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Petersen's BowhuntingPetersen's Bowhunting

Petersen's Bowhunting

June 2019

Petersen's Bowhunting is the source for the tactics, tools, and techniques necessary for successful bowhunting. Get practical shooting tips and useful information on archery, equipment tests, clothing, and product evaluations.

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bowhunting adventure is everywhere

The suburban neighborhood where I grew up — just 40 miles outside Boston, Mass. — was hardly the middle of nowhere. It contained no wilderness, yet it offered enough “wildness” to capture a young boy’s imagination.Behind my childhood home was a rather large — at least by suburban standards — section of woods containing a small swamp, a meandering stream and enough trees and boulders to make a fine natural playground. Toads and garter snakes were plentiful, as were salamanders under the rotting logs littering the forest floor. I can’t recall how many times I exasperated my mother by coming home covered in dirt after a fort-building expedition or soaked to the bone from slogging through the swamp in search of tadpoles, but I know it was plenty! In…

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petersen's bowhunting

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the inbox

Thrill of the HuntMy most exciting spring bowhunt to date has to be the first turkey hunt I ever went on. A friend and I were set up in a cow pasture with a stand of white oaks to our back and a blind made of their fallen limbs around us. The pasture stretched away from our position for a few hundred yards, but it wasn’t more than 70 across. A hill in the middle of it sloped from our right to left, and we had roosted a few birds in the trees at its foot the night before.We were in position long before sunrise, my friend ready with his slate call to coax the birds down and out of the woods. Whether they would have played along or…

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weighing in on arrows

When it comes to bowhunting, it’s good to sweat the small stuff by weighing your vanes, inserts, nocks and other arrow components. That way, you can build arrows that all weigh almost exactly the same, helping you squeeze that extra bit of accuracy out of your setup and potentially turning a near-miss into a solid hit. When it comes to bows and arrows, you can be as simple or complex as you wish. For some people, the more they know about their equipment, the worse they shoot. For others, like me, the more knowledge we have, the more confident we are in our setup.Years ago, I started weighing each component and building my arrows as precisely as possible. First, I’d weigh each cut shaft, number the shaft and…

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cwd: is the secret in the soil?

New research out of Canada indicates soil with high levels of humic acid could reduce or eliminate the infectious nature of prions responsible for Chronic Wasting Disease. The findings may serve as a ray of hope for hunters in states such as Michigan, where CWD has been identified in both captive and wild deer herds. Here, workers from the Michigan Department of Natural Resources collect brain samples from hunter-killed deer as part of an ongoing CWD surveillance program. (PHOTO COURTESY OF MICHIGAN DEPARTMENT OF NATURAL RESOURCES) Nothing elicits fear from the hearts of whitetail hunting fanatics more than three dirty initials: CWD.We fear what we don’t understand, and Chronic Wasting Disease certainly has researchers and deer managers scratching their heads.As a professional wildlife biologist and hunting property manager,…

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unkillable bucks

The author spent 50 days hunting this buck in 2010 but never saw it, despite hundreds of hours on stand. That season served as a lesson against hunting bucks that arenÕt killable. When I started bowhunting, it was easy for a buck to become a legend. He appeared a few times during the summer in a hayfield near the road and then crossed in front of someone’s headlights during the fall. Word got out — instant legend! “The Ghost” then frustrated everyone who tried to kill him. We never saw him; he knew what we were going to do before we did. Conventional wisdom suggested that old bucks were super smart. We assumed they were out there in every woodlot sneaking around us; we just weren’t killing them…