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Man Magnum January 2019

The leading magazine for the South African hunting and conservation fraternity. Suid-Afrika se top-tydskrif vir die jagter en bewaarder.

South Africa
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IN THE ARTICLE on the new Barrett Fieldcraft rifle in this edition, I stated that this specific modern hunting rifle has de everything in my hunting rifle saf solete, and this includes some rifles that I have an emotional bond wit . For me this realization was hard to swallow as I am a devoted Mauser K98 fan and I have quite a few of these rifles. I frequently test and write about new, high-technology space-age rifles, and although some of these really impress me and I enjoy testing the latest and greatest to keep our evolving readership abreast of the newest developments, I prefer a bolt-action with good wood and classic lines. At one stage I tried switching to a double rifle, but that did not last and I reverted to…

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Palapye Hotel My grandfather, Thos W Shaw, owned the general dealer in Palapye from 1901 to 1954. The photo that was published in the Nov 2018 edition of Magnum was taken between 1910 and 1920. My grandfather traded in game hides, skins, bones and horns that he purchased from locals who had shot or trapped the game. The hides and skins were cured in coarse salt and stored in the rondavel (in the background on the photo), before being laid out to dry and ultimately folded or rolled and sold to dealers in South Africa. He also traded in cattle hides and goat skins. When my grandfather passed away in 1954, both businesses were taken over by my father, Thomas CP Shaw, who owned and ran them for many years. I was raised…

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hunting with a guide

AS SOME ONE WHO has walked in front as well as behind, I feel suitably qualified to offer the following advice to hunters who are going on their first guided hunt. I’ll take it for granted that you have taken care of all the preliminary arrangements – the cost of the animal you wish to hunt, facilities on the farm where you will hunt, licences, booking the hunt, etc – and cut right to the big day. The first thing you have to do before leaving the camp or house with your guide, is switch off your cell phone. The second thing, preferably with the farmer or outfitter in attendance, is to make sure the guide clearly understands what animal it is that you wish to shoot. This will help him…

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sig sauer’s p365 nitron compact

SIG NEEDS NO introduction; for more than a hundred years it has been at the forefront of firearms manufacturing and sales worldwide. SIG’s handguns proved a hit on the American law enforcement market, being adopted by a number of local, state and federal agencies. They also proved popular with civilian shooters for personal, home and business defence, as well as competitive sport shooting. In January 2017, SIG’s greatest coup occurred when their P320 MHS modular frame pistol was adopted by the US armed forces, replacing the long-serving M9 Beretta and the even longer-serving M1911 A1. The SIG M17 9mm pistol features a modular fire control unit that can be installed on frame modules of various sizes and with different barrel lengths. The military also obtained compact SIG pistols and conversion kits,…

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confessions of a meat hunter

ON A RECENT hunt, I spotted a herd of impala on the edge of a clearing so I ducked into some thick bush and silently moved towards them . I soon saw fleeting glimpses of red as the animals moved across my front. I held my position, the H wken cocked and rready at my shoulder, waiting for a clear shot. It came when young impala paused in an opening about 50 yards away and looked straight at me while offering a three-quarter frontal target. The gun thundered and I heard the heavy slug find its target. When the smoke cleared I saw impala legs flailing above the low scrub and knew I was well fixed with nice tender, juicy venison for the next month or so. My Maxi ball had…

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long range shooting

LAST MONTH WE discussed scope bascsi and reticles. This month we consider options in turrets, zero stops, adjustable parallax,illuminatedreticles, scope dimensions, and tracking. T ts may appear similar, with little variation from brand to brand, but you’lll be e surprised how certain small features can render operation far easier – especially when operating under stress. In the gun shop, before buying the scope, rotate the turret dials. As they move through the gradations, you must be able to feel each distinct click positively and sharply through your fingers. If the movements feel indistinct or ‘mushy’, don’t buy that scope. When adjusting a known click value while tracking a moving target, you are going by clicks alone, and they’d better be tactile, or you’ll lose count of the required setting. I have become accustomed…