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Sitting with a doctor, at the age of 17, I was dealt a devastating blow. ‘You have autoimmune hepatitis type two on your liver,’ the doctor told me seriously. ‘It’s led to you having stage four cirrhosis.’ It didn’t make any sense, but the doctor explained hepatitis type two is most common in children and young people. I was told I would need a liver transplant by the age of 30 - or else I’d die. ‘You can’t drink, and you’ll never have kids,’ the doctor bluntly told me. I couldn’t believe what I was hearing, but when I left the hospital, I knew I had a decision to make. I’m going to live my life to the fullest, I told myself. The prospect of being 30 seemed so far away, but if I lived every day…

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EVERYONE’S TALKING ABOUT… Laughing at ourselves and apologising even when it’s not our fault, are among the 50 things we love about being British, according to research by Luxury Furniture Auctioneers. A belief we are the best in the world at queueing, while our proud obsession with talking about the weather and our love of an underdog also underpins our national identity. Knowledge that a cup of tea solves every problem is also something we cherish, as is our love of a good moan, about anything and everything. Also among the top 50 list were being overly polite,having the best regional accents, and the fact we get excited about Christmas in July. Leaving things until the last minute and looking uncomfortable on the dancefloor were trumped by our silly, serious choices – such…

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I love bath time with my gorgeous granddaughter Mia. She loves splashing around and I love seeing this smile! Carol Adams, Halesowen We had a great time in the woods recently. My son Rory may have even found a career path! He loved the hat. Karen Hill, Gwynedd Driver beware - overhead washing lines ahead! My grandkids asked if this was a scene from the ‘olden days’ before tumble dryers. They couldn’t believe I took this photo recently! David Anderson, County Durham Here’s my daughter Niomehy posing in a real police car and hat. She really did feel important! Kate Clayton, Kettering I am 53 years old and have always had a fascination with carousels. Every time I see one, I just love to have a go. Deborah Johnston, Herts If your letter makes Star…

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close shave

Dipping my toe in the hot bath, I sank into the bubbles and grabbed my razor. ‘Time to neaten up,’ I giggled to myself, reaching for the shaving foam. I ran the razor around my bikini line, before hopping out of the bath and slathering myself in moisturiser. I got them all the time but they usually healed It was August 2016, and I was giving myself a quick pamper session before I met my husband Derek, 51, for dinner. We were celebrating our two-year anniversary and we had planned to go to a lovely fancy restaurant in our hometown of Sydney, Australia. The pair of us were childhood sweethearts who lost touch and found each other years later. He was my rock. Our kids - Tiffany, 31, Summer, 25, Demi, 24, and Jayden, 23 - had all…

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I went straight to Campbelltown Hospital in Sydney, where medics took me to a ward and hooked me onto a drip. I met with a doctor, who explained that the ingrown hair had got infected and I would need to have a routine operation under general anaesthetic to remove it. ‘It’s a simple procedure,’ he explained reassuringly. I would have been dead in hours ‘You’ll be out of here by tomorrow.’ I felt nervous, but luckily, Derek came to the hospital and stayed by my side the entire time. ‘I’ll be here when you wake up,’ he said, giving me a kiss before I was wheeled into surgery. I returned an hour or so later and was told to rest for the night. Everything had gone well, and the next day, I was due to head home, when…