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Parents November 2018

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(guilt) tripping with two toddlers

MY GIRLS were 4 before Steve and I mustered the courage—and the coin—for a trip to a tropical resort. (I was still traumatized by their first flight the previous year to visit family. Picture us in the back row during the three-hour weather delay.)We splurged on an all-inclusive Club Med resort in Punta Cana for its direct flight from New Jersey and for its world-renowned children’s program. They even had a circus school!On the first day, we left Sophia and Olivia at “camp” with swimsuits, hats, and sunscreen. The French-owned company calls its counselors G.Os (short for Gentil Organisateurs). When I saw them pushing dozens of babies in strollers, I thought, Oh good, we’re not the only ones who need time alone.Steve and I ate lunch. We had a conversation.…

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vacations as educations!

My girls’ reactions during our tour of the animal hospital were priceless! The access is part of the Ultimate Trainer for a Day program.We snorkeled our way through Ruins Lagoon in Dolphin Cay, surrounded by rays, sharks, and tropical fish.Sophia holds a sea turtle—what a thrill! In a new program at Atlantis, your fam can help guide hatchlings to sea.LIZ: ARI MICHELSON. WARDROBE STYLING BY JEN SMITH FOR ELYSE CONNOLLY INC. MAKEUP BY LINDSEY WILLIAMS FOR KATE RYAN INC. HAIRSTYLING BY RHEANNE WHITE FOR TRACEY MATTINGLY. PROP STYLING BY JOJO LI FOR HELLO ARTISTS. ON LIZ: DRESS, KAREN MILLEN. EARRINGS, VINTAGE PRADA FROM PILGRIMNEWYORK. RING, VINTAGE FROM PILGRIMNEWYORK. COURTESY OF LIZ VACCARIELLO (4). ■…

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you’re welcome

1. A Screwdriver Just for ToysTake it from us, after a season of testing a few hundred toys: This Toydriver electronic screwdriver makes it easier for us adults to help Santa. $10; bedbathandbeyond.com2. Set-of-Three GlovesUm, for us, not the kids. We too often lose just one, so this Pair and a Spare set from the Museum of Modern Art is brilliant! $32; momastore.org3. Slime SoapWhat better way to get the kids presentable? New from Avon Kids. $10; avon.com4. Cool Paper StrawsThe craze for biodegradable straws has led to a flood of fun (sturdy!) paper designs. With cute characters or images resembling bamboo stalks, birch trees, and candy canes, these (from Kikkerland, $3 for 12 animal straws or $9 for 144 printed straws) make every glass of milk feel festive.5. A…

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add kids to your bestie tradition!

The tots are napping… Let’s eat! (BAUER SYNDICATION/TRUNK ARCHIVE.)FOR THE PAST DECADE, Jessica Ferri has been hosting Thanksgiving dinner for friends in her Brooklyn apartment. There is turkey, of course, and stuffing and wine, but the night stretches well past the apple pie in a way that just doesn’t happen at Aunt Donna and Uncle Neil’s house. “We’ve had some epic Friendsgivings,” she says. “It started as a catchall for friends who couldn’t fly home for the holiday, but it’s become our most cherished tradition.”Last Friendsgiving was different. “I look back and can’t believe I actually made a turkey. I had an 8-week-old baby. I was nursing, I was tired, and honestly, it’s amazing we pulled it off,” she says. It was a small gathering—which also included a 5-month-old—and their…

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we feel you

Thank goodness I got a minivan. Now there’s an entire third row for extra garbage.—@DraggingFeetiesLooking forward to bringing my famous recipe of “bag of ice” to our Thanksgiving meal.—@AbbyHasIssuesIt’s so weird how my kids can’t hear me until I’m loud enough for all the neighbors to also hear me.—@outsmartedmommyAT LEAST THERE’S THIS…In Virginia, a third-grader born without hands won an award for her cursive penmanship at the Zaner-Bloser National Handwriting Contest. She learned how to write using her arms. ■…

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celebrity parents are like us—just ask their nanny

AmalGeorgeJustinJessicaConnie Simpson, affectionately known as Nanny Connie, has spent the past 30 years helping families, most recently Hollywood mamas and papas. Now she’s written a book titled The Nanny Connie Way: Secrets to Mastering the First Four Months of Parenthood, and we called her up for some real talk about parenthood.• Even A-listers have to learn to tame tantrums.“When Jessica Biel’s son, Silas, would test limits with her, we started teaching him about consequences. Every time he’d throw a toy across the room, I told her to take it away. She was supposed to put the toy up high but where he could see it. It was hard on her at first, but when she finally got what she was looking for—a 3-year-old who was respecting his toys more—she was…