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the lotions that make up a life

ONE OF MY earliest “beauty” memories is lying in my grandmother’s bed as she rubbed Nivea on her arms, face, and neck. I can smell it as I write these words and remember how comforted I felt. That blue jar was a fixture on her nightstand until she died decades later. Growing up, I was drawn to products that felt light and smelled fresh. I stuck with what worked for me—like the Oil of Olay Beauty Fluid I used as a teen. (I graduated to Olay’s Total Effects. Antiaging, you know.) I wasn’t much more adventurous with makeup. In high school, college, and beyond, I wore an intense shade of purple eyeshadow on my entire lid—up to the eyebrow! I’m still so skeptical about my ability to make a smart shadow decision…

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you’re welcome

BUYING INFORMATION: parents.com/resources Color-Change Sequins If it’s true that kids listen more closely when their fingers are busy, flipping the sequins on this gear might turn yours into a model student. BOY WITH PENCILS: PAUL THORBURN. WARDROBE STYLING BY ANNIE CARUSO. GROOMING BY CLELIA BERGONZOLI FOR UTOPIA. PROP STYLING BY JOJO LI FOR HELLO ARTISTS. CHILD WRANGLING BY MELANIE SAWYER.…

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how back-to-school photos became a social-media holiday

ONE OF my favorite childhood photos shows my older sister and me getting onto the school bus. I’m wearing a sundress, knee socks, and jelly shoes (the ’80s, baby). Melissa’s got a too-cool-for-school smirk. Scrawled on the back, in my mother’s cursive: “First day of school, 1986, 5th and 3rd.” Everyone has these pictures, right? But instead of living in a dusty photo album, these milestones are now set free on Facebook and Instagram for anyone to thumbs-up and heart. Ask anybody with a school-age kid what their feed looks like at this time of year, and they’ll tell you it’s a steady stream of adorable kids with oversize backpacks and brand-new, fully laced sneakers. “The first day of school is my favorite day on Facebook—I get carpal tunnel from liking all…

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the letter that lifted my spirits

A year ago, my family had to adjust to a significant schedule shift, which meant that our kids, for the first time in their lives, had to stay at an after-school program. The second day of our new routine, I was stuck for an hour on a broken subway crammed full of angry New Yorkers (which should be one of Dante’s Circles of Hell). I was extremely late to pickup, and my 6-year-old son was furious. Our evening proceeded to go further downhill. The kids gagged at what I’d made for dinner and fought at the slightest provocation, and at bathtime, my son proclaimed, “You are the worst mom ever.” As a writer, I’m used to being told I’m terrible, but how could my own son be so awful to me? I…

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if babies were the villains in fairy tales

•The baby cast a spell on the beautiful princess that made her fall into a deep sleep. One day a prince came to awaken Sleeping Beauty with a kiss. “Five more minutes,” she murmured. •When the baby was born, Rapunzel nursed all day and night inside her tower. Her flaxen hair grew long, for she could not leave to get a haircut. It also grew oily, for she had no time to shower. One day a prince appeared below her window and called out, “Rapunzel, Rapunzel, let down your hair!” But she answered, “This messy bun is the only thing working for me right now, ugh!” •Little Red Riding Hood arrived at her grandmother’s house. “Grandma!” she told the baby in disguise. “What tiny but weirdly sharp teeth and nails you have!” •Cinderella…

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ask sabrina

Q I’m planning a family-friendly pool party as a 30th-birthday celebration. A friend told me she wouldn’t come because we’re serving alcohol and she didn’t think it was right for adults to drink around kids, especially by a pool. Is it wrong to drink around kids? —Pool Partier Dear Pool, There’s no one-size-fits-all answer when it comes to alcohol. If your friend doesn’t think adults should drink around children, that’s her choice. It’s also up to you whether or not you serve alcohol at an adult party where children are invited. I have been to many family-friendly parties where drinks were served, and I have yet to attend one that felt like an inappropriate environment for kids. The only thing that gives me pause is the fact that it’s a pool party. Assign pool-watchers: You’ll…