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Honeysuckle Magazine is a nationally-distributed print and digital publication bringing countercultural themes to the mainstream. We explore vast topics such as sex and sexuality, women’s issues, sustainability, social awareness and spirituality through diverse perspectives. From celebrities like Alan Cumming, Kirsten Dunst, Holly Hunter, and NFL legend Marvin Washington to experts across disciplines - scientists, industry leaders, award-winning authors, political activists, healers - to underrepresented communities, our coverage delves deeply into the subjects that shape our time. Our platform and audience are open and inclusive with a passion for sharing knowledge. Learn more at honeysucklemag.com and on our app for iTunes, Google Play, and Zinio. Email honey@honeysucklemag.com to shout your business out to a national audience.

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Dear Reader, The world today is not the same one we lived in when the seeds for this issue were sown. Now, facing perhaps the greatest crisis of our lifetime, we sit forced apart, enduring losses professional, personal, unimaginable due to the coronavirus. We seek connection and hope, and signs that all may yet be set right again. At Honey Pot and Honeysuckle, we experience the COVID-19 pandemic from deep in its heart. As one of our featured subjects, Barbara Koz Paley put it: “The silver lining of the Pandemic is that we can change the World! TOGETHER.” In the end, we believe the future is still ours to shape. Nowhere is that sentiment more evident than in the cannabis community, which historically has had to thrive amid impossible conditions. This issue addresses…

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girls who dab

Dabbing is NOT a Dance The first time my sister saw me dab, she thought I took something more than THC. When I called out that it was a dab, she smiled and immediately threw her arms up and said, “Oh, like the dance?” No sis, not the dance. “The Dab Dance” gets its name from the cannabis dabbing community. However, once the dance became famous in 2015 --long after the start of dabbing cannabis --the origins of its name were lost to most people who started “dabbing” on the dancefloor. So really, WTF is a dab?! Simply put, it is a concentrated and potent dose of cannabis that one consumes by putting it on a hot “nail” and inhaling the vapors. Some definitions of dabbing may scare people away from experimenting…

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ecosytem thinking

If you are in the cannabis space, you most likely know Barbara “Bobbi” Koz Paley. Bobbi is a Force. A force of nature, a force in cannabis, in the art world and in any group setting where you may find her. We at Honeysuckle’s Honey Pot have been blessed to know this Bobbi through the years. “Listen, we’re women in this space,” Bobbi says. “We need to have more women and more prominence and more power. More and more and more.” This is a statement that Bobbi, lifelong entrepreneur and current CEO of Art Assets, has confided during a long and beautifully adventurous night. Winding through downtown New York, we’ve followed her from a women’s wellness book release party to a café for dessert, then to a residential building where Art Assets,…

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a conversation with sally nichols

Sally Nichols, the President of Sales and Distribution at Bloom Farms, is a vibrant, compassionate, and keyed-in entrepreneur. She spoke to Honey Pot about the personal challenges she has faced, as well as her commitment to social responsibility, women, and her team. NEHA MULAY: You often say that your career is focused on creating things from scratch. You’ve done this with early Internet tech companies, with K-Swiss, and now in the cannabis space. Where do you start when you’re creating a brand? What have been the biggest challenges so far in your experience of brand-building within cannabis? SALLY NICHOLS: The difference between a product company and a brand is the level of passion, the message, and what you are hoping to convey through the company and the product. There are close to…

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with a bhang!

Jamie Pearson answers my phone call while mid-sentence with her children. She’s well versed in the management technique every multitasking mother employs, she can tend to more than one person with the same sentences. “You know how it is with kids,” Pearson says after a pause, during which the bustle of her 19 and 20 year old kids quiet and her voice sharpens into focus. We begin our conversation and she speaks with an ease reminiscent of catching up with an old friend, not one of the first female presidents of a publicly-traded, globally-distributed, OG cannabis company. She is currently in Absarokee, Montana —a town of 800 in the Stillwater Valley of the Rocky Mountains—on her father’s ranch, spending time with her family in the wake of winter holiday celebrations. Her…

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ricki lake: family values and new adventures with weed the people

“Hey, Nadya, it’s Ricki!” exclaimed the voice on the other end of the phone. I don’t think I had heard someone sound that genuinely excited to speak to me in a while. Either I need to get a new circle of friends, or Ricki Lake is really this nice. The latter statement, of course, was the reality. Ricki and I were going to chat about her latest documentary film Weed the People, which exposes the myriad benefits of medical cannabis for pediatric cancer patients, and how the profiled families risk financial and political stability to heal their children. Obviously, I couldn’t start the convo without mentioning how much I adored her in Hairspray and was a major Ricki fan in the 1990s. Really, what 90’s kid wasn’t a fan? I, like many other…