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Parents December 2018

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family tree

Warm Things Up Debut a hot cocoa station complete with kid- and parent-approved toppings. “I set it out on the day we decorate our tree and keep it on my kitchen countertop for the entire season—part décor, part treat!” says Sarah. Create Your Own Memories Crafting handmade ornaments with your kids is not only a special way to spend time together—the resulting masterpieces will bring you memories for years to come. “I love looking back at my son’s creations,” says Sarah. Deck the Halls Once the tree is done, branch out and make your entire home festive—giving kids merry-making assignments like hanging lights and cuing the music. “My son loves swapping out the throw pillows for holiday versions,” says Sarah. DISCOVER HOW HAPPY HOLIDAYS START AT TARGET.…

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a word about dads

ABOUT THIS TIME a year ago, I was in my office watching Jenny Mollen’s Instagram story as she posted from the makeup chair. “Guys, I’m here today for a Parents magazine cover shoot with Laz and Sid,” the writer/actor/comedian whispered to her hundreds of thousands of followers. “I’m freaking out and kinda cracking up because Jason thinks he’s gonna be on the cover and I’m scared to tell him. He brought a pair of pajamas for the shoot and everything.” I called our creative director, Agnethe Glatved, to warn her about the dynamic that might be unfolding on the set steps away. When we photograph families, our team is used to making last-minute pivots. The energy on set was amazing, Agnethe said. Jenny had already given us so many fun options…

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how moms are pushing back on christmas chores

“No more driving all over the state to attend every family function in December. We did six parties last year! This year, we’ll do one with our own family and one with each set of grandparents, and that’s it.”—Erin Heger; Olathe, KS“Visiting a famous local street full of really decked-out houses gave us our fill of decorations last year. We’ll go again and then not feel the need to light up our own place.”—Ingha Chopra; Los Angeles, CA“Cutting down the tree is something from my childhood that I fully intended to continue with my kids. But the thought of navigating rows of evergreens with a fussy baby, a headstrong toddler, and a reluctant bow-saw-toting husband? Well, we’ll get our tree from a supermarket this year.”—Laura Liberti; Ridgefield, CT“I haven’t yet…

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her santa note gave me hope

WE HAD JUST come out of the toughest year of our lives. A move out of state to pursue a business venture hadn’t gone as planned, and we found ourselves with mounting debt and no job prospects in sight. My husband and I held out as long as we could, but as parents of two young children, we knew this couldn’t go on. We made the difficult decision to sell much of our furniture and use the money to rent a moving truck. During Thanksgiving break, we made the 15-hour drive back home to stay with relatives while we got back on our feet. At a Christmas-tree lighting a couple of weeks later, I looked longingly at the coffee cart, bitter that I couldn’t splurge on a chai latte or a…

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be like a filmmaker with your phone on christmas day

Start Far, Get Close Say the kids are playing with presents they’ve just opened. First, film the whole moment from about 10 feet away so you can see the tree behind them. Then move in so you have some background but get a better view of the kids’ actions. Finally, end with a few moments of the smiles on their faces or just their hands playing with the toys. Don’t Zoom As much as you can, move your feet instead of using your camera’s zoom. The footage will be easier to watch and won’t look grainy. Get the Right Look Film with your phone’s camera, not through Instagram. This way, your kids won’t someday wonder why every video you have of them is square and sepia-toned. You can still import the video to the app…

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you’re welcome

FOR The Playdate Host According to Insta, confetti makes everything better, but the ribbons in these soaps will liven up a bathroom without littering its floor. $14 each; ofakind.com FOR Your Teen Babysitter These trendy coils look like telephone cords (remember them?), but they’re hair ties that leave locks dent-free. $7 for four; mykitsch.com FOR The Librarian This clever pouch is a no-brainer—and not just because a book is donated with every purchase. $12 each; outofprintclothing.com FOR The School Nurse Tissues are a tool of her trade, but these holders made of cashmere scraps (yay, recycling!) make reaching for one a treat. $25 each; lizzyshawstudio.com FOR The Crossing Guard Keep her fingers toasty as she waves kiddos across the street—and the kiddos in stitches when they get a load of these mittens. $28; draperjames.com FOR The Helpers You Can’t Leave…