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Honeysuckle Magazine is a nationally-distributed print and digital publication bringing countercultural themes to the mainstream. We explore vast topics such as sex and sexuality, women’s issues, sustainability, social awareness and spirituality through diverse perspectives. From celebrities like Alan Cumming, Kirsten Dunst, Holly Hunter, and NFL legend Marvin Washington to experts across disciplines - scientists, industry leaders, award-winning authors, political activists, healers - to underrepresented communities, our coverage delves deeply into the subjects that shape our time. Our platform and audience are open and inclusive with a passion for sharing knowledge. Learn more at honeysucklemag.com and on our app for iTunes, Google Play, and Zinio. Email honey@honeysucklemag.com to shout your business out to a national audience.

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editors letter

Dear Reader, The African-American community carries a collective legacy, yet to be Black in this country is a singular experience unique to each individual. Their stories are all deserving of attention, but information only begs more questions. How does someone define both a personal and cultural identity? To answer that, we needed this issue to be as authentic as possible. Within these pages are Black artists, doctors, entrepreneurs, politicians, educators and activists, recorded primarily by African-American writers and illustrated by African-American designers. The floor for honest testimony is theirs, no interruptions or interpretations. We discovered that accurate representation requires such overt sensitivity even in description. Is it Black, black, African American? For various reasons, our contributors made different choices that held significance for them (their preferences are left intact here). For our cover story,…

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the art of blackness

It is a chilly fall morning in the South Bronx when I meet him outside his studio in an industrial area known as Port Morris, a neighborhood that’s been around since the early 1800s. Once in decay, Port Morris has turned itself around, rallying behind a FedEx headquarters, Fresh Direct, and over a dozen local businesses, interrupted by CSX train tracks, along the East and Harlem Rivers. There’s an art here, in this place where the years have degraded through the buildings—the buildings fought back. He wears a dark jacket, dark jeans, oxblood boots, and the coolest ash-gray flat ivy cap I’ve ever seen. Even his clothes are a work of art. He reminds me of Malcolm-Jamal Warner and Donald Glover, and he’s no less brilliant. Stan Squirewell instantly becomes my…

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the photography project

ALEX HARSLEY’S VISUAL HISTORY Decades of black history reside in Alex Harsley’s 4th Street Photo Gallery, depicted in the master artist’s images from the 1950s to the present day. Harsley, a Southern-born New York staple, provides raw and poignant glimpses into nightlife and street scenes, along with captured moments of celebrities from Muhammad Ali to Nina Simone to Harry Belafonte. His work plays with contrasts, asking viewers to reconsider what they think they know about society. The answers often emerge in sly humor. Over the years Harsley has had a unique vantage point to document the Black experience in America. He’s survived racially-motivated brutal beatings, endured being drafted into the Army (timed well enough to miss getting sent to Vietnam, he says, but poorly enough to be stuck in Alabama during the…

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moving the [middle]

Within these past months the historical efforts of women consistently running for influential spots in media and political environments are rightfully taking off. Jehmu Greene is undoubtedly a leading figure in this diversifying movement. She is an empowered woman, who empowers women. Currently Greene is a Fox News Contributor, Democratic National Convention Representative and founding board Chair of VoteRunLead. What makes VoteRunLead so unique is that they are training over more than 33,000 women to build on their passions and values in order to run for seats in office. This groundbreaking program is not only shaking up and altering what is seen in politics and the media; but it is setting an influential spark to young women across the nation. Honeysuckle had the opportunity to speak with Jehmu on being…

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matthew jordan smith

Matthew Jordan Smith is the very essence of possibility. The award-winning photographer, now the first artist of color to travel the world as a Nikon ambassador, has broken barriers and shaped cultural touchstones throughout his 32-year career. Name any major African-American celebrity – such as Oprah, Samuel L. Jackson, and Smokey Robinson – and you’re sure to find their portraits somewhere in Smith’s portfolio. But this visionary’s distinctions aren’t limited to his talents with the camera, astounding though they may be. Smith is a master storyteller, a dedicated historian, a motivator and mentor whose greatest superpowers lie in his endless capacity to hope. “I love photography and it’s my life,” Matthew enthuses to me in a Skype call, his mellifluous voice pulsing through the screen like soothing ocean waves. “I’d like…

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walking with a panther

Brother Tarik Haskins will never wish for Wakanda’s warm welcome. He has his reasons, as an original Black Panther, for not being a fan of the Marvel movie’s mania. While many take the film at face value, Haskins ponders its subliminal messages. “I was shocked at the movie… It opened up with a fratricidal scene,” says Haskins. “There’s a scene where the Black Panther hooks up with a CIA agent and they’re going to take down this bad guy who stole the vibranium… But the CIA, they are heading up the programs to carry out genocide against Black people and so there’s no hooking up between a Black Panther and the CIA, the people who are killing us… Stan Lee studied Black history extensively.” Haskins’s mindset is not merely conspiracy theorist paranoia,…