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Missouri Game & Fish December/January 2018-19

Every month in Game & Fish, you'll discover the best hotspots throughout your region for hunting and fishing. We'll also bring you your state's latest outdoor news, plus plenty of how-to tactics and special strategies designed to make you a more successful hunter and angler.

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life’s a drag

You know this feeling…shooting, tracking and dragging out a mature whitetail.The next time you succeed, take an extra moment to drink it in.We love that feeling, too. This issue we’ve focused on the best locations to tag a monster buck. Game & Fish magazine partnered with the venerable Boone & Crockett Club and state agencies to identify what we call ground zero, the destination near you where stud bucks roam. Check out our reports starting on page 20. To accompany you on that road trip, we’ve supplied helpful info: gear to go, tips to pack your truck, guns to bring with you, and even a playlist for the highway. Post a photo to our Facebook page or tag us on Instagram from your fall journeys, and we’ll pick a few to…

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in the field

Landowner Help Needed With Hog Control EFFORTS TO eradicate feral hogs in Missouri are progressing, but the Missouri Department of Conservation (MDC) says private landowners are key to ultimate success. State and federal agencies participating in the Mis- souri Feral Hog Partnership trapped and killed 3,695 feral hogs in the first five months of 2018. Landowners are crucial partners, allowing govern- ment crews to work on their land and providing tips about free-ranging hogs, menaces to farmers and wildlife alike. Landowners facing problems with hogs can call 573-522-4115, ext. 3296, or visit the MDC website and search “feral hogs.” Shooting hogs is ineffective, as it alerts surviving hogs to danger. Trapping entire herds has proven the most effective approach. Nicole Wood Joins Conservation Commission GOVERNOR MIKE Parson has named outdoor enthusiast Nicole Wood,…

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NOVEMBER 9-FEBRUARY 11 CATCH-AND-RELEASE AT TROUT PARKS Maramec Spring Park is open 8 a.m. to 4 p.m. daily, and state trout parks 8 a.m. to 4 p.m. Friday through Monday. Flies only, fishing and trout permits required. NOVEMBER 22-25 & DECEMBER 3-JANUARY 27 SOUTH ZONE DUCK SPLIT The best duck hunting of the year is still ahead in southern Missouri. See MDC’s waterfowl information booklet for regulation details. NOVEMBER 30-DECEMBER 2 ANTLERLESS DEER SEASON This year’s antlerless season is brief. Get out there and fill the freezer with tender, delicious doe meat. DECEMBER 7-9 YOUTH WATERFOWL CLINIC/HUNT Help a youngster discover the thrill of duck hunting at this event in Clinton. emailexecdir@mhhf.us DECEMBER 29 YOUTH RIFLE INSTRUCTION Get a kid started on .22 rifles at the Busch Shooting Range near Defiance. Call 636-300-0258 to reserve a spot.…

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hit the road again

SOME GEAR IS made for the road. In our travels, we found that truck-bed storage that organizes gear and yet still lets you throw a deer or two in there is a welcome addition to our hunts. Tents that pack down tight but set up into a comfortable home-away-from-home, tough gun cases, coolers and backpacks round out the new road gear we want to share with you. TRUCK GEAR TRUCKIN’ IT Having everything organized makes a huge difference in the field. How often have you said, “Crap! I left my knife sharpener (or knife, or chokes, or shells) in my garage.” No more. Here are a few options to bring organization to your chaos. TRUCKVAULT They are the original storage system and have a great reputation among sportsmen. TruckVault specializes in next-level security with their…

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truck guns

THE RISE in popularity of long-range hunting and competitive shooting have spawned a new generation of hunting rifles that are outfitted with heavy-contour barrels, muzzle brakes and adjustable stocks. And while features make shooting at long distances simpler, there are disadvantages. In many situations, hunters and travelers are better served by shorter, lighter firearms — guns that are maneuverable, packable, yet accurate enough to make the shot. Known collectively as truck guns (or, for those who still prefer four-legged transportation, saddle guns) these short, lightweight carbines are ideal for a broad range of situations. The term “truck gun” is something of a misnomer, though. Sure, these rifles are perfectly suited for ranchers looking for coyotes during calving season in their pickup, but they’re also excellent for hunting in treestands or blinds,…

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must-know truck tips for any adventure

AMERICANS HAVE been driving their pickup trucks to the end of the road, and beyond, for more than a century since the Ford Model TT rolled off the assembly line in 1917, followed by the Chevy Model 490 a year later. The Model 490 was available in a chassis-only configuration, opening the cargo box design to a wealth of possibilities we are still experimenting with today. Pickups were rugged, Spartan vehicles until we began to embrace outdoor recreational pursuits in the 1950s. By the 1990s, most pickups were used primarily as passenger cars with a litany of creature-comfort options, which continues to expand exponentially. Our 21st century lifestyle is steadily pushing these vehicles away from their original intended purpose, leaving Americans wondering about how to use them on an adventure where the…