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Parents October 2018

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halloween and the introvert mom

THE HARDEST DAY of the year for me is Halloween. (Halloween is to Parents as the Super Bowl is to Sports Illustrated. So I’m prepared for the backlash.) I’m saying it anyway. Someone has to speak for all the people who are simply not wired to enjoy a holiday that’s mainly about triggering anxiety.Count me in for apple picking, hay rides, pumpkin patches, and class parties. And I put on a good face for the girls, trick-or-treating before the sun goes down and fully basking in their cuteness.It’s the after-dark festivities that get me—the assault on the senses.Even when I was a teenager, haunted houses felt like culturally sanctioned forms of claustrophobic torture (I once fainted in a maze). And in college, the parties seemed to be just messy, loud,…

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you’re welcome

1. Apples for AllA new reason to haul the fam to a farm: donating to those in need. Pick some for snacks, crisps, and crumbles, then fill a bag for a senior center or a food bank. Find food pantries by zip code at ampleharvest.org.2. Projected Kid BooksMoonlite puts Goodnight Moon where it belongs: on the ceiling! With an app and story reels, use your phone’s flashlight to project the book onto a wall and cuddle your kid. $40 for projector and five reels; amazon.com3. Reading ReeseShe writes things like “I find myself asking people whether or not they’ve had that experience of bonding with an animal and feeling it had a human soul. I usually like those [who say yes] best.” From the mom of three’s new book, Whiskey…

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we can’t get enough of these celeb besties

BUSY PHILIPPS + MICHELLE WILLIAMSWe’ve watched these two together since the Dawson’s Creek days, but we really saw their friendship in action when Philipps flew across the country to be with Williams on the ten-year anniversary of the death of Heath Ledger (the father of Michelle’s daughter, Matilda). Later, Michelle changed her flight to have a beautiful birthday breakfast with Busy. Cue: heart-eyes emoji.JENNA FISCHER + ANGELA KINSEYPam Beesly and Angela Martin may have considered themselves sworn enemies on The Office, but outside of Scranton, it’s a whole different story for Fischer and Kinsey. We love seeing them give each other pep talks about their #OOTD and frizzy hair or post sweet shout-outs to each other on National Best Friends Day.CHRISSY TEIGEN + JESSE TYLER FERGUSONJesse isn’t a dad IRL…

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halloween’s greatest treat

LAST HALLOWEEN, my family did what we always do: mingled at our apartment building’s Halloween party before heading out and trick-or-treating. As soon as we stepped outside, the kids started scanning front stoops and doors. Halloween always feels like the whole night is about volume. And speed. How many houses can we hit? How fast can we get to the door? How many pieces can I take?At the first house, my 6-year-old daughter rang the bell, stretched out her bucket, and sprinted back down the neighbor’s front steps in seconds.But my 4-year-old son, James, had stopped. He was lingering at the door, holding something out to the neighbor. I couldn’t tell what it was; maybe he was handing back a piece of candy he didn’t like? Fantastic. At the next…

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podcasts recommended by moms who were inspired by them

WHEN EXERCISING: Song ExploderAs musicians explain how their songs get made, “the music helps me get into a rhythm while exercising, which I don’t really want to do but I know will give me the energy to parent.”—Hillary Frank, creator and editor/executive producer, The Longest Shortest TimeWHEN SHUTTLING THE KIDS AROUND: Wow in the World“Technically, it’s designed to teach kids, but it’s perfect for adults with a zest for learning weird stuff like where stinkbugs come from.”—Shayna Ferm, coauthor of Parentally IncorrectWHEN DRIVING TO WORK: Awesome With Alison“This cheerful, upbeat podcast makes me excited about the day ahead! It tackles everyday decision making and dilemmas like overcoming self-doubt, becoming more motivated, and living your life fully.”—Joy Cho, founder of Oh Joy!WHEN CLEANING UP: #RaisingAthletes“I like to listen to these cool,…

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witches are everywhere

Sabrina is back!Witches for Big KidsIf you’re the type to re-watch Hocus Pocus every Halloween, you’ll be happy to know that the sinister Sanderson Sisters have been summoned to return in young-adult novel form. The first half of Hocus Pocus & the All-New Sequel recaps what happens in the 1993 movie, then the book jumps forward to the present day as the wicked trio makes an all-new ruckus in Salem. We know we’re supposed to root against them, but there’s something so spellbinding about the sisters that makes us happy when they run amok.Witches for TeensAt the turn of the millennium, the ladies of Charmed and Sabrina the Teenage Witch were in our pop-culture coven—and both shows will be returning to television. Sabrina was the friendly starter witch, but she’s…