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Kid Magazine October/November 2018

For mums who like style, pretty things and looking after themselves and their families. Kid Magazine is a place to discover all the latest and greatest products for the families, indulge in some me time and have a laugh along the way. Fashion, beauty, food and lifestyle finds, tips and hacks for mums.

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editor’s letter

It has been two years since I had my last baby and almost five years since I had my first but I think there are a few things that always stick with you. The sweet smell of your newborn baby and how you feel the first moment you hold them in your arms. The sheer exhaustion that you experience in the days, weeks and months after your baby is born and that magical moment when they first sleep through the night. The baby issue we create each year is always my favourite. As difficult as that time can be when you become a new mum and have a tiny baby to look after, it is such a significant time in your life. It can be full of happiness or clouded with…

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the family book

The fascination with blue for boys and pink for girls is strong. Pastel balloons bounce around hospital wards while blue and pink teddy bears take up watchful pride of place at the end of bassinets. And when it comes to baby books, it is a similar sea of baby blue next to baby pink, sometimes with a “neutral” yellow or green thrown in for good measure. The Monochrome Baby Book is a refreshing change for the contemporary parent. Illustrated by Chloe in between night feeds and day sleeps while on maternity leave with her eldest daughter, the book is a rejection of gender stereotypes and fluffy animals and instead embraces a simple yet beautiful notion of family and childhood memory keeping. One that parents have fallen in love with. The Blueberry Co…

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the truth about becoming a mum of two

I wasn’t completely naïve to the challenges I would face when baby number two arrived but I certainly was not prepared for just how hard I would find it. When my eldest was about six-weeks-old, already sleeping through the night, feeding like a dream and just a generally chill baby, I recall thinking to myself, “what was everyone else complaining about?” Well, karma got me good, didn’t it! After managing the ups and downs of two years as parents to our beautiful girl, we decided it was time for another baby. We fell pregnant straight away so there wasn’t even really time to reconsider. My pregnancy was a typical second pregnancy, plagued with pelvic pain, exhaustion from running around after an active two-year-old and not much thought even given to the…

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teething in style

Blamed on many a long night or an irritable tot, teething is never a pleasant experience. And when life must go on, products that help to ease the pain and discomfort of teething, while also keeping baby entertained are essential. The range from Jellystone Designs does just that. The products are non-toxic (BPA, Phthalate, PVC, cadmium and lead free), made from silicone in designs recommended by Occupational Therapists. Based on a commitment to enhance the way babies and children learn and process through sensory exploration, under the guidance of owner and Sydney mum, Claire Behrmann, Jellystone Designs has become a leader in the silicone jewellery and teether market. Modern mums want ease just as much as they want style. They want products that can easily be washed, that are as functional…

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what to know when training pregnant

I am a big advocate for women keeping active throughout their pregnancy. There will always be exceptions to this rule but assuming you have the all-clear from your doctor- get moving! There are a number of benefits that come from exercising during pregnancy but one that Snez found incredibly motivating is how much it can help your body recover once your baby is born. During all stages of your pregnancy it’s not only safe but incredibly beneficial to exercise three to four times a week for around 20-30 minutes. There are of course things to be mindful of that will ensure that you and your baby are safe. I sat down with our 28 pregnancy expert, Chloe Lorback, to chat through exactly what you need to be mindful of when…

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car seat safety 101

About 6 weeks before my daughter turned 3 I walked into a baby shop to buy her a new car seat. We were expecting baby number two any day so needed somewhere for the new baby to sit. Up until that point she had been sitting in a rear-facing restraint. She still fit so I knew that is where she was safest. As an over-cautious mama I was still toying with the idea of purchasing a seat where she could rear face for a little bit longer, perhaps another year until she turned 4. I explained this to the shop assistant who looked at me like I had three heads. “You want a rear-facing seat for HER?” she asked incredulously. Not quite the reaction I was expecting, especially from a sales…