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Gun Dog March/April 2019

Gun Dog Magazine is the best magazine for hunting enthusiasts who are owners of retrieving breeds. Each issue is guaranteed to be filled with useful information devoted to you, your dog and the sport of upland bird and waterfowl hunters.

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so long, joe!

WITH THIS ISSUE we bid a reluctant farewell to long-time “Parting Shots” columnist Joe Arnette. Joe was already writing the last-page column when Bob Wilbanks, my predecessor, passed the editorial torch to me in the fall of 1996. As part of that transition, Bob gave me some insights on what I could expect from GUN DOG’s regular contributors, and he said something like this about Joe: “Always gets his stuff in early and you won’t have to do much to it—it’s that damned good.” Bob nailed it. Joe’s copy always arrived early (every editor’s dream) and no, I didn’t have to do much to it…in fact, it was usually letter-perfect, requiring nothing more than a quick read before sending it straight on to layout. But reading Joe’s work quickly didn’t really do…

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Kudos for Kali TERRIFIC ARTICLE ON “Hunting Through Hell(’s) Canyon” by Kali Parmley in your November issue. You can tell she deeply appreciates the experience of hunting—the sheer physical exertion, the joy of being in nature and sense of accomplishment after working hard for an animal she may or may not take. She captured the true essence of DIY hunting in this piece and clearly had a great time. The empty bird vest mattered not. Kali is an impressive young woman—hard-core hunter, talented writer/ photographer and a much-needed voice in our industry. She is great to work with—a true professional and genuinely nice person. Shannon Jackson Shannon Jackson Public Relations Thanks for the kind words, Shannon. We agree that Kali is an impressive and talented young woman. You can expect to see more of her…

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guns & gear

1 SPORTY SYREN A 7/8-ounce shot charge turns the recoil of a 12-gauge into almost nothing—we have shot plenty of those light loads from unforgiving over-unders in recent years and you can’t feel much “kick” at all. That’s why we think the Syren L4S Sporting is a phenomenal option for women seeking a 12-gauge. A gas-operated gun, it was designed for lighter target ammunition, and built to suit female shooters. You can shoot it on clays, in the uplands or duck blind. Plus, it’s available in right- and left-handed models. syrenusa.com 2 STOP PARASITES If your dog spends enough time outside it will cross paths with blood-sucking ticks. Treat him with Bravecto, which is available through your vet. The chews are effective for 12 weeks and function to kill 100 percent of the…

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sticking points

RAISE YOUR HAND if you’ve ever had this happen: You’ve been training your dog the whoa command. You’ve gone through the introductory steps, introduced him to the command, reinforced it without stimulation, then reinforced it with stimulation, and you’re now convinced your dog is a genius. He’s got it! In just three days! Secure your necktie, gentle reader. You’re about to experience a sticking point. On day four, you line up your genius, command him to whoa, and to your amazement, he ignores you. So you try again. Ditto. What just happened? He was doing so well! Any time a dog ignores, seems to forget or is confused by a command he’s previously performed, he’s hit a sticking point. What seems perfectly obvious to you—the command you’ve just given—isn’t nearly so obvious to…

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windows of opportunity

OF ALL THE things I see in my daily life as a dog trainer, one theme with bird dogs that is death-and-taxes consistent is underestimating what our retrievers are capable of. This goes for dogs of all ages, but is almost a rule when it comes to young puppies. The thought process often goes something like, “We are waiting until the puppy is a little bit older to start teaching him because he’s too young to learn anything right now.” This is a mistake. Provided you’ve done your research and acquired a well-bred pup that is loaded with intelligence and potential, you can start working with him the moment you bring him home at seven weeks. Before you start teaching the pup any basic obedience commands, however, you need to evaluate…

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addressing expectations

HAVING MOVED AWAY from a career as a full-time professional flushing dog trainer, I now spend my year traveling, consulting, judging flushing dog trials and helping my trainer friends whenever possible. In doing so I am constantly exposed to dogs and dog owners, and I am steadily made aware of the varied challenges that arise within the training process. With some regularity, owners come up against problems with their dogs that simply require some training tricks or shifts in approach to permit better communicacannot be overcome, it is rarely the fault of only one party or the other. To the contrary, the problem can typically be attributed to a poor match, specifically an owner who wants a certain result paired with a dog who simply does not have the genetic…