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Honeysuckle Magazine is a nationally-distributed print and digital publication bringing countercultural themes to the mainstream. We explore vast topics such as sex and sexuality, women’s issues, sustainability, social awareness and spirituality through diverse perspectives. From celebrities like Alan Cumming, Kirsten Dunst, Holly Hunter, and NFL legend Marvin Washington to experts across disciplines - scientists, industry leaders, award-winning authors, political activists, healers - to underrepresented communities, our coverage delves deeply into the subjects that shape our time. Our platform and audience are open and inclusive with a passion for sharing knowledge. Learn more at honeysucklemag.com and on our app for iTunes, Google Play, and Zinio. Email honey@honeysucklemag.com to shout your business out to a national audience.

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dear reader

Our seventh printed issue is designed to bring us all back to life’s essential values, namely that we call the same beautiful planet home. We began with the concept of sustainability, identifying people and projects dedicated to saving the Earth and combating climate change. But as we traveled around the globe, we learned that rescue doesn’t come simply from recycling or using solar panels (although those help). True change depends on understanding how everything – humans, animals, plants, the soil, oceans and elements – connects. That’s known as “eco-holism” or “quantum thinking” but at its heart it just means “We Are One.” As you’ll hear from Mother Earth herself in our Spirit column, she’s in dire straits, but embracing oneness is humanity’s best chance to restore planetary wellness. In these pages…

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science communications and the human connection

To see a system or process as purely the sum of its parts, in scientific terms, is referred to as reductionism. It is common in all types of research, and involves, for example, studying neurons’ plasma membranes to better understand human consciousness. But this approach offers only a sliver of the whole picture of the human experience, which is inextricably linked to language, culture, art, and social sciences. Knitting together different topics and disciplines expands scientific conversations and insights, and requires a holistic perspective. Bridging the divide between these two modes of thinking are science communicators, who break down complex and hyper-focused scientific studies into language laypeople can understand by translating jargon, drawing connections to other disciplines, and connecting cutting-edge research to potential impact on daily life. It is with a holistic…

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the planetary renaissance

If our country, our planet, is going to survive, we need to start looking for connections. Jess Phoenix taught me that. Now it’s my job to share her lessons with you, and yours to share with others. Each one teaches one—that’s how we grow together. Maybe you’ve heard about Jess already. She’s the volcanologist from California’s 25th District who famously vowed to bring “Star Trek values” to Congress. By that she means taking Gene Roddenberry’s vision of a peaceful, conscientious, development-focused society and working toward our best possible future. “Live long and prosper is a great motto!” Jess declared with a laugh when she and I sat down at The Explorers Club in New York City during her campaign tour. “Seeing a future where people of different races and species are living…

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quantum leap

We’re not at the end of the world—just the world as we know it. It’s time for a major paradigm shift to quantum thinking, or understanding how ecosystems, economic structures, and social cultures connect. Quantum applications in areas from agriculture to finance to meditation are now becoming known as “regenerative” practices, and such techniques hold the key to surviving our current global crises like climate change, limited food production, and a polluted water supply. But before we can unlock the secrets of the universe, we need to speak its new language. Honeysuckle interviewed regenerative experts Kate Mulder and Michael Klein, co-founders of Neusis Global, a company innovating solutions for the next industrial revolution. They shared some insights on how greater mindfulness will shape our future. When we say “quantum” and “regenerative,” we’re…

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raw power

“Iceland is like nowhere else on earth…” Sitting at the edge of the Arctic Circle and on top of the Mid-Atlantic Range—the intersection of the Eurasian and North American tectonic plates—it is a real-life land of ice and fire, and the two elements collide in ways that are spectacular to behold. The approach to Iceland’s international airport in Keflavík offers a sudden introduction to why so many tourists visit the island each year: At sunrise, the low-angled light flickers across the ocean, illuminating colossal glaciers and steaming volcanoes, before the plane drops in altitude, skims above moss-topped lava fields, and lands roughly on a gusty runway in the middle of nowhere. But tourism isn’t the only thing that Iceland cultivates with its natural phenomena. In recent decades, it has learned to tap its…

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climate change

Perspective on the Climate System and Climate Change Scholarship The Earth’s climate represents a holistic system, with mutually interacting components ranging through a host of specialized sub-disciplines. Rarely are there simple answers to climate problems, as the multiple feedbacks can lead to a variety of results. Therefore, to understand what has happened in the past, and what will happen as greenhouse gases continue to accumulate in the atmosphere, requires a familiarity with the various aspects of the system, utilizing everything we have available—observations, theory, and computer modeling. It requires interacting with atmospheric scientists, oceanographers, specialists in polar processes, cloud physicists, hydrologists, land surface biologists, atmospheric chemists, computer scientists, etc. The climate system and climate change is a great integrator of knowledge, and requires a multi-disciplinary approach. Evidence of Human-Influenced Factors Affecting Climate Change There…