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Filme, TV & Musik
Inside Soap UK

Inside Soap UK

7 - 2020

Inside Soap is your essential weekly guide to all the big soap dramas. We give you every story, every secret, every week!

United Kingdom
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1 Min.

“Happy birthday, EastEnders!” It’s quite baffling when you think about it, that after swirling around our screens for countless episodes (not countless actually, it’ll be 6,084 by the end of this week, if you’re partial to that sort of thing), the River Thames features relatively rarely in EastEnders. Grant and Phil plunged their car into it many years back, Ian and Mel got married overlooking it, and Peggy took her final cruise down memory lane on it, although there’s not been a whole host of river action over the past 35 years. But all that changes this week, as half of the Square sets sail on the iconic waterway – and at least one of them won’t return! We’ve got all the goss on the big drama over the page, then further…

3 Min.
voyage of the damned!

EastEnders marks its 35th birthday with a special week of episodes, which sees the high-spirited residents of the Square take a break from Walford for a trip along the River Thames. You’d think they’d know better than to risk it, wouldn’t you? And sure enough, the locals’ boat soon hits stormy waters, thanks to the tempestuous relationships of those on board… Across the week, we’ll see the same day from a number of perspectives, as a host of massive storylines collide on this one fateful night. Troubled Linda Carter, in a blind alcoholic rage, is determined to drown her sorrows for good. Will she end up sinking her whole family – and all their friends – with her? Meanwhile, Phil’s back in town, vowing to destroy Keanu once and for all, leading to…

1 Min.
“linda’s earrings are my tribute to pat!”

Is it fun to be part of the 35th birthday episode? It’s great – I love being part of the show full stop. So anything that celebrates EastEnders is a joy to be involved in. Can you remember your first day on the show? It was terrifying and bizarre! I had one of my first speaking scenes with Letitia Dean [who plays Sharon] on the Square. I’m so grateful because she was just so lovely, although I couldn’t believe that I was stood doing this scene with such an iconic woman, and a character who I’ve watched on television since I was tiny! It was such a strange sensation. Who is your all-time favourite character? I’m going to say Pat Butcher – mostly because of the earrings! [laughs]. I do choose large earrings for Linda…

2 Min.
phil and keanu’s epic showdown!

The confrontation EastEnders fans have been waiting for finally occurs this week, as raging Phil comes face to face with his love rival, Keanu! Meanwhile, Ben is in turmoil as Keanu holds his lover Callum hostage, and makes a huge demand for his release… Phil returns from Portugal, incensed to find out that Sharon’s secret lover is still alive – having believed that Keanu had been killed on his orders on Christmas Day! So as Phil and his son storm down to the River Thames to confront Keanu on the doomed party boat, is one of the men set to end the night swimming with the fishes? “Keanu’s a brave man to return to Walford, having only just escaped with his life last time!” gasps our insider. “Not only did Keanu make…

1 Min.
the baby’s coming!

Sharon’s plans to flee Walford with Keanu are thwarted this week – when she suddenly goes into labour! Having been reunited with her young ex-lover, Sharon agreed to leave the country with him, so they could start a new life with their baby. But as Sharon breaks the news to her son Dennis that she’s leaving Walford for good and wants him to come with her, how will her boy react? Meanwhile, as the situation spirals even further out of control, Sharon has no choice but to think fast. However, while Ben makes it clear that she won’t be going anywhere without Phil’s say so, Sharon’s waters break – and she realises the baby is on its way! So who will be on hand to help deliver the latest little…

2 Min.
ian sets sail for revenge!

Ian drifts into uncharted waters this week, as he vows revenge on the person responsible for a brutal and shocking attack on his son Bobby! The terrified teen ends up in a serious condition in hospital after a gang ambushes him – along with Iqra and Habiba – in a racially motivated assault, during which brave Bobby is badly beaten as he attempts to defend them. The attack comes in the wake of Bobby receiving threatening messages online, and after Bex exposes the mastermind behind Bobby’s cyberbullying, Ian goes into a rage and heads in the direction of the River Thames... “Ian was unsure whether he could still love Bobby after what he did to Lucy – but the thought of losing his son forever pulls the events of the past few weeks…