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North American Whitetail October 2018

Each issue of North American Whitetail brings you effective techniques for outsmarting monster bucks. You'll learn the success secrets of North America's most accomplished, most knowledgeable whitetail hunters - riflemen and bowhunters alike.

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asleep at the wheel?

If there’s anything a deer hunter should never be accused of, it’s failing to be ready for prime time. We spend months dreaming of that short span in which bucks act as though they don’t care if they get shot, so we should be prepared when it arrives.But often we aren’t. There are several reasons for this shortcoming, but the main one is simple: Not every fall unfolds in just the same way.Precise timing stabilizes modern human life. Traffic lights operate in a predictable sequence. We go to the doctor on an appointed day and hour. We know when to be at whose home for Thanksgiving. So perhaps it’s only natural for us to try to pinpoint the very best day and time to hunt. Deer society doesn’t work…

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fall means bucks

Dr. James C. Kroll harvested this mature whitetail on the Zancudo Ranch in Mexico. To see how the hunt unfolds, tune in to NAW TV on the Sportsman Channel in October. As we gathered material for this issue, summer’s swelter was at its height. But now, in some places the leaves will be changing hues. Soon, some will abandon their lofty posts and float to the ground.In short order, a fresh layer of orange and brown discards will sheathe the ground, leaving behind gray, barren limbs. Fall is almost upon us.While beautiful, the woods’ annual color display hints at the coming of something much bigger. Cooler weather, shorter days and the harvest of crop fields are all-too-familiar indicators of the onset of deer season. As we say goodbye to the…

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hard to swallow

This 31.1-pound Burmese python had managed to swallow a 35-pound Florida whitetail. Since the late 1970s, when the first pet Burmese pythons (Python bivittatus) were illegally released in South Florida, an upheaval of the region’s ecosystem has been under way. With a warm climate and lack of predators to keep numbers under control, today an estimated 100,000 of these naturalized Asian snakes are crawling wild in the state. Biologists claim they already have wiped out up to 90 percent of small animals in the Everglades and some other parts of the region.But not all their prey are small. As shown here, a Burmese python’s diet even can include whitetails. In 2015, a research team at the Conservancy of Southwest Florida ound this python whose distend ed body pointed to…

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whitetail messaging ( part 1)

Signpost rubs are key locations for scent communication. In the first of these images pulled from trail camera video, a dominant buck works a tree. In the second shot, a less-dominant buck sniffs it but doesn’t work it. In the final frame, an adult doe contacts the scented area with her forehead. Camera angles were tweaked during this span, but each photo is of the same rub. In order to understand the hows and whys of animal behavior, we often must dig deeply into the origins of a species and take a closer look at its ancestors. So it is with the whitetail.It’s commonly thought that the deer family, Cervidae, evolved somewhere in the tropics of Asia, then expanded east and west into Europe and the Americas, respectively. This…

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strengthen your scent game

Based on how much whitetails rely on their sense of smell for identifying and communicating with other deer, scent lures and attractants have great potential as hunting tools. When used at the right time and in the right location, a quality scent can effectively draw deer to a certain area. The lures and dispersion devices shown here are solid options to try this season. CODE BLUEScreamin’ Heat contains pure estrous harvested from real whitetail does that’s mixed with female secretions for maximum effectiveness. As the folks at Code Blue say, this stuff is guaranteed to go from “One Deer to One Bottle.” The premium glass container locks in freshness and allows for longer shelf-life. (codebluescents.com) CONQUESTEverCalm is designed to put deer at ease by providing the safe,…

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small gun big wallop

(PHOTOS BY RON SINFELT) When asked to envision a deer rifle, what comes to mind?For most, it’s a bolt-action centerfire with some variant of a Monte Carlo stock and a medium-power variable scope. No doubt, that describes a slew of popular hunting rifles produced throughout the last century by nearly all well-known manufacturers. And that’s still the breed of weapon you see toted afield by most rifle hunters across the whitetail’s range.That timeless style of rifle has lived into the modern era for good reason. A well-made (and well-maintained) bolt gun with a 24-28” barrel and classic 3-9x50mm optic will always be effective in deer country. However, improvements in manufacturing capabilities and changes in consumer demand have given way to a plethora of more niche rifle designs.For example, even a…