more apt description of what I felt—by doubts about my dog’s nose. I pored over all the hunting magazines of the day, and if there was a scenting test the expert du jour recommended, I tried it. Invariably, my poor dog would…