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Handguns August/September 2018

Handguns Magazine specializes in the thorough testing and evaluation of a wide variety of handguns. Each issue is loaded with exciting features on self-defense, law enforcement, handgun hunting, handgun history, competitions, and hand-loading. Also showcased are in-depth evaluations of new guns, ammunition, handgun safety and much, much more!

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Carjacked! As a retired federal lawman and certified firearms instructor, I must compliment you on an excellent April/May issue. Regarding the letter about the ATF destroying handguns, during my working days at a large federal agency, I had the sad duty to oversee the destruction of bushels of fine handguns—the destruction mandated by agency policy. Second, Richard Nance’s article, “Carjacked” is a real winner. I will provide it to my handgun class students. His article covers all the bases in concise text and points out how merely having a handgun is not enough. Keeping your “head on a swivel” and being aware of one’s surroundings is the litmus test for survival in a carjacking. RON BENJAMIN MANSFIELD, PA I had to say thank you to Richard Nance for his excellent article “Carjacked.” It…

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handguns tv

JULY 6th 2018 Guest star Hana Bilodeau from the SIG Academy joins Rich and Jim as they go in-depth on the elements of a successful handgun draw. Jim demonstrates the famous El Presidente drill, and in “En Garde” Rich shows the best ways to clear handgun malfunctions. JULY 26th 2018 Jim, Rich and Scott tackle a topic of interest to every handgunner: how to handle recoil. Rich and Scott discuss the pros and cons of various target types, and in “Skills Drills” Jim shows you how to set up a great practice using only paper plates. AUGUST 9th 2018 Vehicles are an everyday fact of life. Rich and Jim delve into security both inside a car and outside it. Scott and Jim argue the relative merits of speed versus retention pistol reloads, and Rich demonstrates…

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heavy duty

I AM FAR FROM A COLLECTOR; ALL OF my handguns are used rather than stored or displayed. But I suppose there is something of a collector in me because vintage Smith & Wesson revolvers call to me, and one such example is the Smith & Wesson Heavy Duty. During the period after the Great War, there was much handgun experimentation as shooters looked for longer range and increased accuracy. Outdoorsmen were looking for a powerful cartridge that was accurate and economical to use. The police were also in search of a different type of handgun because a new breed of mechanized bandit was making it difficult for them. The common .38 Special with a 158-grain roundnose bullet at 800 fps was not capable of penetrating the steel doors of vehicles. When safety…

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tetra gun valu pro iii

Simple is good. Why carry around a bunch of jags, patches and brushes for calibers other than the one you’re shooting—especially if the focus of your shooting typically revolves around one caliber? This kit from Tetra Gun ( TETRAGUNCARE. COM ) has everything you need: rod with handle, slotted tip, bronze brush and patches—plus a small tube of grease and a bottle of the company’s excellent cleaner, lubricant and protectant. Toss it in your shooting bag or keep it handy for home cleaning, and you’re all set. I used the .40-.41 caliber kit when shooting a pair of 10mm pistols, and it worked great for keeping the guns clean and running like they should. It’s available in calibers from .20 to .45, and it costs just $17.…

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holster shopping

THE FIREARM INDUSTRY IS PRACTIcally doing backflips to meet the whims and needs of female carriers, and the number of options increases every year. But that doesn’t mean every option is a good one. To be acceptable, a holster must cover the trigger guard so nothing can get in there. That means testing, or if you’re shopping online, envisioning yourself carrying or wearing the holster on a typical day. Is there anything on your clothing or in your environment that could get inside the trigger guard and cause the gun to fire? For example, an economical soft-sided, belly band holster with stretchy elastic around the firearm, worn around the waist, is a safe setup for a day at the office. But when carrying my wiggly dog with his stiff toenails, it’s not…

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3 rules for holster selection

SAFETY The holster must cover the trigger guard and provide sufficient retention for your lifestyle. There is some leeway here. For instance, some soft-sided holsters that are, by themselves, insufficient in terms of protection might be acceptable under stiff fabric worn tightly—like jeans—because the fabric itself provides a stiffening layer of protection EFFICIENCY The holster has to be compatible with your daily routine. If it’s too hard to put on or take off, you’re less likely to wear it. The holster also has to allow you easy access to the gun while achieving a proper firing grip. COMFORT If you’re not comfortable packing a loaded gun in it, it’s not right for you.…