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From home-based technical how-to articles, backcountry adventures, latest upgrades and performance modifications, articles committed to the repair, restoration and modification, practical, highly technical articles providing expert insight into all types of hardware for every model, from military to modern, colorful features explore rare and collectible models covering general, historic and rare jeeps, Jp reports on the world of jeeping like no other magazine can!

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jp magazine

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trail head

Jeeping is often thought of as going off-road and conquering the worst terrain Mother Nature can throw at your rig. Of course, it can also be a simple, serene dirt road in the middle of the forest that beckons you to explore where you’ve never been. For that matter, you can also enjoy Jeeping as a daily commute down the freeway or a suburban paradise. All these pursuits embrace Jeeping, and we love them all. But one that is often relegated to chore status and not thought of as fun is using a Jeep as a tow truck to haul other rigs around—the true tow job. Back in the day, Jeep made a fullsize truck in the J-series line from ’62-’88. These ranged from underpowered ½-tons to 401 V-8 1-tons with…

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mailbag Yard Art Well said. Vehicles, people, rescue dogs: that philosophy applies universally. I chuckled about the “yard art” comment, although not the thrust of your editorial (Trail Head, Apr. ’19). I bought two Dodge Power Wagons, a 1948 (complete, restorable) and 1951 (rolling frame and body), specifically because I love the style. Almost no one understands that if I don’t get to working on them, that’s fine, they bring joy by being in the yard. I imagine the collection of iron out back have muttered about who is going to be first, once I get time and the shop cleaned out. I think it’s going to be the FJ45, because it will be simplest and get me back into it. Three Willys wagons, a J20 with the good axles, etc. Also was interested…

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dispatch Jeep News & Rumors • Consumer Reports has compiled the list of the least satisfying vehicles, based on surveys and owner-satisfaction data. Among them was the Jeep Renegade because, “For starters, handling proves cumbersome, the ride is choppy, the front seats are uncomfortable, and the view out is restricted. What’s more, that fancy nine-speed automatic doesn’t quite have its gear-juggling act together.” See them all here:• The ’19 Ram 1500 got a new multifunction tailgate that has the ability to open remotely, have just the right door or left door open, or have both doors open; it can open flat as well. It has other tricks up its sleeve. We bring this up because…Gladiator next?• Vehicles that owners are keeping for 15 years or more? Said In the U.S.,…

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we need your stuck or broken or military jeep!

We want your Jeep for our Sideways department! Here are ways you can get your Jeep in Jp Magazine! Your broken parts or broken Jeep: Did you have an epic snap, blow-up, or breakage? How about an insane trail repair? Photo or it didn’t happen. Stuck/Flopped/Rollover: Send us your four-wheeling mess. Vintage and Military Jeep: We like old-timey and military things, like with your father or grandfather, or even modern service. Jeep Road Trip: A photo from your best road trip that took place in a Jeep. The Jeep needs to be in the photo in a landmark location. Like the Travelocity gnome. Follow this format: • Your name and your city/state:• Year/make/model of your Jeep/military Jeep:• Where the photo took place:• Describe what we are seeing in the photo/other info we may need to know:•…

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where the jeeps are

Having an event? Let us know! Remember the magazine needs about four months of advance warning. Just follow these steps: • Name of event:• Date(s) of event:• City/State of event:• Name of venue (if applicable):• Website for readers to learn more about your event:• Why your event is cool in five words or less:• Have a high-resolution photo from a previous event? Feel free to send it to us and we might just include it.• Send the info and photo to:• Make your subject line, “Where the Jeeps Are.” Willys Jeep Rally May 31-June 1, 2019 Hueston Woods Lodge College Corner, Ohio It’s a Jeep Thang June 7-9, 2019 East Kentucky Expo Center Pikeville, Kentucky The Great Willys Picnic, Show and Swap Meet June 9, 2019 Wanamaker, Kempton & Southern Railroad Kempton, Pennsylvania Southern Jeep Festival September 27-29, 2019 Greenville Pickens Speedway Easley, South Carolina…