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North American Whitetail September 2019 - Hunting Annual Rel #1

Each issue of North American Whitetail brings you effective techniques for outsmarting monster bucks. You'll learn the success secrets of North America's most accomplished, most knowledgeable whitetail hunters - riflemen and bowhunters alike.

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gone, but not forgotten

Reflecting on my many years here at North American Whitetail, I can recall a lot of folks who helped make the deer community what it is today. Sadly, many are no longer around to accept our thanks for what they did, but their positive influence is still with us. Of course, you need not be famous to have made a difference. Countless deceased individuals unknown outside their hometowns spent their lives mentoring other hunters and managing habitat. To overlook them is to ignore the true backbone of our thriving whitetail culture. But others influenced millions. In fact, three influential bowhunters who’ve died since I came to NAW fit that description: Fred Bear, Jim Doughtery and Glenn St. Charles. Through various media, Fred and Jim made whitetail bowhunting popular. Glenn, meanwhile, worked to…

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a great mix

By the time this issue of our magazine unfolds in your hands, another deer season will finally be about to open. Thank goodness for that! Are we right? As the opening hour draws near, here’s hoping you, your family and all your hunting comrades have a successful and safe season. Whether that gratification comes in the form of a punched tag or just through the joy of being out there in nature, savor it and be grateful! After all, there’s but a short window of time each year in which to chase the big bucks that captivate our thoughts and dreams. Just as you’re gearing up to once again start the annual chess match, so too is the cast of North NEW EPISODES EVERY WEDNESDAY AT 8:00 P.M. ET American Whitetail TV presented by Quick…

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still no end in sight

While news coverage of spring historic flooding in the central U S primarily focused on the Great Plains region, the catastrophe then moved in a predictable direction: down stream. There it continues to cause losses, not only of manmade structures and farm crops but also whitetails. Well in excess of 500,000 acres of land have flooded in the Mississippi River delta with some areas having been underwater since late winter. While various parts of the river basin flood virtually every year, the extent and duration of the current flooding are said to be the worst since 1927. The problem was only exacerbated when Hurricane Barry dumped heavy rains on the region in mid July. As this issue went to press, wildlife officials still were hopeful most deer trapped in reduced habitat along…

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grow with the flow part1

Since at least as far back as 1974, when we formed the Institute for White-tailed Deer Management & Research at Stephen F. Austin State University in Texas, the most common questions posed by deer hunters, land managers and landowners have centered on herd nutrition. Following 45 years of research projects and plant patents, as well as increasingly successful food plotting by the public, I feel we’ve learned a lot and have come up with practical solutions for many situations. The average landowner or hunter now pretty well knows what he can plant, as well as how to do it, to produce some amount of forage that’s of value to the deer herd. The Internet now is full of blogs and websites giving mostly accurate advice on establishing food plots in various areas…

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fatal attractants

1 Rattling Forks RATTLINGFORKS.COM 2 Super Charged Scrape-Dripper WILDLIFE.COM 3 Magnum Key-Wick High- Intensity Scent Dispenser WILDLIFE.COM 4 ScrapeMaker 4-N-1 Tool CONQUESTSCENTS.COM 5 True Talker OG Deer Call HUNTERSPEC.COM 6 The Original Can Call PRIMOS.COM 7 Hot-Scrape Synthetic Estrus with Scent Reflex Technology WILDLIFE.COM 8 Grave Digger Doe Estrus CODEBLUESCENTS.COM 9 EverCalm Herd Scent CONQUESTSCENTS.COM On a cold November morning in central Kansas, I climbed into a lock-on I’d hung about 15 feet off the ground in a tree that wasn’t much taller than that. My stand was nestled in a hedgerow that divided a field of standing milo and a thicket of belt-high grass and thorny plums. An old fence gap between the two habitats looked like the perfect ambush site, and I’d waited all week for a mature buck to walk through the opening. Hoofprints in muddy tractor ruts were evidence that at least some deer were…

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persimmon (diospyros sp.)

Not all productive fruit trees are widely appreciated by the general public. But that doesn’t necessarily mean they’re ignored by whitetails. An example is the persimmon (Diospyros genus), of which there are native and nonnative species. Regardless of whether on a wild tree or a commercial variety, these small, fall-ripening fruit are considered a delicacy by deer and many other types of wildlife. In parts of the whitetail’s range, American or common persimmon (D. virginiana) is a widespread small tree. It’s native to much of the southern and central U.S., extending up the East Coast into Massachusetts. For most of the year, this tree is inconspicuous. But when its fruit ripen and fall to the ground, whitetails are happy to begin paying attention. That’s why many wildlife managers now plant it. Capt. John Smith…