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North American Whitetail July 2019 - Gear Guide Rel #1

Each issue of North American Whitetail brings you effective techniques for outsmarting monster bucks. You'll learn the success secrets of North America's most accomplished, most knowledgeable whitetail hunters - riflemen and bowhunters alike.

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check...then check again

I practically grew up inside a deer cooler. My parents had a locker plant in Texas, and along with processing livestock all year long, each fall we took in hundreds of whitetails. This exposed me to deer hunting in a way few others experience. I met fellow hunters, taxidermists, biologists and game wardens. Along the way, I learned as much about people as I did about deer. Occasionally, a warden would turn up a deer he felt hadn’t been tagged correctly. Some hunters might have talked their way out of tickets, but plenty got hit with fines. In today’s whitetail world, with antler restrictions and earn-a-buck and other special rules being used to manage the herd, the potential for a legal misstep is greater than ever. And with online licensing transactions, you might…

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lights, camera . . . action!

Do you ever wish there were a fast-forward button you could push to instantly make it opening day of deer season? Yeah, so do we. Though nothing will actually shorten the wait, there are plenty of deer-related hobbies to keep you occupied in the meantime. Trail camera surveys, habitat improvement projects and shooting practice should be at the front of the list. All of the above will provide some extra enjoyment during the offseason, while hopefully also improving your hunting this fall. We’re here to let you in on a little secret that’s sure to help the dog days of summer pass by much more quickly. Starting the week of July 1, a brand-new season of North American Whitetail TV presented by Quick Attach begins airing on Sportsman Channel. Every Wednesday at…

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breaking with tradition

In what’s being described as an effort to recruit new hunters for the first time in over a half-century Penn sylvania’s gun deer season will open on a weekend The 13 day season will kick off Nov. 30, the Saturday after Thanksgiving, rather than its tra ditional start on the following Monday. Gun season will run through Dec. 14. As Sunday deer hunting remains illegal in Pennsylvania, this span includes only 13 hunting days But the commission’s idea is that because the season now will begin on a holiday weekend and include a third Saturday (up from the traditional two) more new hunters will be able to participate. Recreational hunters remain the main tool available for managing deer populations in Pennsylvania, as is true in most other parts of North America. But…

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whitetail oddities part 2

As discussed last month, in Part 1, the whitetail world is filled with unusual specimens that go far beyond having non-typical antlers. Fairly often we receive photos and information on some of these odd occurrences, as people have a fascination with them and are curious to know their causes. With that in mind, this month let’s delve into a few more interesting cases I’ve examined recently. THE ‘HOLE IN THE JAW’ BUCK Neal Blackburn is a taxidermist in northern Alabama. Recently, as he was preparing a skull mount, he discovered a true anomaly: The buck was missing not only some teeth in the upper-right part of the jaw, but also a great deal of the bone in the roof of his mouth. A large hole extending into the sinus cavities of the…

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no room for error

I barely caught a glimpse of the buck’s bone-white antlers through a thick wad of corn stalks I’d secured with a bungee cord around the side window of my ground blind. Ruffled brown fur and a big white throat patch appeared next, as the 8-pointer lifted his head into view. The buck’s neck was swollen and his hair standing on end, which made it less surprising when a doe bolted out of the standing corn from behind him. With her tail tilted straight back, she trotted another five yards closer to me and paused. The buck lowered his head and shuffled toward her slowly. It was textbook. The young buck wasn’t one I hoped to shoot, so I gave him a free pass. But first, I had the idea to test my…

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killin’ time

Let’s face it; Most deer hunts aren’t filled with the kind of excitement that keeps you teetering on the edge of your seat. In fact, chasing whitetails often is a game of patience that can make time seem to creep slowly by. For some of us, though, the unhurried pace of an all-day sit outside can be one of the most enjoyable aspects of the hunt. Spending long hours in a blind is made easier by selecting a comfortable perch. So look for a chair that’s well made, quiet and adjustable in height and rotation. Weight might not be an issue if you’re planning to leave the chair in the blind most of the season. However, it’s a big factor if you’re packing gear a long way into a public hunting…