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Men's Fitness is for men who want to get more out of their lives and celebrates an upbeat, optimistic, pro-active lifestyle. Men's Fitness recognizes that mental and emotional fitness is vital to balanced living and aims to offer active and aspirational men - entertainment, information and inspiration.

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the six-pack solution

When asked to describe the perfect male physique, and the body they’d most like to have, most men will list a broader chest, wider shoulders and bigger arms. But the one body part that’s universally associated with a fit and healthy physique is a flat, lean stomach with hard and defined abs. A six-pack has been the pinnacle of male physical perfection, with associations of strength, vitality and virility, since the first stonemasons started chiselling away at lumps of rock to pay homage to their ancestors, leaders and gods. But in the thousands of years since six-packs became synonymous with peak fitness, not many men have been able to sculpt their own. In this special Abs issue of Men’s Fitness we’ve provided all the moves, tools and tips you need to strip away…

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instant fit tips

1 Build peerless press-up power They’re still used by the army to assess fitness, but there’s more to press-ups than a bigger chest: men who can do perfect press-ups have healthier hearts those who can’t. Master the move, then rack up 100 reps in one go. 2 Drink more coffee to protect your DNA Love coffee? You’ll know the mental boost it provides, and a well-timed cup can also improve your workouts by aiding focus and fat-burning. But there’s more: a daily coffee can reduce damage to your DNA by more than a fifth. 3 Tweak your habits to boost T levels Testosterone is the hormone responsible for your sex drive, and how easily you build muscle and burn fat. Levels decline with age but training smarter, eating better and sorting your sleep will help…

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men's fitness uk

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cycle faster with creatine

If you want to cycle faster with no extra effort – and who wouldn’t? – then consider adding creatine to your daily supplement regimen. The organic compound, which is found naturally in red meat, plays a big role in improving energy efficiency in cells and is popular with bodybuilders – but new research suggests that, when taken with electrolytes, it can help you cycle faster. Subjects were split into two groups and tested for peak and mean power output during five 15-second sprints, with two minutes of rest between efforts. Then one group was given 4g of creatine with electrolytes each day for six weeks. When re-tested they recorded a 4% improvement in their peak power and a 5% increase in their mean power. The placebo group saw no improvement in…

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break up your sets to build raw strength

There’s nothing more frustrating than reaching a max-weight plateau, because it will limit your strength gains. If that happens, give cluster sets a shot. A cluster set is one set of an exercise, but instead of only resting once all the reps are done you get mini-rest breaks between reps, allowing you to do more reps or lift closer to your max. In a new study published in the Journal Of Strength And Conditioning Research, subjects of equal squat strength did three sets of five squats at 80% of their one-rep max, with three minutes of rest between sets. Later they were tested again but did cluster sets with 30 seconds of rest between individual reps, with three minutes of recovery after each full set. They all saw big increases…

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red meat is fine to eat – as long as you add veg

Good news for steak lovers: you don’t have to give up red meat – so long as you eat lean and unprocessed cuts alongside a Mediterranean-style diet high in fresh vegetables, fish and olive oil. That’s according to new research published in the American Journal Of Clinical Nutrition, which examined the link between red meat consumption and heart disease. All subjects saw improvements in their blood pressure and blood lipid levels – key indicators of potential heart problems – when following a Mediterranean-style diet, whether it included lean red meat or not. However, processed red meat has been consistently linked with causing cancer and is on the World Health Organisation list of carcinogens.…