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North American Whitetail October 2019

Each issue of North American Whitetail brings you effective techniques for outsmarting monster bucks. You'll learn the success secrets of North America's most accomplished, most knowledgeable whitetail hunters - riflemen and bowhunters alike.

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so old it’s new again

Luke Brewster couldn’t believe his eyes. He’d perched within bow range of this active scrape in eastern Illinois, hoping it would lure in a certain big buck. And he’d ranged the scrape at 26 yards, just in case. But he couldn’t have known that he’d soon be treated to every deer hunter’s fantasy: one of the greatest wild bucks in history standing broadside in good light, working the scrape’s overhead licking branch. Fortunately, the bowhunter got enough of a grip on himself to make his chance count. An arrow pierced the non-typical’s chest, and he took off on a short death run away from that patch of pawed dirt. To say this buck — all 327 7/8 net inches of him — is a prime example of scrape success would be putting…

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anthrax alert in texas

More often than you might guess part of the whitetail s range sees outbreaks of one of the world s most feared human diseases anthrax And it just happened again in Texas While anthrax sporadically crops up in the area as this issue went to press the current outbreak was shaping up to be notable, with a high number of cases in wildlife and livestock. As of Aug. 11, the Texas Animal Health Commission had confirmed 18 cases in five counties: Crockett, Sutton Val Verde Kinney and Uvalde The victims included whitetails cattle goats horses and exotic antelope No human cases had been reported (In Texas such cases largely have been non fatal and have involved ranch workers handling infected animals ) Wet conditions in spring and early summer followed immediately by…

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grow with the flow part 2

Last month, I discussed the concept of “adaptive” food plot management and how we’ve used it to consistently increase deer nutrition on the many properties we manage across North America. Now let’s get into more specifics of how you can practice this concept. In a nutshell, it takes a way of thinking: How do I increase the availability and quality of deer forages on this land 365 days a year? That starts with a detailed analysis of what the area currently supplies in the way of nutrition. For almost 20 years now, the Internet has allowed networking of land managers who share their experiences and findings regarding food plots. Unfortunately, there’s as much false information as useful, leading to “start and stop” failures in management programs. In our 40-plus years of research and…

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on straight-walls & ethics

Way back before I could tie my own shoes I remember being taught about ethics. In Sunday School, my peers and I learned that ethical behavior meant doing the right thing even when no one was looking. Though a lesson for all aspects of life, I’ve kept the sentiment close at heart in the deer woods. As a passionate hunter, I strive to do everything in my power to manage and harvest game animals ethically. Honestly, I can think of no element of wildlife stewardship that is more important than our respect for the life and harvest of wild game. Growing up I had many questions about the deer regulations in my home state of North Carolina. An eager youngin’ ready to punch all of my tags, I often wondered why the…

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austrian winter pea (pisum satuvim var. arvense)

Peas are popular human food items in many cultures around the world. But while people tend to focus on the seeds themselves, the plants bearing them are far more popular with whitetails. In fact, Austrian winter pea is among the most attractive of all deer forages. And its ability to grow in conditions too difficult for some other broadleaf forages makes it useful to many deer managers. As the name suggests, Austrian winter pea originated in the Old World. The parent plant’s native growing conditions helped it develop a tolerance for soils too cold for many others. This enhanced cold hardiness allows the pea to thrive in northern North America as a spring-summer planting and to do likewise during the cool season farther south. Its waxy foliage can survive brief exposure…

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texas twister

WHENMOST of us deer enthusiasts think of hotspots for hunting wide-racked Texas bucks, the legendary Brush Country south of San Antonio comes to mind. In that vast land of huge ranches and relatively light overall hunting pressure, many bucks are given a chance to reach their full antler potential. And with the genes for wide spread being much in evidence across the region, it’s no surprise to learn that some of the broadest racks in the record book have come from there. However, not all these “longhorns” in Texas live out their days in that arid land of thornbrush down south. Some reside much farther north —and much closer to the bright lights of the big city. My own hunting area is in Collin County. That’s a little under an hour northeast…