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a word from the editor

Another roar has been and gone and what a shocking autumn it has been weather wise on the West Coast or anywhere near the main divide of the South Island. Continual disturbed Westerly weather systems with severe gale force winds and torrential rain. I have heard of more tents wrecked this year than ever before. The North Island fared a little better at times, but it was still a wet and windy April up there as well. The Wapiti bugle started the run of bad weather with comparatively few huntable days. The only upside should have been the saving of some promising 3 to 6 year old bulls. Unfortunately, there was still a disappointing number shot particularly in the central Wapiti area. Following on from the debacle of…

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q & a

Hi Greg I’m potentially in the market for a BushPig rifle but have a couple of common questions. The majority of the hunting I have been doing is in the North Island as that is where I live and have been using a mate’s spare rifle up to now (not the most experienced deerstalker), but I’m heading to Fiordland next year so would like to get my own for that trip. That said I’m just after a bit of advice on calibre choice and base rifle brand.What would you recommend and is a BushPig going to be able to tackle most deer species in the North Island within reason at a decent range and is shortening the barrel going to sacrifice much in the velocity department? I’m…

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a steep   learning curve

The stag that got away. A gutting experience that taught me a lot and motivated me to become a better hunter Some beautiful country to be in, no place Id rather be It started in late summer when I shot a mature 10 pointer down near the Poulter River in Arthurs Pass. I made the critical mistake of going in too soon after shooting it. A strong blood trail led to two large pools of blood only 100 metres away. I followed the trail for a further 1.5km till it ran completely dry, with no sign of the animal. A strong blood trail lead to two large pools of blood only 100 yards metres away. Losing a stag of that calibre left me emotionally and physically exhausted.…

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ruahine roar

Ryan with his first Ruahine stag I moved back to Central Hawkes Bay at Christmas and spent almost every weekend out in the hills. Once I had found an area with decent open tops and relatively good deer numbers, I stuck to it and learned where the animals liked to feed and the easy ways to get to different catchments. I wanted to spend the majority of my roar trips out in the open stuff – and I did! The first successful roar hunt was with Ryan, a mate of mine and Marley my dog. Over the two and a half days, we saw a lot of deer and covered a lot of ground – 32 kilometres to be exact. One highlight of the trip was when…

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a season in canada

Three months of food must be organized and dated, depending on where and when it is needed, and for which plane it is to fly in on. Saddles must be fixed, horse shoeing equipment organized, tents mended and the list goes on. Jake, our boss who has outfitted all his life, regularly tells stories of his younger days when he used to joust with grizzly bears, wrestle moose to the ground barehanded and land float planes on puddles created by light sun showers. Strange how these things only ever happened in the good old days...Jake and his wife Cecilia bought GG Outfitting about half a decade ago in an attempt to avoid cities and office work as much as possible. While Jake battles the whole season out…

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genetic improvement gallery

Jordan Eagle and his dog Jet taking the cream out of the Marlborough herd One of two stags Allister Homes shot within 500m of each other in the Big River, Fiordland Mark Thomas shot this three antlered Westland stag A malformed stag Marc Nicolls shot in Arthurs Pass in late February. He had 2 broken legs which was likely the reason for the unique head Sam McPeak shot this old stag in the Tararuas. Roaring him in to 30m and finding a tine embedded in his head! WINNERJoachim Quest shot this undesirable stag up Wakamarina, Canvastown Tightlines are proud to promote this page aimed at improving the quality of our deer herds.Send in photos of your unusual heads to tightlines@nzhunter.co.nz and go in the draw to win an exciting…