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North American Whitetail December/January 2018-19

Each issue of North American Whitetail brings you effective techniques for outsmarting monster bucks. You'll learn the success secrets of North America's most accomplished, most knowledgeable whitetail hunters - riflemen and bowhunters alike.

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more of what matters

I don’t care how obscure a subject you type into an Internet search engine, you’ll turn up page after page of sites that appear to contain relevant content. But as the saying goes, appearances can be deceiving. What makes the Internet great is also what makes it a mess: Anyone with Web access and a few dollars can have a website. And if to those millions of unique sites we add participants in social media, in which every post and even post reaction is arguably content, online “publishers” literally number in the billions. Although our magazine began long before digital media became a thing, we acknowledge you no longer need a printing press in order to publish. That’s why in 2004 we moved into television, kicking off what’s evolved into North American…

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burn some rubber

Tis the season for the best kind of road trip. Our bow cases and gun scabbards are packed, and the fuel tank’s full. The cast and crew at North American Whitetail TV presented by Quick Attach are hitting the road in pursuit of bruiser bucks across the continent. We hope we’re not the only diehard whitetailers who decided to breach new ground this season. As always, we encourage you readers and fellow hunters to explore new states and provinces for your own great whitetail opportunities. Take to the road on a deer-hunting adventure — there are few greater thrills out there! And remember, success on “foreign” soil is defined as much by the quality of the experience as by the harvest. Since we started airing episodes of NAW TV in 2004, we’ve…

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sensible doe harvest

The year was 1978, and I was participating in a deer management seminar in Mississippi. Several of us “young” biologists were on the panel, and it came time for questions from the floor. “How many does should we harvest this year?” a man asked. A fellow panelist responded instantly, “Can you buy .30-06 cartridges in 55-gallon drums?” The hunter’s face dropped as he sat down, shaking his head. While I shuddered at the flippant answer, I generally agreed with the basic thought. At that time, some hunting clubs along the Mississippi River had frightening densities as high as a whitetail per two acres. We had to take more does. Back then, and for years afterwards, my view was that wildlife agencies hadn’t done a very good job of controlling whitetail populations. Without lowering numbers,…

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following the collars

When deadly Chronic Wasting Disease was found in southeastern Minnesota’s Fillmore County in 2016, state wildlife officials saw a need to study the possible role of wild deer dispersal in CWD’s spatial spread As o Oct 31 19 whitetails in Deer Permit Area 603 had tested positive for the disease. A multi year study that began last March involves using nets fired from helicopters to capture deer, fit them with GPS collars and release them back into the wild. Researchers then track the movements of each deer by satellite. The study began with netting, collaring and releasing 109 deer. According to Dr. Chris Jennelle, research scientist for the Department of Natural Resources, early data have shown interesting dispersal — especially among “juvenile females (doe fawns) In fact, to date the two widest…

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payload delivered

Muzzleloading is a tinkerer’s dream. There’s virtually no end to the tweaks you can make in trying to boost the performance of any blackpowder rifle. Sadly, many of those changes are made on the fly by folks who have just missed deer or whose guns did nothing but snap caps during crunch time. In a gun world now obsessed with sub-MOA groups punched by supersonic centerfire rounds ringing steel at 1200 meters, even the best smokepoles might seem like unruly stepchildren. But for killing deer under real-world conditions, they’re still quite capable. At least, they are if you develop loads that suit them, then replicate those component mixes and procedures each time you load. Every gun is different — but every muzzleloader is really different. No matter how well a given load…

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hunting goliath

In the famous tale of David and Goliath, a leather slingshot, five smooth stones and some divine direction were enough for a young shepherd boy to down a figure of gigantic proportions. Steven Everett might not have been using an ancient slingshot, but last November he downed a monster Oklahoma non-typical whitetail nicknamed “Goliath.” The massive Logan County whitetail had become quite familiar to both Steven and his father and hunting partner, Johnny. The journey began when Steven and his wife, Kinsey, purchased a farm about a half-hour from where they live. Steven had dreamed for years of owning a sizable piece of hunting land, and the deer-rich ground he found was just what he wanted. Steven named it the ESE Ranch. “I was hooked on hunting, but always had to hunt other…