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Huck is inspired by DIY culture, featuring people who make you think, who challenge the system, who strike out on their own. Packed with intelligent journalism and stunning photography, it covers the people and the places that are shaping culture all over the world.

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United Kingdom
The Church of London
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SINGLES I Siân Davey PROM, DEVON, SUMMER 2015 Photographer Siân Davey spent over three years enjoying unbridled access to a world that most teenagers try to keep secret: late-night parties and hungover mornings, topless swimming and tears over the telephone. The access came via her stepdaughter Martha, who allowed Siân to document what it means to be a teen in rural Devon, along the UK’s south coast, between the ages of 16 and 19. Now that she’s turned 20, the collection – simply titled Martha – has been published by Trolley Books. “There’s something unique about Martha: unlike the rest of my kids, she is completely open and unselfconscious,” says Siân, who’s 53. “There’s something quite liberating about her personality and it’s extraordinary to work with. A camera has been there for anything…

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new york   state of mind

“They wanted me to keep my long blonde hair and be feminine, because it’s marketable… I knew that would never be me.” It’s the Monday after New York City’s Pride parade. Rainbow flags still adorn the storefronts and apartments of Graham Avenue in East Williamsburg. Once a predominantly Italian-American neighbourhood, this odd pocket of Brooklyn remains one of the slowest to change, despite its proximity to perceived ‘cool’. Two stops away from the Times Square of Brooklyn – aka Bedford Avenue – ‘Via Vespucci’ is the kind of place where men on the corner still speak loudly with their hands and women sport sky-reaching bouffants. You’ll find an energy practitioner next door to a cobbler, traditional Giglio feasts taking over the same block where creatives produce comedy shows from their garage. Since…

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standing   tall

A group of twenty-something guys are crammed into a small room, flexing their muscles and applying thick layers of fake tan on dark brown skin. It’s approaching 40°C outside but, inside this windowless pen, it’s hard to breathe. Sweat is running freely and the air is thick with a tang of muscle spray as guys attempt to accentuate their bulges before stepping out on stage. Bodybuilding is booming across India. Mr Universe-inspired competitions and gyms are popping up everywhere, from small towns in the middle of nowhere to megacities like Delhi and Mumbai. In just over a decade, economic prosperity has transformed a struggling nation into a country developing at rapid speed, with smartphones becoming ubiquitous and tech hubs competing with the growth of Silicon Valley. The country has long viewed itself…

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cycle zombies   motorbike brotherhood

Scotty Stopnik is standing on a French motocross track, scanning the horizon through a thicket of photographers, looking like a dirtbag straight out of 1964. The 32-year-old’s muddy white jeans are tucked into a pair of old biker boots, his filthy open-face helmet – the kind of thing racers stopped using long ago – offering all the protective qualities of a glazed ostrich egg. But Scotty doesn’t seem to be perturbed by the lack of EU approval. The helmet merely ticks a box, an absolute minimal nod to regulations. He’s in the Basque Country with his dad, Scott, and one of his younger brothers, Taylor. The trio are travelling on a sunglasses company’s ticket, pinballing between San Sebastian, Biarritz and other coordinates to represent the Cycle Zombies crew. They are all Huntington…

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riding wild activist explorer

Aniela Gottwald calls it “trail brain”. Speaking from her base in Ojai, California, the 26-year-old apologises for struggling to articulate her feelings, having only just returned from a three-month expedition along the Arizona trail. It was a journey marked by setbacks: injuries, the end of a relationship and her family home burning down in a wildfire. She only had her two wild mustangs for company, leaving almost too much room to think. “I’ve spent so much time not talking,” she jokes, an excited giggle breaking an otherwise calming voice. “The longer you spend in nature, the more you pick up on little things that you wouldn’t notice otherwise, like bird calls and the sounds of trees. This whole other world opens up.” The trail, stretching 800 miles between Mexico and Utah, marked…

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pedal to   the medal

On a brisk, breezy evening in South London, eight BMX riders are balanced on their bikes, gazing out over the track they’re about to race. Waiting at the top of the starting hill, their front wheels are held firmly in place by a raised metal gate. To their right, a start light hesitates on red; behind them, swarms of fellow riders wait impatiently, wishing those at the front of the queue would just start already. Suddenly an automated voice – robotic, but with an American accent – announces itself from an unseen speaker: “Riders ready, watch the gate…” The line of eight don’t move, or even blink. They know the drill by now. “… Go!” The light turns green, the gate drops, they pedal like hell. As they hurtle into the first…