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Newsweek 05/10/2019

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the archives

1966 “It has suddenly become a national obsession,” Newsweek wrote of LSD about 30 years after the psychedelic drug was first synthesized. As young people turned on, older folks were shocked at the hallucinogen’s popularity within the counterculture. Although LSD caused alarm at the time, it was clear even then that “the current mind drugs are only the curtain-raisers for the brave new world taking shape in the lab.” The 1990s saw the rise of ecstasy and methamphetamine, while today synthetic opioids are the leading cause of overdose deaths in the United States. 1984 “Children are being seen, heard and believed in cases that previously were consigned to the closet,” Newsweek wrote amid national outrage over sexual abuse. The epidemic was “much more common than most Americans suspect,” kept hidden not just because…

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new front in an old war

@ShaolinTom SRI LANKA’S CHRISTIAN COMMUNITY ENDURED decades of civil war without seeming to make an enemy of the country’s Muslims, a fellow minority group. That apparently peaceful coexistence made the vicious Easter Sunday bombing of churches and hotels especially shocking. The Islamic State militant group (ISIS) claimed responsibility for the strikes, which killed about 253 people, according to the country’s Ministry of Health. But while the attack may have mostly targeted Christians, its deeper damage may be to the fraught relationship between the nation’s Muslims and its Buddhist majority. “An attack like this gives nationalist Buddhist elements a pretext to argue that the country’s Muslims are disloyal,” says Joshua White, a fellow at the Brookings Institution’s Foreign Policy program and Johns Hopkins University’s School of Advanced International Studies. Already, in the days after…

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namibia: africa’s economic gateway

Blending impressive transparency with enviable political and social stability, Namibia is often described as ‘Africa’s Optimist’, with the ambitious republic’s geo-strategic position offering international investors intelligent access to many markets in southern Africa and beyond. Since independence almost 30 years ago, Namibia has enjoyed impressive socioeconomic growth compared to some of its larger peers on the continent, and is a proud and forward-looking nation that deeply values a partnership approach to economic cooperation. President Dr. Hage G. Geingob is the vastly experienced and pro-business politician guiding this remarkable journey to economic prosperity. With the help of foreign investors and enterprises active in various sectors, his administration is striving to achieve a comprehensive development strategy that sees the private sector as the key catalyst for growth. “On the southern tip of the continent, with…

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financial innovation facilitates investments

Like many countries, Namibia has been buffeted by economic headwinds in recent years due to the slowdown in the global economy, but is still punching well above its weight. Indeed, its solid fiscal performance has been recognised by leading international financial institutions. Late last year, a team of experts from the International Monetary Fund (IMF) gave a relatively upbeat view of Namibia’s long-term economic outlook, noting although annual Gross Domestic Product (GDP) growth has slowed like in many countries, it should rebound shortly and return to the long-term average of three percent per annum. “Key challenges [for the government] are to continue implementing fiscal consolidation plans to contain public debt dynamics and preserve macroeconomic stability, and pursing reforms to raise long-term growth and job creation,” the report said. Officials welcomed the report. “Namibia…

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wild namibia—an ocean of contrasts

Given Namibia’s stunning tapestry of incredible natural treasures, it is no surprise to learn tourism is the fastest growing sector, and an ideal industry for international investors to focus on. Indeed, so many foreign visitors are flocking to this corner of the continent the industry is struggling to satisfy demand, with the availability of accommodation often at a premium. Namibia’s natural and cultural charms are a delight, from ascending the highest sand dunes in the world, to exploring the deepest canyon in Africa, the Namibia Tourism Board’s (NTB) advice of “finding adventure, and you may just find yourself”, almost certainly rings true. “Namibia has made tremendous efforts and had significant success in biodiversity conservation. We have an extensive network of National Parks, which have been expanded to conserve its globally significant biodiversity,” says…