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PC Gamer Specials (US Edition)

PC Gamer Specials (US Edition) Volume 1 2016

Assembled by the experts at PC Gamer, this building bible walks you through everything you need to know to construct your own gaming rig. We'll help you save money get the right components—flip through our part-picking section to get started. When you're ready to build, crack open our 16-page, step-by-step, picture-laden walkthrough as a companion while you put together your PC. The issue also includes tweak suggestions, a mod guide for making your games last longer, and a handy tear-out maintenance calendar and reference sheet for serial numbers.

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your future pc

Welcome! This special hardware edition is intended to provide you with a comprehensive cross-section of the best PC hardware and kit. If you’re looking to build your own PC, even if you’ve never done it before, then we’re here to make that happen. From the motherboard at the core of your build to the keyboard and mouse you use to make it do things, our expert reviewers have put them all to the test. There’s no reason to build a PC if you’re not going to do something exciting with it. That’s why we’ve given over part of this magazine to virtual reality, undoubtedly the most exciting thing happening in computing at the moment. Read on for our verdict of the Oculus Rift, a look inside the company that made it possible,…

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how to build a pc

1 PREPARE THE CHASSIS Let’s build. First, take off both side panels on the case. You’ll need access to both sides for inserting hardware, cable management, and general ease of access. It can get crowded, quick. Move any cables inside of the case out of the way. We’ll get to those soon enough. 2 MOTHERBOARD PREP Your chassis should include motherboard standoff screws, as pictured (sometimes they’re gold instead of black). These prevent your motherboard from making direct contact with the back of the chassis, which could short out the board. Reference the holes on your motherboard to see where the standoffs need to be, since this can vary from model to model. Screw them in tightly. Take the I/O (input/output) shield and line it up with the frame from inside the case. This thin…

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buyer’s guide

KEY Budget build PC gaming is for everyone. Pick the parts you want to build a new, well-rounded PC for a good price Mid-range build You want to run every new game at 1080p 60fps. This recommended build will see you through. Advanced build You’re looking for the best PC on the market and superior components. But you still want to spend smart. BUDGET BUILD Enjoy 1080p gaming without breaking the bank TOTAL £934 MID-RANGE BUILD Our recommended build for playing the latest games TOTAL £ 1600 ADVANCED BUILD Go above and beyond with a PC powerful enough to end worlds TOTAL £3037…

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are you vr ready?

i you’ve ordered an Oculus Rift or HTC Vive, your own personal headset may be rolling off a factory assembly line this very moment. Soon it will be placed in a box, packaged with a controller and sensor, loaded onto a ship or plane and delivered to your doorstep. Depending on when you ordered, your gateway to the world of VR is days, weeks, or a couple of months away. VR really can be immersive enough to make trick your brain into believing what it’s seeing, which is awesome for games but not so awesome for lamps you could knock over, soda cans you could spill, or shins you could bash on coffee tables. It’s a dangerous world out there, so you’ll want to do a little prep work before you…

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oculus rift review

i still have moments in the Rift when I forget myself. In a moment of frustration or pure brain commitment, I take my hand from the controller and reach for something that isn’t really there. But I can see it. It feels real. Maybe, just maybe, some part of me thinks, if I reach for it, I can touch it. I can grab it. I can’t, of course. The Oculus Rift is a portal to another world for the eyes and ears, and for the mind, but not for the body. Not yet. But it’s come so far, so fast, from the prototype on Kickstarter a few short years ago. And now it’s a new platform for playing games that I slip on every day – partially for fun, and partially…

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the best vr experiences

1 EVE: VALKYRIE NEED TO KNOW DEVELOPER CCP Games LINK www.evevalkyrie.com COMPATIBILITY Oculus Rift “YOU FEEL YOURSELF PINNED TO YOUR SEAT BY THE INERTIA” S et in the EVE Online universe, EVE: Valkyrie is an accessible, fast-paced online shooter that sees you taking part in intense space dogfights. But while Elite Dangerous is a deep sim, Valkyrie is all about instant thrills. You can pick up the simple controls in seconds. To aim at another player, all you have to do is look at them. Keep your gaze focused on them until your heat-seeking missiles load, then let go and watch your payload streak towards them. CCP Games designed Valkyrie with VR in mind – you can’t play it on a monitor – and it’s beautifully smooth and polished as a result, with no motion sickness as you weave…