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Kiplinger's Personal FinanceKiplinger's Personal Finance

Kiplinger's Personal Finance January 2019

Written to help you do a better job of managing your personal and family financial affairs and to help you get more for your money. You get ideas on saving, investing, cutting taxes, making major purchases, advancing your career, buying a home, paying for education, health care and travel, plus much, much more. Special issues cover the latest information about car buying (December) and Mutual Funds (March and September).

United States
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loaded for bear?

Every year at this time, Kiplinger’s goes through a familiar ritual: predicting what to expect for the markets in the coming year and telling you how to use that information to position your investments. Calling the stock market from one day to the next is tough; predicting where stocks are headed in the coming year is nearly as fraught as forecasting the weather. Yet we take the temperature of the markets and the economy and pick the brains of some of the smartest investing pros we know, then we synthesize it all into our annual outlook. We entrust this project to executive editor Anne ne Smith. Anne, who also edits our vesting section, has been in-writing the annual forecast, plus the midyear outlook in the July issue, since 2012. And her track…

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fire: not so new

I was fortunate to be able to retire from Ford Motor Co. in 2006, early enough to start a successful delivery business that is thriving here in Detroit. Union-backed jobs have allowed generations of retirees like me to experience Financial Independence, Retire Early (“Racing to Retirement,” Nov.). We didn’t have a name for it. We just used old-school principles, including saving 10% of each check to pay ourselves first, limiting credit card spending, and recognizing how valuable multiple income streams were. Many millennials won’t have the luxury of staying and growing with a company for 30 years and receiving a pension. But using FIRE as a goal with advice from sources such as Kiplinger’s will lead them to a successful financial future. WILLIAM GRAHAM DETROIT Counting the bears. The answer to the quiz…

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double your fidelity nest egg with fidelity’s top independent expert!

Jim Lowell is the quintessential Fidelity expert and watchdog. He is the President of FundWorks, Inc. and founding editor of Fidelity Investor. Jim is the author of What Every Fidelity Investor Needs to Know and his commentary appears in Forbes, Business Week, The Wall Street Journal and The New York Times. He’s a regular guest on CNN, CNBC, Bloomberg and Fox Business News. If you already invest with Fidelity or are even considering investing with Fidelity, then this is your call to action. I’ve just released my latest report — Fidelity’s Best and Worst Funds. And it’s yours FREE! In it I detail the 10 best Fidelity funds to buy this year and the funds you must avoid at all costs! With a stable of 150+ analysts covering 2,600 companies around the globe, Fidelity…

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health insurance options multiply

IF YOU PURCHASE HEALTH insurance on your own, you may get some relief in 2019. Premiums for individual health insurance have risen more slowly than in the past, and more insurers have reentered the market. Even so, if you earn too much to qualify for a government subsidy, the cost of buying your own insurance can still be prohibitive. But starting in 2019, you will no longer be charged a penalty for not having “minimum essential” health insurance, and recent changes to federal regulations let insurers offer more policies that aren’t subject to the Affordable Care Act (ACA) requirements. That has allowed insurers to offer new plans that are less expensive but also carry additional risks. A rule change that took effect in October extended the maximum policy term for “short-term” health…

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getting a loan could get easier

Gerri Detweiler is a credit expert and education director at Nav, a small-business financial management platform. FICO recently announced a new credit score called Ultra-FICO. How is it different from the traditional FICO score? Traditional credit scores rely primarily on information from the credit bureaus. UltraFICO also looks at how you handle your banking accounts. Consumers who have a monthly balance of $400 or more in their checking or savings account for the previous three months and have no bounced checks or overdrafts could use their UltraFICO score to boost their traditional score. A consumer gets to choose the bank account to be scored. Presumably, you would use your primary account. It could help people who don’t have much of a credit history, such as younger adults and immigrants. Could some older…

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don’t fall for a phisher’s bait

Whoever said crime doesn’t pay apparently hadn’t heard of phishing—the hacking technique that targets a company’s e-mail system to steal personal information or lock it down in exchange for a ransom. According to the FBI, hackers made off with more than $675 million through “business e-mail compromise” in 2017. Think your employer is too small to warrant a phishing expedition? Every type of business is a potential target of phishing attacks, the Securities and Exchange Commission said in a recent report. The fake e-mails don’t have to be sophisticated to do serious damage, either. All it takes is for one employee to respond to an offer of a free salted caramel latte to send a company’s computer network into a tailspin. To avoid being that employee, stay alert for signs that an…