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Man Magnum February 2019

The leading magazine for the South African hunting and conservation fraternity. Suid-Afrika se top-tydskrif vir die jagter en bewaarder.

South Africa
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THROUGH THE YEARS, Magnum has had many outstanding contributors and some ha become household names in the hunting and shooting fraternity. These very contributors have helped to shape the magazine, giving it a distinct flavour and character. Many of the old guard who I “grew up with” by buying my monthly dose of hunting and shooting literature, are sadly no longer with us and I miss their articles. I distinctly remember how, as a young aspiring professional hunter, I took the advice of Brian Marsh on dangerous game rifles and/or cartridges to heart. Many other writers also influenced me in making certain decisions. For a few days during the recent December holiday, I had the opportunity to catch up on long overdue reading and enjoyed Harry Selby’s article on his .416 Rigby…

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write for magnum

We are always on the lookout for new articles for publication. For hunting stories, a variety of good photographs is a desirable accompaniment, though not essential. We’d like to receive more articles about hunting ‘ordinary’ game, and we welcome submissions in Afrikaans. Try to ensure that your article ‘teaches’ the reader something. Articles should not be longer than 1 800 words. Before you start writing, contact us to request a free copy of Magnum’s Writers’ Guidelines and to ‘bounce’ your article ideas off us. Sometimes we may have an article on a similar subject ‘waiting in the wings’ so it is always best to check with us beforehand. Magnum pays for articles published, and this can be a handy income to supplement your hunting or shooting. Please contact Gina on 031-572-6551 or…

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Wild Ostrich Meat I enjoyed reading Gregor Woods’s ostrich story in the January 2019 edition of Man-Magnum. He mentioned that there is very little usable meat on an ostrich. Is what meat there is on the thighs good to eat? Is it tough? – G. Ray Arnett Snr, USA ➤ Gregor says that the thigh meat of wild ostriches is extremely tough and most unpalatable, with a very gamy, oily smell and taste. In his experience, the only edible part of a wild ostrich is the gizzard. On the farm where he shot the ostriches described in the story, the German farmer employed a Khoi San woman – born on the property – as a cook. She had a way of preparing wild ostrich gizzards which rendered them palatable. Presumably she boiled…

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fences and fair chase

A FEW MONTHS ago a letter to the Editor from an overseas reader listed some of the differences between hunting in Namibia and in South Africa, which got me thinking about fences and fair chase hunting, two of the subjects mentioned in the letter. I’m sure that South Africans wouldn’t hunt fenced animals if they were given the choice not to. The big thing is, in South Africa, we aren’t always given this choice. There are different categories and heights of fences for keeping different species of game confined on a property. Any landowner who wishes to have an exotic species on his land (which means any wild animal that doesn’t occur there naturally) must, by law, have a Certificate of Adequate Enclosure (CAE). A CAE also allows the landowner to hunt…

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zvs® p20 and p21 pistols

MSM IS A Slovakian manufacturing company dating back to 1927. During WWII, factory was completely destroyed and took several years to rebuild. In recent decades, MSM has bought several manufacturing companies, ZVS being one such subsidiary which supplies firearms to both the military and civilian sectors. Both the P20 and P21 pistols show similarities to Sig and Bernardelli. Each comes in a lockable case containing nylon and mop cleaning rods, two alternative pistol-grip adapters, two steel 16-round magazines, a magazine loader, plus a user manual and test target (in the lid). Neither test target, I was to discover, did justice to the accuracy potential of its respective pistol – more on that later. Chambered for the venerable 9mmP cartridge, the P20 is a mid-sized, compact, double-action pistol with full-length dust cover, intended…

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the little rifle and its cartridge

IF YOU BELIEVE the dogma of some ‘keyboard commandos’ on US internet gun forums, you may be forgiven for thinking a .22LR has a maximum range of 50 metres. But you’d be wrong, as the Russians discovered to their cost in Chechnya in 1999, when resistance fighters used .22 rim-fire rifles against them. The Russians were so impressed that they developed their own .22LR sniper rifle. Designated the SV-99, made by Kalashnikov, it is based on the BI-7 (biathlon) rifle, suppressed, and has the same fast toggle-locking, straight pull bolt action system. A quick internet search produced a number of videos and articles showing accurate shots being made at ranges of up to 900 yards with .22 rim-fires. Formal competitions using these rifles are held throughout the US, in parts of…