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North American Whitetail February/Spring 2019

Each issue of North American Whitetail brings you effective techniques for outsmarting monster bucks. You'll learn the success secrets of North America's most accomplished, most knowledgeable whitetail hunters - riflemen and bowhunters alike.

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on the comeback trail

Even as I write this, prior to the end of most deer seasons, I feel safe in proclaiming good news. It’s been a solid year for whitetail hunting, with plenty of folks taking home tasty venison and even hauling impressive racks to taxidermy shops. With at least 10 million hunters out looking for whitetails, there always will be millions of deer in the legal harvest. And there always will be huge bucks among them. Call it the law of averages at work. Every deer season is special for someone. That said, no one can deny some years are just better than others. And it seems 2018 will go down as one of the best seen lately. As we’ve come to realize, the fulcrum of trophy whitetail production now lies in the farm country…

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new year, more bone!

As surely as the sun rises in the morning, every year when deer season ends, hunters ask one other the same question: “How’d your season go?” Perhaps more than any other line, that simple greeting has sparked conversations among whitetailers of all ages, origins and skill levels. Deer hunters who barely know one another can easily spend hours conversing about epic harvests, heartbreaking misses or sentimental days spent afield. The power of the universal bond we deer hunters share is strong enough to bring together individuals who have little else in common. That’s pretty cool, really. The cast and crew of North American Whitetail TV presented by Quick Attach hope you enjoyed your own hunting successes last season. If you’re like us, you can’t believe it’s already come and gone! Oh, well…

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help for whitetails

Continuation of the popular Con servation Reserve Program an array of wetland and forest manage ment tools and a program to reduce feral hog damage are among provisions of the Agricultural Improvement Act of 2018, widely known as the 2018 Farm Bill. December’s passage of the legisla tion came after months of vigorous debate in the 115th U.S. Congress. However, once put to a vote in the House of Representatives and then the Senate its final version received broad bipartisan support Pres Donald Trump then signed the bill into law. Many conservation and agricultural groups have hailed the bill as a win for rural Americans — including landowners whose actions directly impact whitetails and whitetail hunters. Title II of the bill focuses on con servation, and within it lie many of the programs…

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winter work to be done

Manipulating whitetail habitat generally is seen as a spring-summer activity. But much beneficial work is best done during winter. The most critical elements in managing “deer woods” involve manipulating density of trees and shrubs, diversity of species and stand age-class distribution to produce a more productive landscape. And winter is the best time to inventory the composition and structure of each forest stand. The leaves are off most deciduous trees and shrubs, in many cases making it easier to get around in the woods and see what’s there. In northern climates it’s also a great time to harvest timber, as frozen ground permits access for heavy equipment without major soil disturbance. GETTING STARTED If you don’t already have a recent aerial image of your hunting property and the land surrounding it, get one. High-quality,…

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While deer hunting, we tend to focus on the more obvious risks to our well-being. We know to be careful when hunting from trees. We’ve learned to make sure any stick we’re about to step on isn’t a rattlesnake. We recognize the blatant dangers. But once the season’s over and we’re heading back out to do some habitat work, we can easily let our guard down — and in the process, wind up in even bigger trouble. Whether it’s a tractor tilling food plots or a chainsaw clearing a farm lane after an ice storm, power equipment offers us land managers huge advantages over walking behind a team of mules or swinging an axe. Modern machinery has paved the way for those with limited time and manpower to get a lot…

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‘it can happen to anybody’

Closely examine the annals of whitetail history, and one simple fact stands out: Folks who shoot world record class bucks tend to be everyday people who just enjoy being in the woods and chasing deer. Yet they’ve all somehow experi enced the whitetail version of catching lightning in a bottle. Last Nov. 2, 30-year-old bowhunter Luke Brewster joined the group. He did so by taking a massive eastern Illinois buck that will rank as one of the world’s largest of all time, and quite possibly the best ever downed by vertical bow. As this issue goes to press, the Edgar County buck hasn’t yet been officially measured for entry, so we can’t say he’s bigger than Mike Beatty’s current Pope & Young Club world record, a 294 0/8 inch er from Ohio…