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Man Magnum

November 2019

The leading magazine for the South African hunting and conservation fraternity. Suid-Afrika se top-tydskrif vir die jagter en bewaarder.

South Africa
Media 24 Ltd
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rethink reloading?

I STARTED RELOADING in the early ’90s. I had bought a CZ 7.65mm pistol, a Lee C-frame press and Lee dies – all the cheapest available, but which I still couldn’t really afford. The gun shop assistant was not much help in answering my questions on the fundamentals of reloading; he handed me a box of bullets and mumbled something about 75gr being ‘a good starting point’. I set up the press in my dormitory room at varsity, much to the concern of some other residents, and borrowed some MP200 and 25 small pistol primers from a friend. However, I soon realised that I would never get 75gr of powder into that small case. I could not afford a powder scale and had to rely on the Lee dipper that came with…

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Counterfeit Scopes I am concerned that many people are buying brand name counterfeit scopes. Leupold and Bushnell come to mind. These things do not hold their zero and are so bad that at 100m shooters miss an A4 target. How about an exposé article in Magnum? I will be inspecting and banning their use on my property from now on. – Dave Austin, Mpumalanga ➤ Unfortunately you get what you pay for. We can only repeat, rather pay less for the rifle and more for your scope at a reputable retailer. Editor. Mini Long-Range Rifle I found the article on the Air Arms S510 XS Extra in the October 2019 edition very interesting. I own a S510 air rifle and agree that the accuracy is unbelievable. I have mounted the same scope that I use on…

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shotgun wedding

AS A BOY in England, I remember watching a ldlife programme on TV named ‘Sho n Wedding’. It described the actions o ganised bird hunters in con unction w with bird-watching groups, protecting wildfowl along the shores of Great Britain. At the time, wildfowlers had the right to hunt between the high and low tide marks on most coastlines. That documentary made a big impression on me: one group determined to continue hunting the geese and duck, the other equally determined to protect them, yet both joined together in common purpose – to protect the wildfowl. And it worked. Both groups joined forces to make a general count of species and identification of localities that were essential for breeding, migration and feeding, resulting in some areas being cordoned off. The hunters…

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taurus g2c

THE SEARCH FOR the perfect everyday carry self-defence weapon for civilian use can be daunting, particularly in South Afr where we are restricted to one Secti 3 firearm for self-defence. Like man outh Africans, I grew up with Tau handguns, which were considered reliable defensive firearms providing good value for money. Both my parents, who weren’t really ‘gun people’, owned Taurus revolvers. Taurus has come a long way since launching their first revolver in 1941. Their manufacturing plant in Brazil remains one of the largest small-arms producing plants in the world. They also expanded their manufacturing facility into the USA where they have a plant in Miami, Florida, though I believe this plant will move to Bainbridge, Georgia this year to facilitate further expansion. Magnum recently evaluated the Taurus G2C pistol. It…

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wings over africa

WI SHOOTI I G AND L FE have much in common. Some days e simp y better than others. There are days when not a single pigeon flies your way, when the spurfowl refuse to flush, and the sly guinea owl manage always to stay one step ahead of you. Fortunately, such days are interspersed with good da and, occasionally, the wingshooter is blessed with a perfect day, when t e flocks of rock pigeons seem endless; when the spurfowl fly fast and true, or you finally manage to outsmart those crafty guineas. The Tuinplaas Farmers’ Society recently held their annual wingshooting event to raise funds for various projects. On a crisp Saturday morning, a large group of wingshooters gathered at a venue in the Tuinplaas area to enjoy a shoot…