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MacLife February 2020

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arkit explained

ARKIT IS AN API (application programming interface) developers can use to build augmented reality apps. The system has a number of frameworks which enable an app to understand real–world conditions, and have apps respond appropriately. For example, image recognition assists with automated mapping with the likes of overlays; the depth API can have an app use an iPhone’s dual camera setup to understand a 3D space, and present visual information accordingly. The latest iteration, ARKit 3, takes things further, making it possible to intelligently mask people within a scene and have apps support live motion tracking.…

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awesome astronomy ar apps

NIGHT SKY Free (IAPs) From icandiapps.com Requires iOS 11 or later BEYOND THE USUAL swipe–based exploration of the stars, this astronomy app enables you to pluck constellations and celestial bodies from the main view to peruse in glorious AR. With an in–app purchase, you also get a Grand Orrery to check out. BIG BANG AR Free From cern.ch/go/BigBangAR Requires iOS 11 or later WITH THIS APP, you can kick off creation in the palm of your hand then watch as the room before you zips through 13.8 billion years of history — before finishing with a selfie. A brief experience, but one filled with wonder and a rather fab Tilda Swinton narration. MOON WALK Free (IAPs) From vitotechnology.com Requires iOS 11 or later RELEASED FOR THE 50th anniversary of the moon landings, this app has you follow in Armstrong’s footsteps —…

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Free (IAPs) From Salavat Khanov, 1blocker.com Needs macOS 10.15; 64–bit processor There’s no shortage of ad blockers available for both macOS and iOS. However, 1Blocker has gained fans thanks to the features that allow you to customize it and to see what’s been blocked. New in version 3 is a tool that allows you to point and click on an element on a web page to block it — much easier than manually creating a rule to block objects. Version 3 also improves content blocking, updates rules twice a week, allows you to see what resources were blocked on a page, and adds new customization tools. 1Blocker allows you to block much more than just annoying adverts. You can use it to block trackers and data collectors, cookie notices, social media widgets, comments, and…

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cherry stream 3.0 keyboard

$32 From Cherry GmbH, cherry-world.com Features Spill resistant, 6 hotkeys Cherry specializes in input devices like mice and keyboards for office, gaming and industry uses. While Apple’s own USB and wireless keyboards are beautiful, they don’t offer the full set of function keys, nor the sheer indestructibility, that heavy users often need — plus they cost more than regular keyboards. The Cherry Stream 3.0 is a straightforward USB keyboard that requires no drivers or special software — just plug it in and go. It offers the kind of deep action keys that are often preferred by those doing a lot of typing. The keys are very quiet despite their size and the keyboard is spill–resistant. There are keys you don’t get on Apple’s standard keyboards like page up and down, physical function keys…

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master icloud online

iCLOUD.COM NOW HAS a sleek new interface. The visuals borrow heavily from the iOS 13 design, with smaller icons and richer colors. The blue background’s been replaced with a transparent white one. Apple has also removed the Launchpad option to go back to the Home screen, so you now have to click on the back arrow to do that. Additional options such as Storage, Family Sharing, data recovery and your My Devices list are now hidden behind the Account Settings option. Alas, Apple’s yet to introduce Find My to iCloud.com (it replaced Find My Friends and Find My Phone in iOS 13). iCloud.com can now be accessed from iOS and iPadOS devices though, and there’s new support for Reminders, which sync with iCloud via iOS 13, iPadOS and macOS Catalina. Here we…